Working with the Land

This morning I  sat my desk and looked out side to see it snowing on the second day of spring.  As the snow falls I see at least 6″ of snow all over the ground from a blizzard that occurred last week.  This is how it is every year where I live.  Lots and lots of snow that never seems to go away.

Yet when you walk into a retail store you will see seeds for sale and signs of spring every where.  people longing for the time where the days are warm and gentle and that they can be outside with out harsh heat and those pesky bugs (we have a lot of bugs in my area).  Spring time in Maine can be a wonderful time of year when it finally gets here.

Its hard to be thinking about planting your gardens when its still covered in snow and the temps outside can still reach below freezing.  There were times when during this past year I thought about getting started on my prep work outside, but once that thought hit me another draft of snow appeared to come our way.

It may be weeks before we actually notice spring here in Maine.  As a pagan and as a witch I work with the spirits of the land and the current of the land energy.  Hug a tree to talk to the spirit now and they are often annoyed that they got woken up.  They are not yet fully awake and the land is still very much asleep.  Some trees like Birch and Maple have started to have small leafbuds.  Looking outside at the trees in the back and I largely have an image of this:

Maine Winter 2018
Photo courtesy Jeannine Kari Martell-Morris

The grips of winter largely still hold over this land.  Yet we see the squirrels and chipmunks darting to and fro finding food and the birds looking for any seeds or food they can find out in the snow.  Life still moves in Maine spring, just moves quite slowly.    Once the spring rains get here then I can say that the season has begun and that Spring has come to Maine.

This is why for myself I really dont celebrate and honor either Imbolc or Ostara.  To me neither one really represent spring.  Its not spring here.  To me honoring the birth of the sun at Imbolc makes no sense, its still very dark here during that time.  Then the Spring Equinox often has snow storms and ice going on, which to me is not very spring.  Its not really the season of spring, at least in feel or look.  Its still in the grips of old man winter.

The land does not have flowers blooming and baby animals all around.  Its still quiet, cold and mostly slumbering.  The lakes will start to crack and the ice will start to melt, and some flowers will start to peek through the snow in a few weeks.  When that happens I will gladly honor and welcome to start of spring, but for now its very much winter still here.

It took me a while to get comfortable with not having those two sabbats in my practice, but then I realized if I was really going to honor and work with the spirits of the land I should honor the seasons when they actually come to the region.  When they come to Maine, and Winter by far is our longest season.   I’ll acknowledge the light and increase in day when we see that happen and I’ll welcome spring when I see the first flowers popping up in gardens.  Till then I’ll simply continue to ask Old Man winter to be gentle with me and hope the ice and snow spirits accept my prayers of protection and my offerings when I give them.

I look forward to connecting to the spirit of the land when they wake, but for now I will let the land sleep.  I have some plants I can work and grow in my office to try and feel as if Spring is here, but until the land wakes and the mud is here its still a land of snow with ice and cold and fires are needed to keep warm.

Be mindful of your land and the climate.  Don’t force yourself to work in rituals or holidays that dont fit what you see and experience as your land.  The land spirits will guide you and direct you and may even help you find new ways to look at everything you have been doing.

Plant spirits our allies and teachers

As a witch I work with many different spirits and have many different spirit allies.  Some of these spirit allies have been with me longer than others, and many times they have lessons to teach me.   For a long time I wondered what exactly it was my spirit allies had taught me, and where their lessons came from.  There was a time when I actually believed that I had never learned anything from spirits, but I was wrong.

For years one main lesson from all of my spirit allies was to simply trust my intuition and trust my knowledge.  I knew and know more than I often give myself credit for in both theoretical practice and actual practice.  To put it blunt I was afraid of my skill with energy manipulation and with psychic work, so I didn’t let myself access my actual knowledge and understanding.  I didn’t let myself practice.

This was until I encountered my first plant spirit guide.  I had been buying “healing” incenses from stores and “Astral Travel” or “Psychic” development incenses from stores to use in my meditations, spells, rituals, and works.  These worked for a while, but I began to wonder how I could make my own and if that would be any different.   So The next time I went to the local metaphysical store I bought a few herbs to use for healing work and psychic work.  I bought Peppermint, Myrrh, Calendula, and Mugwort to start with.   I also had white sage, Dragons Blood, and Frankincense.  This base provided me lots of different things to work with, spirituality, psychic work, meditation, and healing.  It was a perfect selection to start my journey into magical herbalism.

