By Ascarani

Learning to live the Tarot – Part 4

This is part 4 of a 4 part series on learning to read the tarot intuitively.

Welcome back to Learning to Live the Tarot.  Today we will look at the final cards in the deck, the Major Arcana Cards.

I have actually seen card decks made up of only the Major Arcana Cards.  These 22 cards can absolutely be all you need to tell the story of light and find out the answers to your questions. Just like the suits and the Minor Arcana, the best way to get acquainted with the Major Arcana is to write their story. Take these cards from your deck and put them in order from 0/The Fool all the way up to ending with XXI (21) The World.
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I have read many stories that have been written to tell the story through the Major Arcana Cards.  This is the story I see as I look through them:

We start out in our youth alive and unaware of the problems and difficulties we may face in the world (Fool). We believe that anything can be accomplished just like a magician waving his wand in the air to create miracles (Magician). Sure, we look to others for advice (High Priestess). As we go along and grow, we learn more about the truths of life and we become wiser (Empress). Often those who influence us change and we look for other opportunities in life (Emperor). Sometimes we even change our philosophies as we grow (Hierophant).  We find love which changes our perspectives (Lovers).  We also start to understand that part of the beauty of life is the journey itself (Chariot). In times of strife we look inward for our strength (Strength).

Other times we find that it is better to be alone and take time out to ponder the meaning of situations (Hermit). We never lose hope though realizing that there are always a lot of other options for us if we are willing to take the risk (Wheel of Fortune). Life teaches us that there are rules and sometimes there is no winner (Justice). It is in these moments that we seek further answers, sometimes turning the problem upside down to find a solution (Hanged Man). It is then we figure out that we must rebirth everything we believed, in fact we must let the old die and wither away to be reborn anew (Death). These are the times we must find our place of balance (Temperance).  We also learn to watch out for those who pretend to have our best interest at heart but are only concerned with themselves (Devil).  This is a turning point, all things may seem to explode around us but it is life getting our attention (Tower).

From this point of madness, we are asked to believe and to hope to move forward (Star). We have made it through the valley and are now able to follow our own instincts and trust our intuition (Moon). When we trust ourselves, we are moving into a state of joy (Sun). Now we can stop passing judgement on ourselves and others (Judgement). In the end, we hold our world on a silver platter and we are complete (World).

By Ascarani
Leticia Díaz By Ascarani
What does your Major Arcana Story say?  Put the cards in front of you and write your story.

The following is my own quick keyword synopsis of these cards.

0 The Fool: Carelessly wandering through life, needing to focus more on what is in front of you.

1 The Magician: Has all the elements available to succeed, use them and the results is like a magic trick

2 The High Priestess: She holds the power and has the answers. All you seek is in front of you.

3 The Empress: Fertility and growth abound

4 The Emperor: Opportunities are knocking on the door.

5 The Hierophant: He sets the rules and enforces them.  Time to abide by the rules.

6 The Lovers: Beauty in a relationship.

7 The Chariot: Swift travel, change and movement.

8 Strength: Sometimes bold, sometimes quiet trust in your inner strength to get the job done.

9 The Hermit: Shining the light in the darkness, there is a beacon of hope.

10 Wheel of Fortune: Time to spin the wheel and make a deal, take a chance.

11 Justice: Balance in life.  Don’t tip the scales.

12 The Hanged Man: Asking the same question and not listening to the guidance given.

13 Death: Change is happening.  Not a physical death but a transformation is about to occur.

14 Temperance: You must balance your life.  Find that place of peace within.

15 The Devil: Someone around you is not whom they pretend they are, beware.

16 The Tower: Chaos and disorder abound, seek shelter and peace.

17 The Star: Hope, reach for the stars.

18 The Moon: time to trust your intuition and inner knowing. Get in tune with the cycles of the world.

19 The Sun: Joy and success.

20 Judgement: Feeling persecuted, being called back to your center and asked not to judge others.

21 The World: Everything is in the palm of your hand.  Success.

Divinazione con tarocchi: disposizione del tavolo di lavoro
Divinazione con tarocchi: disposizione del tavolo di lavoro


I hope you have enjoyed this series on the tarot and learned to interpret the cards intuitively.  Letting the images of the tarot guide you can open a new world for you.

Dru Ann Welch is an experienced Intuitive Counselor, Healer and Tarot Reader.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Certified H.E.A.L. Technique Practitioner and a Crystal Singing Bowl Practitioner. Additionally, she holds a degree in Education and teaches with passion.  Dru Ann is the author of 4 books , creator of 2 oracle decks and the performing artist on 3 cds.  Dru Ann’s musings in the form of quotes, blogs and articles have been featured on The Wellness Universe , Circle Magazine ( Imbolc Issue 119/pg 42) and The Spirit Ezine (May 2015).  Proudly, Dru Ann has been a featured speaker and presenter at the Community Unitarian Universalist Church, the UCSS Spiritual Centre, Autumn Meet, and the Florida Pagan Gathering.

Dru Ann was featured as one of 150+ thought leaders in Tedx Speaker Corey Poirier‘s recent book, Enlightened Becoming the Best Version of You in 5 Easy Steps (enter code bestyouever to get your free copy during the launch) at

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