Spiritual Cleansing: Why, How, and How Often?

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In her own words, a bit about Nicole’s Practice.
Living Roots embodies my life’s work: to reconnect people to themselves, the natural world, and their ancestry. You have all the power to take hold of your life and to achieve your dreams within you. Let me help you unlock it!
My products are powerful, easy-to-use, and effective. I carefully combine herbs and oils in sacred space to address your conflicts and obstacles. Everything in this universe exists as energy, and my creations align you to hear and accept your true inner self and the love of your spirits and ancestors. You are not in this world alone. You are the legacy of generation upon generation that have given their everything to get you here. They are still reaching out to help you. Don’t waste time trapped by the same negative patterns and struggles. Get a touch of magic in your life, and change your world today.

Gaining Motivation From Your Failures

Even if we’ve done everything right in our lives, at some point, we are going to feel like a failure. Whether it’s because we didn’t accomplish a task we set out to accomplish or we simply failed in terms of our inability to create the dream we had in our head, we aren’t likely to win all of our battles in our life. But does this mean we should simply stop trying? Absolutely not. In fact, failure can be the greatest motivator of them all – if we begin to look at it in that way.

Failing is Still Trying

Your motivation to create something in your life is mostly driven by the idea that you are going to have something at the end of your journey. Whether this is a tangible thing or something intangible, you set out to do something in order to see a result. And even if you don’t see that intended result, you can rest assured that you have the ability to see that you tried. The journey you take from one point to another, after all, is filled with the experiences and the sights you saw along the way.

Though you might not get to where you want to do, you can still congratulate yourself for trying. In many cases, people don’t even attempt that because they fear failure. So, they don’t actually accomplish anything they want to accomplish – so trapped in this fear of failure. If you can change your motivation away from fear and into the idea that you are learning, you will begin to see more success than you do failure.

Helping Yourself to Your Feet

You’ve fallen down along your journey – it happens to the best of us. It’s happened to all of the greats in this world at some point or another: Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Malcolm X, etc. What has set these people apart from others is not the tasks they achieved, but rather the fact that they not only failed, but that they also continued anyways. You could simply stop what you are doing and try to give into the failure, or you could launch yourself into a new direction – as apparently that other one didn’t work.

Pulling yourself back up is a matter of momentum. Allow yourself some time to wallow in your feelings of despair, but instead of making yourself comfortable on the ground, start thinking about new possibilities in your current situation. If you were on a journey and there is a blocked road, turn around and find another road. This seems like the standard decision you would make on a literal journey, so why not begin to do the same on your personal journey?

Here are some tips:

– Make a list of your failures

– Make a list of what you’ve done right

– Make a list of what you’ve learned along the way

– Burn the list of your failures

Your failures are not mistakes – they are stepping stones that are leading to your success. Finding motivation in these wrong turns will help you continue to feel motivated, no matter what happens. In fact, you might even begin looking for failure to ‘help’ you out.
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How to Use Magical Amulets

Magic amulets have long been associated with many different traditions. From the ancient Egyptians to the druids to modern day witches and wiccans, magic amulets are symbols of power that can not only be a focal point for your rituals and spells, but can be worn with you wherever you go.
Magical amulets provide amazing value within wicca, the occult, and witchcraft. The energies contained within various different amulets can surround your body always whenever you wear them. Providing you a constant source of these energies.

If you worship a certain deity you can use the amulets as a form of an offering. In this way you can take your magical amulet and as you hold it, say a prayer to your deity and then place it on your altar as an offering each night before bed, or each morning when you awake. The deities will be sure to smile down upon you for this act of good faith on your part. Amulets used in such a fashion can still be used in rituals and spells, and still worn. However, if you are going to use them as an offering it is best to cleanse and purify your magical amulet each time after you use it in a ritual, spell, or if you have worn it all day and night before making the offering to your deity.

In rituals and spell work they can be used as a tool or as symbolic symbols to amplify your energies. They can either be used just for your rituals and spells as sacred objects, or they can be used, cleansed, then worn around your neck once again.

Magical Amulet that involve protection are perhaps the most powerful ones you can obtain. There are many different types of protection amulets however, when worn, these amulets can help prevent negativity and dark entities from being drawn to you and attacking or draining your energies.