Before I made my own I started by adding a little of these herbs to the powdered incenses I had been buying.  Just to get myself use to the concept of working with herbs in this fashion.  After a while I decided it was time to start working with the herbs and make my own blends.   I had no idea what I was doing at first, no real connection to any of the herbs, then as I sat down and looked at them I started to have an understanding of which herbs I was supposed to use for the general healing incense I was creating at that moment.

I didn’t think about where the decisions and choice came from at that point in time, but looking back its pretty clear that it was the plants that were helping.  One plant in particular seems to help me more than any other.  That plant is Marigold/Calendula.  To this day it has been the plant marigold that has led me to trust in the plants energy and the plants spirits guiding me in working with them and getting the incense blends just right.

Photo found at:

Today when I do spell work or rituals I get out the herbs and ask them who is best to do this work with me, or who wants to be used in this work.  One time when I was doing this for a money spell Calendula spoke up and wanted to be used in the mix.  Which to me was strange.  Our relationship had been with healing and psychic work.  But after some time I relented and added some of the flower to the mix and the ritual worked quite well.  A few days later I did some research and found out that money work was one of the attributes of the herb, yet the plant itself decided to teach me this lesson over books.

A lot of people ask me where the recipes I make come from.  The answer is quite simple.  The plants tell me.  Its that simple.  I may get out a bunch of plants with a similar set of associations (lets say astral travel and psychic work).  I will then set them out and say what I am doing for work.  The herbs themselves will guide me in their use and the specific work.  Some herbs speak louder than others.  Some take getting used to understanding how they speak, and others may never work or speak to you, each plant spirit is different and each one will have different lessons for you as you work with them.

It can be easy to forget the importance that these spirits have in our lives and in our practice.  When we do they can give us needed wakeup calls.  Sometimes these calls are as simple as quick image flash reminders of what we need to do and are doing and other times they can be more to the point causing issues in areas of our life until we address what they have to teach us.

I almost forgot how and why I got to where I am today.  Its thanks to working with the marigold spirit and the spirit of the Pine tree.  These two plant spirits more than any others have helped me develop an understanding of the green world and are one of the reasons I consider myself a magical herbalist.  There are other plant spirits that have been influential in my life, as a witch I have a relationship with mugwort, but its not as strong as any other spirit, but the two who have been my main teachers and guides in spirit work with plants are Marigold and Pine.

Today I got that reminder from one of the spirits.  Writing this article has been one of the ways I am apologizing to that spirit and trying to show the world what it has done for me.  The other way is I reworked my workshop a little bit to include herb samples and a secondary incense to awaken psychic and spiritual powers and connect to plant spirits.  One of the herb samples that the people attending my workshop will get is marigold, helping other people connect to the energy of that spirit is another way I will be making up for forgetting their lessons.

Let the plant spirits guide you and you will find a lot of allies who will aid you in contact with other spirits and your own spirit.  Let the plants guide you and they will teach you their mysteries, their magic, and their spirit uses.  They can be great friends and allies in magic if we just open up to them and listen to what they have to say.

Smoke and sanity for cannabis in the public ritual community

Did you hear that? That was the sound of several folks coughing in the ritual rooms across the nation. That sound happens when cannabis is not listed as one of the smokes present in a rite, folks who may be allergic to it. That sound is also accompanied by the sound of retreating footsteps made by persons with jobs that drug test. Contrary to popular belief in some circles, many asthma sufferers do NOT use it to help their disease. In fact, reaching for an inhaler is a common response.

Cannabis is an herb that has many ritual and recreational benefits. It also has medical ones, as well. I am not debating this in any way.

What I am finding questionable is the fact that its usage in the community, like vaping, is obnoxious in  some cases. The habit of blowing smoke into someone’s face as a part of the conversation is just as rude when it is cannabis as when it is tobacco. Actually, it can be worse, because tobacco usually will not get a person fired when drug tested.

This goes back to common manners. If people are in ritual space with you in public, it is common courtesy to ask if there are those who are smoke sensitive, or are unable to be around certain scents. To include this and not let the persons in attendance know before the rite begins is a bit negligent.

Public Domain,

The spread of legalization of using this natural herb brought with it a giddiness of freedom. That freedom began a descent into boorishness in the last years. In enclosed areas, it can be overwhelming. Not everyone wants to go home smelling in a way that can lead to a potentially horrid traffic encounter with law enforcement officers.

So, just think about asking if folks are able to be fumed with the herb next time, please.

