Moon Afrykan Aku, mother of 3, threatened with Imprisonment at the Orange Blossom KOA

Moon Afrykan Aku decided to pack up her children and follow her dreams to film her documentary Breastfeeding A Nation: The History of My Chocolate Milk” to discuss breastfeeding in the Black community. This past Thursday will most likely be the most memorable day in her year-long journey across the country that her or her children will probably never forget.

On the morning of Thursday December 8th, 2016, Moon pulled into Orange Blossom KOA in Orlando, Florida with her young children to utilize their shower facilities. Having previously called and utilized other KOA facilities, and being charged $6, she didn’t expect to be met with hostility from a place that promotes family fun!

By her own account, these are the events that took place:

My family and I have been traveling for some time. I was recently introduced to the KOA communities. I called ahead to see how much do they charge for showers. The KOAs in KY and just outside of Jacksonville charged $6 to use the showers.

We get to this KOA and they hadn’t opened yet and the box for registration didn’t have any forms to fill out. So I parked at the office which opened in 45 minutes and started to get our things together. I took my son the bathroom and I got my other children ready to use the bathroom as well.

I hear the door open and a woman started yelling at my daughter. I told her we wanted to use the showers and the laundromat. She tells me I owe her $29 for using the shower. I said but we’ve been paying $6.

She informs me she is calling the police. This woman and another guy blocked my car in while they called the police stating we stole services. After the police showed up she said she wanted the $6 for me using the shower we hadn’t used yet. Then drove off telling the police she wanted us off the her property.

This is a family friendly center? I have 3 children 1, 5 and 9 years old. How was calling the police friendly to us? If I was trying to steal a shower why would I park at the office 45 minutes before they opened?

Moon reached out to KOA’s corporate office and was met with hostility and disdain as they told her“that line was for members only” and told not to call back and hung up. I then reached out to KOA and when I explained the reason for my call was hung up on, and then the calls were forwarded to VM.

This kind of ill-treatment of patrons to establishment’s cannot and should not be tolerated. Why should anyone have to pay for services that were denied to them? We need to take a stand and demand that they issue a public apology to Moon and her Children and refund them their money! The number to the corporate office is 888-562-0000.

You can watch the ill-treatment of a mother and her young children here


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