The versatility and usability of magical amulets are incredible. Many amulets already come pre-charged and energized. Other amulets need to be charged and energized by you. Either way however, you can charge your magical amulets quite easily with the proper steps. Some of these steps will be outlined here, and with the many different amulets you can obtain, this post will just go into a few examples.

Charging Your Magical Amulets

The first way to use a magical amulet would be to wear it with you wherever you go. However, before you wear it is always best to charge and strengthen the amulet before you place it around your neck. In order to do this effectively, take the amulet and wait to perform this ritual when the moon is full. The best time is around 2am-4am and on a Friday night.

Meditate while burning some incense that represents that of which you wish to obtain. For example if you wish to have a love amulet, you can use amber, dragon’s blood, jasmine, or love named incense. Be sure you are holding your magical amulet in your hand this entire time, and while meditating imagine the energies that wish to have come to you flow through your body and being channeled into the amulet.

If you wish for love then imagine love, joy, and fiery passion flowing through your body. If your amulet is meant for prosperity or money, imagine wealth, prosperity, and abundance flowing through you and into your amulet, and then use the appropriate incense for wealth(prosperity named, musk, high john the conqueror).

Perform this and charge this amulet in this fashion for as long as possible(a half hour is ideal). Once the ritual is done, let the incense burn completely out and then place the amulet into a velveteen bag that is sprinkled with herbs that represent that of which you wish to use the amulet for. For example if you have a love amulet use herbs such as lavender, rose hips, rose petals, jasmine flowers, and ginseng.

Place the velveteen bag in a safe place for a period of seven days. After seven days has passed, you can take your magical amulet out and then wear it around your neck and the energies will be within the amulet, all charged and ready to help you.

The other way to charge and use a magical amulet would be to perform the above steps however instead of wearing the amulet, leave it in the velveteen bag and then carry it around with you in your pocket when you are out and about, and then when you sleep, place it under your pillow or within the pillow sheet when you retire at night.

If you wish to use your magical amulet as a tool in your rituals instead of wearing it or using it to attract things into your life, one way you can use your amulets in your rituals would be as follows.

If for example you are performing a ritual of protection to protect yourself or your home, you would open up your circle and perform your normal routine as you would any other ritual to begin with. During your ritual, hold your magical amulet in your hand as you meditate and perform the ritual and visualize protective energies coming out of the amulet and into your home or into you. In this fashion your amulet then becomes a ritual tool to be use during your rituals and spells instead of the ONLY item being used in a ritual or spell.

Cleansing Your Magical Amulets

Your magical amulet should be routinely cleansed and dowsed like any other ritual tool in your wiccan supplies, witchcraft supplies, and occult supplies collection. When cleansing an amulet there two simple easy ways to do so that is not very time consuming and doesn’t necessarily need to be done within a ritual for cleansing(unless of course you prefer that method)

The first way to cleanse your amulet would be to light some sage incense or a sage smudge stick and wave the amulet through the smoke a number of times. You can say a prayer as you perform this if you wish. The sage smoke will cleanse and renew your amulet.

Another way to cleanse your magical amulet would be to make up a bucket or bowl with some water and salt. Ensure that the salt is completely dissolved and then simply dunk your amulet into the water a few times to begin with then place within the water and leave it in there for roughly 2-5 minutes. Do not keep your amulets in the water too long because the salt can damage the amulet and make them rust, tarnish, or become unusable.(do NOT perform this if your amulet is made of wood)

Remember that magical amulets only are as good as their owner. If you want them to work properly and to help you bring that of which you seek, ensure to follow the steps above and they will bring you a constant source of strong energies for that of which you desire.

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Thank You Gift Baskets Showing You Care

When a friend or acquaintance celebrates an anniversary it’s a very special time and celebration. You will want to present them with an extremely unique gift that will be memorable yet useful and something that they’ll appreciate and use. This is the ideal time to be considering anniversary gift baskets for this occasion. There are few things more satisfying than the usual gourmet gift basket filled with goodies like freshly baked cookies and brownies that are carried out and made with perfection. They can be organized in a basket, tin, box, and delivered right to the front door. All you do is connect your wedding anniversary note and it makes the best gift for a wedding anniversary couple.