Just to show I have no bias against those who enjoy this green gift, here is a flashback song for toking.

Common Chickweed (Stellaria Media)

Common Chickweed (Stellaria Media)

Common Chickweed

Latin name –  Stellaria media

Common names –  common chickweed, chickenwort, craches, maruns, winterweed

This little plant is found in most places in North America, Europe and Asia.  I live in northwest Georgia and have several acres of fields with lots of chickweed intermingled with all kinds of other wildflowers, grasses, weeds and other plants growing wild.  Many of the weeds my mother tries to keep out of her suburban ornamental garden are the ones I’m thrilled to find in our unkempt fields.  We do not use any pesticides or weed killers so all of those nutritious little plants are chemical free.

Most information says that Common Chickweed blooms from April through late September to early October.  This year I noticed the chickweed blooming at the beginning of February.  We have had some warm weather this year.

Common Chickweed (Stellaria Media)
Common Chickweed (Stellaria Media)

For those of you that want to go find some chickweed to work with in your area here are some tips for identifying it.


Common Chickweed has tiny white blooms that appear to have 10 petals.  They are really 5 petals that are split down the middle making each petal appear to be two petals.  The leaves are oval shaped coming to a mild point at the end.  The leaves are in pairs opposite each other on petioles with a line of fine hair on them.  The stalks also have a single line of fine hair running down the stem between the sets of leaves.  The hair switches sides of the stem in between the leaf sets.  As the leaves go up the stalk each pair is rotated 90 degrees with one pair growing north/south, the next pair growing east/west, next pair north/south and so on.   The leaves fold in when it rains and at night.

Chickweed generally likes moist areas but will quickly spread once it takes root in sunny areas.  Many homeowners spend quite a bit of time and energy trying to eradicate Chickweed from their lawns.


Common Chickweed (Stellaria Media)        Common Chickweed close up of stem

Chickweed is edible with medicinal uses.  Be aware there are some plants that resemble Chickweed that are not edible.  Two look alikes that are toxic are spurge and scarlet pimpernel.   If the plant you think might be chickweed has a white sap it is NOT Chickweed and is NOT edible.  Spurge (left) and Scarlet Pimpernel (right) are pictured below.

Spurge         Scarlet Pimpernel

Chickweed is a nutritious little weed.  According to, it is high in chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, phosphorus, potassium, vitamims C, A from carotenese and B factors, such as folic acid, riboflavin, niacin and thiamine.   

Medicinal uses have included constipation, stomach and bowel problems, blood disorders, asthma and other lung diseases, obesity, scurvy, psoriasis, rabies, itching and muscle and joint pain.

Here’s some of ways I use Common Chickweed.

  • Dried to make tea when I have an upset stomach, losing weight or when I’m having joint or muscle pain.
  • In an herbal salve for use with insect bites and rashes.
  • In a warm moist compress for muscle pain.
  • In a flower essence for balancing my energy with those I have relationships with or balancing my needs with the needs of a group. I take this when I need to let go of a relationship that does not serve my best interest.  (You can find Common Chickweed Flower Essence in my shop.)
  • In tincture for digestive issues, losing weight, joint and muscle pain.
  • Fresh in a salad.
  • Chopped and frozen into ice cubes to use in cooking.

I also find this little plant to have a lot of magickal uses.  Here are some of the ways I have used it in my magickal practice.

  • Bath teas and salts
  • Incense
  • Smudge sticks
  • Anointing Oils, Waters & Tinctures
  • Sprinkling teas or powders
  • Carried fresh
  • Sachets
  • Amulets
  • Poppets

For the purpose of:

  • Attraction
  • Fertility
  • Love
  • Lunar Magick
  • Relationship
  • Animal Magick
  • Bird Magick
  • Peace
  • Fidelity

About the author:  Charissa founded the Pagan Business Network, North Georgia Solitaries and sits on the board of directors for Universal Society for Ancient Ministry.  She co-owns Pagan Markets with Sadie Odinsdottir of Sleeping Gryphon and co-owns Silver Pines Gifts, Charissa’s Cauldron and Kit’s Flea and owns Sacred Grove Radio, Pagan Black Book and Pagan Business Directory.

Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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PBN Blues Series: “Michigan Water Blues” by Jelly Roll Morton

We return to our series for the Pagan practitioner with another PBN Blues Series installment. Did you miss us? We missed you.

*We would also like to remind you, Flint, Michigan still does not have clean water.

