Decline of the Empath

A photo by Andrea Boldizsar.


An empath, no matter what name or term you use; syphon, sensitive, touchy feely, crybaby, worry wart, and the all-time worst, manic-depressive. Some people that are being diagnosed with manic-depression, or depression period, are they truly mentally ill? Or is that just the pharmaceuticals’ plot to earn more money by shoving pills down someone’s throat? Or it just society in general so determined to label a person?

What some people fail to understand is that some empaths do not just feel what others feel, some actually draw some of those emotions into their very own psyche. Some are so in tuned that they draw out other physical attributes as well.

Think about it. Do you have anyone in your life that if you have a headache, or some other minor ailment like perhaps a stomach ache, once you’re around that person it seems to get better, or maybe even go away altogether? Pay attention to that person afterwards, how are they feeling once you begin to feel better?

Many of you that read this Newsletter already know this, at the least the basics. What you may not realize is how many empaths are truly being tossed not only to the waste side, but how many are now committing suicide. More and more posts are on facebook asking, begging for help before they do something drastic and irrevocable.

Most believe that for anyone to commit suicide they’re only taking the cowards way out. But when you’re a person who not only has their own emotions to deal with, but that of everyone’s around you as well? And with all of the heartbreak, violence, and senseless deaths going on in today’s world the old saying becomes an everyday burden and it truly does feel as though the entire world is on your shoulders. Turning on the news is a huge risk because now it is almost a definite that some tragedy will have occurred. Listening to it and seeing the reactions of the ones left behind to deal with the aftermath with questions that will forever go unanswered because what happened should never have happened at all. Being an empath you not only see these things playing out you feel the emotions coming at you like a tidal wave smacking you in the face, a tsunami attempting to pull you in and take you under to the point of no return.

Some are able to put a damper on these feelings, some can easily meditate and wash at least some of these imprints away. Others are not so lucky. Others have it build and build, not even knowing nor understanding what it is they are truly going through. When they try to discuss with anyone they just blow them off, tell they need therapy, or worst, make them feel as though there is something wrong with them, that they are the problem. And when some of these people do go to seek therapy, the only thing most of these doctors want to do is push pills at them. Pills to alter their way of thinking, their way of being, that alter their very own self. No, all pills are not wrong, and some truly do need them. But I can attest to this, even when some people have a reason that excepted by society to grieve and go in to see these doctors, they want to force feed you medicine. They did this to me when I lost my son. Instead of helping me to find some sort of coping mechanism they would much rather just give me some anti-depressants. What’s the difference between that and a bottle of alcohol? At least with the alcohol there is less of a chance of becoming dependent upon it.

Some that know and understand exactly what it is that is happening to them just have no chance to meditate, no way to damper the emotions and feelings that they take in day after day after day. Sadly, these are the ones we are seeing more and more with the posts on facebook crying out that they are ready to give up on life in general. These are the ones that come to the point where they can take this heaviness no longer and indeed end their very own lives. That is exactly what it feels like, a heaviness. Emotions may not carry a physical mass for everyday people, but for an empath it does.

When these empaths have no one they can truly turn to, no one to talk to that will even try to understand, instead just ridicule and judge that heaviness begins to weigh even more. When you add on their own losses to that; losing a job, a house, a car, a relationship, that weight starts being more than they can bare. They begin to feel that not only are they carrying a weight that’s more than two times their own mass, but that they are also wading through a fog so thick they can’t even see their way to the other side.

If this sounds like you, don’t give up. A better is coming, it has to be. Hold on to that hope, make plans for when that day finally comes. And surround yourself with people that do truly understand, or at the very least try to understand. The ones trying to bring you down even lower than you already are, let them go. Trust me, I know this is so much easier said than done, but if you’re at that breaking point think about who is more important, and the answer is you.

If you know someone who this sounds like, lend them a shoulder. Even if you have no idea what they’re crying about, even if it seems stupid to you that they’re crying, it won’t hurt you to let your shirt get wet with a few tears. If they seem to be boiling over with anger for no reason at all, offer them an ear to listen and just let them vent.

Some of these suicide attempts are straight b.s., no more than cries for attention. Some are the real deal, don’t find out which one it is when it’s too late.

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