With so many options you will be able to obtain the ideal choice to match up for the couple that is celebrating their anniversary. You can have the cookies decorated, a gift basket with a ribbon that looks great long afterwards the treats have been eaten, an embossed tin with a great mix of cookies and brownies, or a vibrant box with eye appealing cookies which are irresistible and delightful. You can even have a happy anniversary cake delivered to your anniversary couple. These anniversary gift baskets hold the look and the taste of being very expensive however the price tag is very affordable.

If you’re unclear exactly what you want in the way of anniversary gift baskets there are gifting professionals who can assist you. They will probably be glad to make tips and ideas on what to purchase and assist you with the choice process. You may even have a gift basket customized using a variety of the baked good they have available. Remember you are receiving the finest in baked goods that will be fresh and baked to excellence for your wedding anniversary couple. This is an extremely popular gift that can be purchased from the convenience of your own home. There is no need to have to travel from store to store trying to find that special gift. This gift is ready to go and can be delivered to you or the anniversary pair.

Your satisfaction will be guaranteed whenever you purchase any of the anniversary gift baskets that are offered. With millions of these baskets already purchased through the years you don’t have to worry about the caliber of your gift. There is a history of success with one of these gifts and baked goods. You are getting the best in quality products and the finest in prompt and reliable service. You will not have to worry about your anniversary gift getting there in time or in perfect condition. Your anniversary gift is always delivered in perfect condition and totally fresh for the recipients.

The next time you’ll need an ideal wedding anniversary gift make it a basket of fresh and tasty baked goods. This will delight your anniversary couple making the afternoon very sweet for them. They will be thankful and appreciative of your thoughtfulness.


Image: Annie Spratt

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The Black Girl in Search of God and Some Lesser Tales


The Black Girl in Search of God and Some Lesser Tales

By: Philip Spires
The title piece in this anthology is a parable on the nature of religious belief. When first published in 1932 it caused quite a stir and I wondered whether the intervening 75 years might have rendered it something less of a shocker. I found that, apart from one violation of current political correctness and a few inevitable stylistic issues, the message had lost none of its poignancy and perhaps little of its ability to shock.

The Black Girl in Search of God is not a novel or a novella. It is not really a short story either. I choose to describe it as a parable because others have, but equally it could be classed alongside Plato’s symposium as a vehicle for examining a philosophical idea. It’s not a discourse, but it could be a meditation, albeit a rather energetic one. The idea in question, of course, is the nature of religious belief.

The Black Girl of the title is only cast as such, I think, to provide Shaw with a literary vehicle to convey his otherwise naïve questions about Christianity. To this end, The Black Girl is presented as a “noble savage”, and thus a tabula rasa. It is here – and only here – that Shaw violates current correctness. The character could have been cast as a child, but then she could not have threatened to wield her knobkerrie, her weapon, and nor could she have been portrayed as bringing no tradition of her own. We must accept, therefore, that there remains a functionality about the role of this character. She does not represent anything, except her ability to ask the questions she is required to ask.

The Black Girl has been converted to Christianity by a young British woman who has taken delight in amorously jilting a series of vicars. She then becomes a missionary, despite her clearly thin grasp of the subject matter. She is, perhaps, an allegory of colonial expansion. She goes abroad to teach others despite not having achieved fulfilment or knowledge in her own life. It might be important that the teacher and the taught are both women.

When her convert starts asking questions, fundamental questions that the missionary herself has never heard asked, never mind answered, she reverts to invention, not scholarship. Shaw’s intention is clear. She invents myth to mystify myth. And this cloak satisfies the curiosity of the average Christian, but not The Black Girl, who thus goes off in search of God.

And, guided by snakes, she finds Him. And not just once, because there is more than one God in the Bible she carries. There is the God of Wrath, who demands the sacrifice of her child. When she cannot comply, He demands she find her father so he can sacrifice her. A good part of the Bible thus disappears from her new-found faith.

She meets an apparent God of Love, but he laughs at Job for being so naively and blindly devout. More of her book blows away.

She meets prophets who, one by one, deliver their different messages, most of which conflict and communicate individual political positions or bigotry rather than personal revelation.

On the way she belittles Imperial power and male domination. She learns that most “civilised” countries have given up on God and hears a plea that people like her should not be taught things that the mother country no longer believes.

Scientists offer her equally conflicting opinions. They are careful only to describe, never to conclude or interpret. In a way, they are just modern prophets, each with their own interested positions.