There are time when the only way to break a streak of bad luck is to shake it off and seek new places and faces. Changing the mind can change the world. But if roots are being done on you locally, booking a flight or hitting the road, may be the answer, if viable. In these circumstances, clients are known to come for insight and work to prepare their route and “traveling mercies”. As a business person, you want to retain clients, but you also want to be of service to them as well. How you handle referrals is delicate and important.

Public Domain

Traveling on, but not without baggage

Curtis L. comes to you with his “I just quit another job” shirt on his back, pressed and fresh. A customer from your early days of business, he has stuck with you for 20 years. Traveling where the work will take him, he drifts from town, and state to state. His flashy watch matches the shine in his eyes, and you anticipate new employment status, and newer lady friends, in some place at the other end of a tank of gas. You mentally prepare to gather his usual assortment of spell components.

Curtis L. surprises you this time, though. He tells you that this is probably the last time you will see him for some years. It seems that he has a job up  in Michigan, and a plethora of opportunities. He is asking you not for his usual small kit, but simply a travel protection root bag and the name of a good shop or worker in Detroit.

Now, Curtis L. has been as dependable as the rains in fall, and the earth underfoot. His regular business has often meant the difference between being able to be in the black at the end of a month, and counting a loss. His word of mouth also keeps a steady stream of wealthy ladies finding your shop and lining your cash register drawer. Even his church friends come for blessed Seals of Moses you get from Sleeping Gryphon.  Yes, indeed, Curtis L. is a valued customer.

For this reason, you decide to sabotage his move. In your opinion, the relationship is too beneficial to both of you. You decide to fill the order, but nullify it with your own work. You then set lights for his job to fall through before he has been there a week. You will break this man for both of your sakes. In your view, no other worker can look after him like you, anyway.

Public Domain

You smile, and lie through your Fashion Fair coral lipstick and tell him you know not one authentic practitioner, sorry. You wish him well and watch him walk through your door, knowing he will return a broken man. But you also know you will then keep Curtis L. just healed enough to ensure your prosperity for many years to come. With this decision, you now have changed the course of your practice, but you are fine with that.


Fond Farewell, with some stories to tell

Curtis L. comes to you with his “I just quit another job” shirt on his back, pressed and fresh. A customer from your early days of business, he has stuck with you for 20 years. Traveling where the work will take him, he drifts from town, and state to state. His flashy watch matches the shine in his eyes, and you anticipate new employment status, and newer lady friends, in some place at the other end of a tank of gas. You mentally prepare to gather his usual assortment of spell components.

Curtis L. surprises you this time, though. He tells you that this is probably the last time you will see him for some years. It seems that he has a job up  in Michigan, and a plethora of opportunities. He is asking you not for his usual small kit, but simply a travel protection root bag and the name of a good shop or worker in Detroit.

Now, Curtis L. has been as dependable as the rains in fall, and the earth underfoot. His regular business has often meant the difference between being able to be in the black at the end of a month, and counting a loss. His word of mouth also keeps a steady stream of wealthy ladies finding your shop and lining your cash register drawer. Even his church friends come for blessed Seals of Moses you order from Sleeping Gryphon.  Yes, indeed, Curtis L. is a valued customer.

Sixthandseventhbooks_fourth_seal_1880.png – Public Domain

You will feel the loss of Curtis L. both emotionally and financially. His custom and referrals contributed to the success and popularity of your business. He sees you as a trusted fictive family member, and you are honored to be held in such esteem. You hold his trust sacred, and it is with this in mind, you prepare with care his last package.

You are a member of the Pagan Business Network, so you know the way to find the people he needs to know and how to place him in touch with them. You also know that a quick free divination will aid him to avoid any unforeseen trouble with the new employer. You give him this free of charge.

With a final goodbye, you send an email to the businesses you recommended, with his permission, with an introduction. He will never forget you, and will no doubt continue to sing your praises. Word of mouth on social media makes his continued referrals very probable for local clients.

Curtis L. sends you a chat message three months later. He is doing very well. That last parting gift of Boss Fix was just what he needed to foil a coworker’s plot to undermine him. His new local worker has a great relationship with him, and you and she often refer clients to each other for online customers. His reviews on both your sites is like honey to bees. Your choice to give a hand up instead of a pulling back, lifted you both.

Public Domain

Looking at Life

Your honor and business reputation are your most bankable asset. Without them, you have nothing. There is no lesson greater than this.

