Human to Human in America moment

Human to Human in America Moment

Saw a man at the bus stop and asked him what musical artist he was enjoying on his phone. We talk, and he sits next to me to share the song for me to hear. An artist named Mac Lethal, he saw him at a Twisted Concert.

We smiled and shared conversation about music and spring local artists. An angry looking woman walked by, and we smiled at her as we quietly replayed the song and bobbed our heads in time. She turned her glare elsewhere.

Two strangers, digging music at a bus stop in the suburbs of the Motor City while the fallout of this election floats around us. We found a moment of shared resonance with a positive song, and this made all the difference.

Oh, yeah, we’re both human inside. Just different packaging on our palettes. And it didn’t matter a damned bit.

Explicit Lyrics/NSFW


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