There is an amazing episode where a mathematician implores her to consider complex numbers, the square root of minus x, which The Black Girl hears as Myna sex or perhaps its homophone minor sex, and is clearly a reference to feminism. Along with economic power and male dominance, The Black Girl sees guns as the highest achievement of white society. This anticipates the description of colonialism’s trinity in Ngugi’s Petals of Blood.

Then, in a strange section, an Arab discusses belief with a conjuror. These appear to be a pair of major prophets in thin disguise. But their discussions merely confuse the girl and their words skirt her questions.

And so she meets an Irishman, marries and settles down. She devotes herself to him, their coffee-coloured children and the fruits of their garden. Note that she does not devote herself to herself. She projects out, does not analyse within. And in this utterly humanist universe she finds not only personal happiness, but also fulfilment and, with that, answers to her own metaphysical questions that religion per se could not even address.

And so, as the parable closes, we ponder whether the Irishman she marries is Shaw, and whether The Black Girl is the questioning, non-racist, non-sexist, socialist and humanist vision of the future he has personally espoused.

And as for the Lesser Tales, they are generally lesser. Don Giovanni explaining himself was fun and the Death of an Old Revolutionary Hero was prescient of the role of the Socialist Workers’ Party adopted in maintaining Margaret Thatcher in power in the 1980s. A great, historical and fundamentally contemporary read.
Author Bio
Philip Spires
Author of Mission, an African novel set in Kenya

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Blooming Tea For Healthier Life

The existence of blooming tea may still be a mystery for many people. This type of product, actually, is a combination of dried tea leaves that are wrapped around a number of dried flowers. This concept originally came from the Yunnan province of China.

Several flowers and leaves should be bound together in order to form a bulb, which will be dried afterward. The moment it unfurls and expands, the blooming flower emulates, giving way for the centerpiece to emerge. Chrysanthemum, lily, jasmine, and globe amaranth are just a few of the flowers used for creating this product.

A cup or teapot can be used to put the ball into and submerge in hot water. It must be covered in order to contain the essence of the flower. It will eventually emerge after a matter of five to ten minutes. This is an ideal drink for those who are expecting guests because it can be refilled with another cup of hot water.

Many health buffs may already have an idea that these plants can contribute to well-being. Basically, there are a lot of varieties that can provide different benefits to those who drink it. Since this type of beverage undergoes less processing time, the essential nutrients are preserved.

The therapeutic properties of this flower can be potent in treating several health conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and even tooth decay. It also contains a high concentration of antioxidants that would help the body get rid of free radicals.

Achieving a healthy body can be acquired if you consider drinking a few cups per day. The white and green varieties are known to contain catechins that are excellent in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

Avoiding diseases can be achieved if you know how to look for cost-efficient solutions. Getting a dose of blooming tea a day can be a good alternative if you are pretty conscious about your budget.
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Crisp Citrus Herbs: Citrus in your Cooking

There are a many ways to give a crisp citrus herb flavor to any cooking you are doing. The first thing to do, is to find herbs have a citrus component to them. This is commonly misunderstood, it doesn’t mean that they have orange, lemon or lime flavor in them, but that they can emulate the taste of these sharp flavored fruits or provide a similar flavor.

If you do not know where to start, looking for crisp citrus herb, the quickest and fastest way to start is to let your fingers do the walking and get online.

If you look for crisp citrus herb itself, you may find that its is used for body washes and body lotions so you may have to look a little deeper to find what you are looking for. All this means is you expand your search to something like this: “Crisp Citrus Herbs recipes”

Image source: pexels

Some Herbs That Give a Citrus Flavor

1. Lemon Grass

This is one of most well known herbs that can provide with a lemon edge with out the sharpness of that actual lemon. Due to the acid in an actual lemon, it can curdle some dishes, so lemon grass is a good option.

2. Lemon Pepper – Not so much a herb but more of a spice which goes really well with grilled fish other similar dishes. Mixes well with black pepper.

There are also other combinations and other spices, which can help to provide citrus edge. This are lessor known ones like: Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm, Lemon Basil, lemon thyme and Thai lime.

There are certain dishes that are going to work better with a citrus flavor than other dishes. Fish dishes are the best when it comes to using citrus.

The herbs that provide the citrus flavor compliment all the methods of cooking fish. This includes baked, grilled or even pan-fried. These lemons like flavors will, enhance the natural taste of the fish and give it a new edge.