To Drop Ship or Not to Drop Ship

I promised in the last article that I would talk about different selling platforms in future articles.  I will do that.  Today I am going to step it back a little bit and talk about one of the product sourcing options you will have.  You can make or purchase products to sell.  Both of those require an outlay of cash and a space to keep your inventory.  Another option is offering items from companies that will drop ship directly to your customers.

Here’s how drop shipping works.  You set up your shop online.  You sign up with a company to be able to sell their products.  You market and get the customer.  You collect the money and then order from the company and they ship directly to your customer.  When you order from the company you pay less than retail for the order and pocket the difference between what the customer paid you and what the company charges you.  Sounds great, right?

That’s the rosy side of selling product from a drop shipping company.  Let’s talk about some of the challenges.

Out of Stock – sometimes a product will go out of stock and take what seems like an unreasonable amount of time to be ready to ship.  In this case you are the face of the order.  Your customer may not be happy to wait weeks for the item to become available again and you are powerless to get the product any quicker for the customer.  Some drop shipping companies publish a list of out of stock items weekly to allow their client companies to make a note to not offer those items until they are back in stock. That is one of the best options.  However, it does take staying on top of those lists.  Most of the time you will not know an item is out of stock until a customer orders it and you try to place the order with the company.

Shipping Charges – it is important that your business model is such that you are charging enough shipping on the order without charging what might seem unreasonable to your customer.  If you are working with multiple drop shippers, you will run into orders that include product from more than one company.  That means you are paying multiple shipping charges on one order.  The customer is ordering from one shop and will expect shipping to be a combined shipping cost.  This is a bit of a balancing act.

Discontinued Items – you will need to stay on top of items that are discontinued from your drop shipper, so you can remove them from your stock.

So, when crafting your business model, you need to weigh the pros against the cons and address how you will deal with those cons before jumping in to offer products from drop shippers.

With all of this in mind the next question is “Where do I find all of these companies that will drop ship?”


I do not have a comprehensive list but can list a few here.  I would love to have a larger list so, if any of you have knowledge of any other drop ship companies please comment with information on them and we’ll add them to this list.


Arcadia Marketplace

This company carries candles, oils, smudge sprays and books.  They carry candles, oils, smudge sprays and some books.

Azure Green

One of the most well-known drop shipping companies offering Pagan type products is Azure Green.  Their product line includes statuary, books, decks, wands, athames, candles, herbs, gemstones, oils, jewelry and all kinds of other supplies and tools Pagans use.  There is a lot of competition out there selling Azure Green products.  There are also a lot of customers ordering their items from multiple sellers.

They sell a list of companies that will drop ship.

Charissa’s Cauldron

This is a shameless plug for my products.  I offer a drop ship program for the Charissa’s Cauldron brand products (Crystal and Flower Essences, Conjure Waters, Goddess Waters and Lunar Waters).  I will leave it to you to read the page that explains how it works.

They offer a list of wholesalers that will drop ship for purchase.

They sell spiritual jewelry.

They sell swords, knives, LARP gear and some other goodies.

They offer a sizable catalog and will drop ship.


About the author:  Charissa founded the Pagan Business NetworkNorth Georgia Solitaries and sits on the board of directors for Universal Society for Ancient Ministry.  She co-owns Pagan Markets with Sadie Odinsdottir of Sleeping Gryphon and co-owns Silver Pines GiftsCharissa’s Cauldron and Kit’s Flea and owns Sacred Grove Radio.

Spiritual Cleansing: Why, How, and How Often?

Contributing Content Creator, Nicole of Living Roots Creations
In her own words, a bit about Nicole’s Practice.
Living Roots embodies my life’s work: to reconnect people to themselves, the natural world, and their ancestry. You have all the power to take hold of your life and to achieve your dreams within you. Let me help you unlock it!
My products are powerful, easy-to-use, and effective. I carefully combine herbs and oils in sacred space to address your conflicts and obstacles. Everything in this universe exists as energy, and my creations align you to hear and accept your true inner self and the love of your spirits and ancestors. You are not in this world alone. You are the legacy of generation upon generation that have given their everything to get you here. They are still reaching out to help you. Don’t waste time trapped by the same negative patterns and struggles. Get a touch of magic in your life, and change your world today.

Living ghosts, the unconscionable art of irresponsibility

You are having a great time at the festival and are catching a bite at a lovely restaurant that serves the best angel hair pasta with herbs in the city. You share the wine and weave flowers into each others hair. Energy passes between you, and the magic moves throughout the room. Your eyes reflect the wonder and spark that comes the beginning of a new relationship sparking up into those first wisps of foundation as you gaze at your partner. You go to the restroom and return to your table.

