BLM demonstration at Campus Martius through a Pagan minister’s eyes in Detroit

I had my sandals on the ground, and my clergy supplies on deck at the Black Lives Matter and Activism demonstration in Detroit on July 8th in Campus Martius park.  Young and old, all nationalities, colors, creeds, genders, and paths gathered together as a shining example of how a peaceful and effective event, held and maintained to spread and exalt the cry for justice, is powerful.  “No Justice, No Peace …. I’m Fired UP, I’m Fed Up”, and more sounded again and again creating an egregore of dynamic moral outrage and focus.

Prayers and speeches punctuated the event, along with spoken word pieces.  Teachers, activists, clergy, everyone near and far answered the call.  Members of several underground Kemetic organizations were in attendance and unified.

Emily, a teacher from Detroit Public Schools, came out to share how she sees what is going on today.  She lays plain the situational despair of teaching in substandard conditions.  She is “fired up” and granted this interview.


More stories will be coming from this amazing day.  Watch for them.  And be the change with them.

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