Poultry is another dish that works well with a crisp citrus herb. Chicken works well, and in fact, a common Asian dish is honey lemon chicken, in which the opposite flavors of sweet and sharp work well together.

As with using any type of herb or spice like this, the best school of thought is that its designed to enhance the taste, meaning that it should be used in moderation. It should add to the flavor of the food and not override the natural taste of the meat item.



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A look at Princess Nokia’s “Bruja” by Sparro Kennedey

“The Craft” is a really good movie. Like all good things, it is best left alone. Unfortunately, “life is like a box of chocolates”. “Bruja“, by Princess Nokia boasts sequences that give a un-subtle references to 90’s pop-culture, while dropping a sick flow that is ruined by random cameos from other singers/rappers. The whole thing reminds me of the time Iggy Azalea made that song “Fancy“.

Princess Nokia is back with a song named “Bruja”. She brought her coven, and they take you on a LSD trip that starts in a lake, travels through the ghetto, wooded pathways and slow walks onto an interstate.The song is as confusing as the video. With exception of the poor harmony at beginning, the random hook that calls women bitches, the rap skills undeniable.

Princess Nokia is mixed so viewers from combined racial identity will immediately grasp the syncretization that occurs when multiple heritages combine to create a new idea. Part Orisha, part Santeria, part Shamanistic, the strongest sequence in the music video was visualization of a water invocation.

American Tribal Dance is an art form that combines elements ballet, hip-hop and jazz to create a unique fusion of movement. The style is most commonly seen performed by belly dancers in concert with middle eastern movements that recategorize the spiritual elements of the dance something commercial. The water invocation exemplifies the personality of a cultural tradition that is in danger of being swallowed.

The concept for “Bruja” was amazing, the song has great moments. It’s the kind of track that can be dropped into a playlist and be an easy listen if the use of foul language is not a concern. Princess Nokia means well with her “anthem”, but I would have liked to see a more streamlined effort. The narrative is lost because of lack of focus.

Into the Silence by Heather Greene

We welcome guest contributor, Heather Greene. Writer, singer, Pagan journalist, she is also the Editor of the Wild Hunt.



Into the Silence by Heather Greene, 2016

“Journalists go to the silence.” – Amy Goodman, Democracy Now‘s executive producer.

The Wild Hunt is a fourteen year old online entity that emerged from a need for a focused Pagan-driven news source. Necessity, as some say, is the mother of invention.  Through those fourteen years, The Wild Hunt has evolved from a daily blog run by one person to a full-fledged nonprofit, independent news agency with a team of seventeen writers, editors, and administrators working to build a lasting institution whose mission it is to satisfy the very need that brought it into existence.


What is that need?

In recent years there has been an overall decline in mainstream religion-based news coverage outside of reporting on specific events or holidays.  Regardless, the so-called “god-beat” has never, even in its strength, been Pagan or Heathen -friendly.  Any coverage of minority religions and practices, specifically those falling into Pagan, Heathen, and polytheist realms, typically occur in October, or when a major news making event involves a pentacle, Thor’s Hammer, or some “witchy” element. For example, one such case happened this past summer when the international media picked up on the hex action launched in conjunction with a California sexual assault case.

Whether out of bigotry, disinterest, or just coverage scope, mainstream media rarely incorporate the Pagan perspective. Even when they try, there are understandable barriers preventing solid coverage with the level of nuance and even respect that interviewees expect, want and deserve.  While some reporters do try, deadlines and quick turn-arounds often make it difficult for even the most well-meaning journalist to adequately capture news from a Pagan or Heathen perspective.

Additionally, mainstream outlets typically don’t share news specifically generated by these minority communities.  Starhawk’s permaculture work and its relationship to her religious beliefs will not be shared widely beyond niche markets.  Any reports on the tragic death of Kansas Pagan Tisha Gill will not include how vital she was to the building of her local Pagan community.  And, the mainstream news won’t share how a new blog project is changing the way people discuss and share their polytheistic beliefs and practices.

That is where The Wild Hunt comes in.

Goodman said, “Journalists go to the silence.” Pagan, Heathen, and polytheist communities exist in that media silence.  And, as such, so does The Wild Hunt.