Photo credit: Pexels

But you have made a mistake, somehow. You have found your way to the wrong table. You know this, as your date is no longer there. Clearly, this is the wrong space.

Your plate and half consumed cider give a different testimony. Right there, to the left, you can still see your napkin as you left it. The semi circles you traced in the salt by your butter bear your marks plain as day. The feeling that is pouring over you feels like cold pearls of sand in your aura.

You have just experienced ghosting.

Your face feels hot, and you feel that shocky temperature shift that accompanies cognitive dissonance. Every eye seems to be on you right now, though you know that cannot be true. You return to your seat, and look around, hoping it is a mistake.

The server comes over and has a sympathetic look on their face, yet tactfully does not address your situation. They leave to secure your bill for the evening. You search your wallet and hope you have enough left on you to cover the bill. Thankfully, you do. But it will hurt your budget.  What was supposed to be a split treat becomes a burden that spells ramen for lunch for the next week.

Awkwardness ensues. You feel uncomfortable in your skin, and all your motions to finish your meal and leave the tip feels forced and theatrical. Stiltedly, you walk out of the place with a plastic smile. The pantomime of normalcy completed, you return to your home and try to make sense of what makes no sense.

Feelings of self-doubt consume you for the next few days. You try to contact them via social media, only to find yourself blocked. The number rings thru to their phone, but no connection ever happens. Messages are unanswered, and at last you surrender. No longer entertaining the hope of some miraculous explanation that would make it all reasonable, you move on with your life….a little more wary, a little more jaded.

This is what ghosting does. This is how toying with someone’s emotions may play out in their lives. There are as many scenarios as there are people, of course. But the essence is the same. A person has refused their responsibility as a mature adult to end an association in a healthy and clear way.

Regardless of the ghoster’s intent, ghosting is a passive-aggressive interpersonal tactic that can leave psychological bruises and scars. –Jennice Vilhauer Ph.D.

This practice is not only childish, it denotes a lack of courage. It takes a measure of cowardly self centered world view to do this to another person. Unfortunately, it is on the rise and climbing to social acceptability … and it is ultimately an act of emotional violence.

This must stop. Unkindness is not what we need more of in our society. We must do better.

No one deserves to be treated this way. It is unhealthy and damaging. As thinking feeling emanations of spirit, we can do better.

Another tragedy, a new set of stripes

Again, the Neo Pagan American experience feels the shock of tragic revelations regarding sexual abuse and depravity. The suffering and victimization of Moira Greyland comes forward to the national conversations once more. Years ago, we read part of this horror show in an article in The Wild Hunt. The fact that it is a chilling look into the ways that entire empires of Personality Cults can protect perpetrators of heinous criminality never ceases to astonish this writer.

The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon by [Greyland, Moira]
The predatory nature of the narcissist, put into spiritual positions of authority, becomes writ large in our communities. The fact that our communities are fringe to the overculture only amplifies our inability and unwillingness to discuss the wolves in our midst as a body. In our race to escape the trappings of a society that seeks to oppress that which is different, we seem to lose our sense of accountability to our chosen “villages”. We throw the word leadership around ourselves like priestly mantles, yet often do none of the housekeeping inherent in the roles of stewardship.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

As Ms. Greyland bleeds out for us across the pages of “The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon”, those of us in leadership would do well to look down at the tips of our shoes. We may find the blood of our own peoples have soiled our soles, as we stepped through their silenced pains and anguish in our rush to the next festival, the next gathering, the next…whatever we find interesting and aggrandizing at the moment.

Years of abuse by one human child. Contemplate this. Years of emotional and physical destruction and violence on a person, yet not one person in our communities saw this and made a call? We keep hearing these stories, stories of familial and proximity based crimes. And yet, no universal codes or guidelines have come forth? Surely, it is time to come together and make this happen.

I will not speak to the publisher of her book’s problematic associations because that is two shades away from sideways victim slashing. A lot of that is happening right now in the high school hallway environment of social media. Talking heads, yes we have them even in the Pagan worlds, are already undermining the survivor by slamming her choice of publisher. Yet the question is, what Pagan publishing house would have printed it?

We must do better, family. We must do better, even my enemies. We must do better, those who I do not know. I claim no false kinship in this cause, but claim common humanity.

Listen, act, and redeem.