Book Review: The Good Witch’s Guide : A Modern Day Wiccapedia of Magickal Ingredients and spells

Written by: Shawn Robbins and Charity Bedell, pub 2017 Sterling Publishing Co. 305pp

The Good Witch’s Guide is not your average, everyday introductory or advanced peep into the Craft. To be honest, owning quite a few of these guides, myself, I was used to the standard Wiccan/Witchcraft encyclopedia reference materials. Most of them, I find, are stuffy, and to be clear, I’m not a huge fan. When I cracked open this book, I was expecting this to be just another reference guide, however; I found myself pleasantly surprised. This book is a real page turner.

The Good Witch’s guide is full of wonderful spells, incantations.

There is a guide to crafting your own personal Magick and yes, stones, essential oils, colors and herbs.

It has everything from Witchy Wisdom, rituals and formulas, spirituality, folklore, health and health remedies.

Of course, there are sections dedicated to candle Magick, brewing your own potions, tinctures and salves.

This book is jam packed with all kinds of recipes for Sabbats and special occasions.

Want to know how other Witches are casting their own versions of these spells? There’s even a section dedicated to that!

There are tons of traditional spells that are tried and true and all of the “how-to’s” that go along with them.

In this authors humble opinion, this may very well become the definitive guide for all who take the time to read it. The Good Witch’s Guide is a pleasure to read for the Beginner in the Craft all the way to your most Adept Student. It can be used strictly as a reference manual or can be read cover to cover without the monotony of other reference guides.

On a more personal note, this is one book is one that I will cherish and read again and again!

Laurie Bates
Falcon Lunafyre

Magickal Cross Quarter Days Bargains


Written by: Laurie Bates

From candles to brooms, pumpkins to evergreen wreaths, holly sprigs, herbs, cauldrons and apothecary bottles,  this time of year is always a favorite for everyone. Filling your Magickal coffers, dressing the walls, altars and house during cross-quarter days can become a challenge if you don’t have an unlimited line of credit for a Magickal superstore of Witchly delights. It would be nice but, for most, this just isn’t so. Stocking your decor and apothecary doesn’t have to cost the proverbial arm and a leg. There are many ways to economically create festive decor and fill your Craft box for this time of year.

One way this can be done is to walk your property and look for felled wood for crafty projects such as creating a God’s eye wall hangings or handles for straw brooms made with high grasses or even wheat. Another alternative is to go on a hunting expedition for herbs in your surrounding areas. Long strands of dried herbs lashed together with twine or a pretty ribbon not only smells good, but looks good, as well.  What grows in your garden, yard and surrounding areas this time of year? These are  the Mother’s  energies at Her peak.  Wildcrafted herbs, pine cones and tree limbs can be fashioned into your coffers with a little effort, time and ease. Word to the wise: please exercise caution in consuming any wildcrafted herbs in your yard. Identifying them incorrectly can cause some serious health issues. So, with that said, if you so choose, please exercise caution and happy hunting!

There are some great deals to be had to celebrate this time of year.  A lot of great businesses offer fantastic deals.  One such business is Lotions, Potions and Notions. This business is awesome for custom orders. A lot of time and love go into these wonderful wild crafted creations. The owner, Lucille Cicariello Rose, is a long standing, established leader in the Pagan community. She is a third degree HPS of Briar Rose, which is an initiatory witchcraft of the Oak Ash & Thorn tradition (not to be confused with the book!). Miss Lucille is a Reiki Master and teacher. She is a Retired Associate Chemist and a published author, wife, Mother and GrandMother. She opened her home-based business twenty years ago and has been creating wonderful custom body butters, salves, creams, oils, incense, to-die-for amulet bags, homeopathic remedies, Kittie Crack (yes you heard me, correctly!), gourd rattles, wands, lip balms and so much more, ever since.  She specializes in in Faery and Dragon oils, incense, etc. Miss Lucille is a jewel to work with and  is also ordained and offers weddings, handfastings and funeral services. Yes, folks, she truly is a Jill of all trades!  Prices are very reasonable and the quality is absolutely outstanding. You can find her at


Another up and coming business in the community, is Moonshadow Menagerie. Owned by Brooks Hilley, in the southern states, she creates all kinds of wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces and some re-created clay pieces.


Miss Brooks works from her home-based business and is very talented. She has been working the festival markets, locally but would love to take on some custom orders. She is a very creative amateur artist working with mixed medias of pencil, clay, acrylic and, as she puts it, anything else she can get her hands on.


She really puts her heart and soul into all these fantastic custom pieces.  She loves to create works of art that are “out of the norm” and puts her own creative spin on it.   Miss Brooks’ work truly speaks for itself. She is such a wonderful artist to work with. This bright up-and-coming artist creates outstanding pieces that are very affordable!  She can be reached at :


Last, but certainly, never least, is Charissa’s Cauldron. Lady Charissa, the owner and proprietor of this business, is a third degree eclectic HPS of Silver Pines in North Georgia. She is an active part of the Pagan community and has been for a long time. She helped to organize and create a group of Pagans called North Georgia Solitaries that became a meeting place, a movement and became one of the largest groups in Georgia, to-date. This wonderful woman brought so many people together and taught  the true  meaning of the word networking.  She implemented, oversaw and passed on a program called Pagan Assistance Fund that helped Pagans in all different kinds of communities. Lady Charissa’s list of accomplishments and attributes are as long as the day is and then some. Honestly, I could go on and on. I digress….

These days, she tends to her wild-crafted acres at Silver Pines and creates Magickal  flower and crystals remedies and essences, Magick Waters, Lunar Waters, Magickal Dirt and wild harvested Herbs (not for internal ingestion!)  They are of the highest quality and are steeped for long periods of time before they are perfectly decanted and bottled up for the public and sold. I cannot speak more highly of these products as she has an awesome line up. Lady Charissa can be reached at   :


There are truly many gifts to be had, with many, many more of the local hand crafted businesses. So many blessings and time, care and love to be had around every corner. These are just but a few Magickal ways to fill your coffers during these blessed days. Dig deep and look for great bargains with other local Pagan businesses, or create your own, but get out there and stir up some Magickal Faery dust chasing the Aether. The most important part is to connect with your own specific energies and work your Magick, in whatever way makes you happiest. . Happy Pagan bargain hunting!

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