Harvesting For Your Soul

Photo Credit: João Silas of Brazil.
Photo Credit: João Silas of Brazil.

As the Autumn Equinox has come and gone, we now have shifted from the seasons of mostly sowing and planting, to preparing for our major harvest seasons. This harvest is the one that will sustain our families and ourselves through the elongating chilly nights and the coming frigid days. There are pumpkins ( and Pumpkin Spice) everywhere, Trees are turning colors and beginning to shed, and the skies bear the familiar “V” formations of our feathered friends getting ready to head for warmer pastures.

Ah Harvest time!

While, that buzzword of the season usually conjures up mental images of tractor-combines, apple picking, hay bales, and canning, there is another part of the Harvest season few but farmers and homesteaders really remember and think about. See, the harvest season is not only a time for the final fruit and grain crops to be pulled in and stored, but it is a time for reaping, threshing, and culling.

Not only is it time to gather the grain; but it is time to thresh with our flails and tediously winnow the chaff from the grain. It is time to give our feathered and furred livestock that final fattening meal, sharpen our knives,  give thanks and cull our herds. Harvest, the actual process of harvesting, is unyielding, exhausting, and ardent work.

Harvest. It sounds a lot like nitty- gritty of Shadow Work doesn’t it?

When your Spirituality develops past the Puddle stage; when you begin to deal with the deeper levels of archetypes, your Ori( Yoruban term for One’s inner Human Consciousness),  Akashic records, Shadow Self and the like, when your practice becomes about more than personal gain and acquiring power. When the Art of Spellcraft , collecting books, and being part of the latest and greatest trend(s) in the Magickal community no longer do anything for you; then it is time to put in the work of Harvesting in your life.

It is time to take your life and throw it upon your threshing floor. It is time to take up your flail inwardly and beat the chaff aloose. Let the cleansing winds of change and the aeration of your Winnowing Fan remove the chaff and weevils from your inner growth. It is time to slaughter your fattened calves and goats of Shame, Self-pity, martyrdom, Unforgiveness, obnoxious pride ( because you do need some),arrogance, and self-neglect.

Get rid of those things that will tax you and make it hard to survive the lean season. Anything that will drain your energy or resources without a just recompense needs to die. Use what remains to fertilize yourself and prepare for the next sowing season. Record your triumphs, lessons and revelations. Celebrate your growth and accomplishments. Revel in the fact you have made it. Mourn those failures and losses, remember the lessons, acknowledge that pain; actually allow yourself the experience to feel it, then let the feeling go. Know and expect there will be those who don’t make it to your next planting season; it is all well. Those who can not help you sow good seeds, need not be there. Remember the Honored Ones who did help your Work, but have been called to Other Realms. Give them their just portions.

Harvest time is upon us. Enjoy the beauty, but remember and perform the Work.

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