In that respect, our work plays two roles. First and foremost, we serve our communities with daily, original writing and reporting.  We share the events coming from our communities for our communities.  Did you know that Heathen Matthew Orlando is running for Congress, or that there is a growing Wiccan community in Thailand?  Did you know that the Pagan Federation International is co-hosting an online academic conference in November, or that Circle Sanctuary is now a membership-based organization?

These are all examples of news, stories, and issues that all come from a heart beating at the center of that silent space.

Our secondary function is to communicate without, or to break the silence, if you will.  For better or worse, The Wild Hunt exists in a public space where anyone can visit and read.  We welcome this role and are happy to be there. In 2016, The Wild Hunt was recognized by Google for the first time as a reputable news agency. When you search on Black Moon, for example, you’ll see the TWH article, along with that of the Washington Post, USA Today, and other major outlets that reported on that very hot topic.

Why does this matter? Sharing our voices publicly opens a window on the workings of our collective communities and also demonstrates how Pagans, Heathens, and polytheists are concerned about the many broad issues affecting our world. In September, our article on the Pagan Federation Disabilities Team was picked up by HuffPost Religion.  As a result, non-Pagans worldwide got the opportunity to see how a group of UK Pagans were affecting positive change within their own religious community.  In other cases, readers learned how Pagans participated in the interfaith Black Friday 14 protest in California, in the Climate Change protest in Illinois, or in the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City. “We are here!”

With that said, it is true that many Pagans and Heathens enjoy living in the media silence, going completely unnoticed by the public.  Some even prefer it. While we certainly understand and honor that perspective, we also know that there are times when minority religious voices need to be heard, even if it is just to correct misinformation or weigh-in. Wild Hunt writers, for example, spoke with the Pensacola sheriff’s office in order to clarify facts after a Wiccan ritual was linked to a local homicide.

Due to the fact that TWH journalists do not sensationalize or objectify religious beliefs, lifestyles, and practices, readers of all kinds can come to TWH and witness who we are, as we are and where we are, without the framework of “otherness” and the colors of Halloween.  Through this part of our work, The Wild Hunt defies the silence that is created by the mainstream culture.

The Wild Hunt - used with permission.
The Wild Hunt – used with permission.

Shall we make some noise?

But, in the end, even if our chatter results solely in serving our own communities, we are there and ready to do our job. And, we are not alone in any of that work. TWH is joined by many talented writers working at group and private blogging venues, by hosts of digital radio broadcasts, producers of print magazines, and more. All of the ventures that make up the fledgling Pagan media are equally as important, because together our voices are heard – both within and without.

At the risk of sounding completely ridiculous, I draw your attention to the Dr. Seuss children’s story Horton Hears a Who. The main character Horton the elephant is the only animal that can the hear a single voice on a plant seed. “A person’s a person, no matter how small,” explains Horton.  But the others only hear the silence.  By the end of the book, it takes the entire community of Whoville making noise to be heard. “We are here! We are here!” they shout.

While that is a very simplistic and idealistic presentation, it exists as an allegory for our communities in some ways. We are often not heard, even within our own spheres of influence.  The continued publishing of Pagan voices, in whatever form that takes, can change that and, as a result, contribute to  the internal health of our communities and our people. How do other Pagans handle depression or think about death within a religious context? Let’s talk about.

Within the spectrum of Pagan media outlets, The Wild Hunt’s focus is primarily news and news commentary.  We speak the language of mainstream media and model ourselves using conventional news structures, such as the AP Style Guide.  At the same time, we also are mindful of who we are, as a entity and as individuals.  We will not compromise either.  In fact, TWH actually has its own style guide that always supersedes AP rules, including the spelling and capitalization of certain religious terms ignored by most editors. We have policies  in place that require the consideration of an interviewee’s religious identification and pronoun preferences. We honor Craft names and deeply understand privacy concerns.

The Wild Hunt rests comfortably and proudly in the overculture’s media silence, helping to amplify otherwise unheard voices for both ourselves and for the world.


But there is one more role that Wild Hunt journalists play.  We seek out the silence found within our own communities.  What Pagan voices still need to be heard? What actions are not being shared? What issues are not being discussed? We seek a deeper silence – one that is embedded within our collective spaces.

Our guest writers and columnists are often the best examples of our dedication to that part of our mission. We give the microphone, if you will, to new writers who provide unique perspectives rarely seen, helping them to say, “We are here.” In April, editor Kenya Coviak joined us to share her experiences growing up with Detroit Hoodoo.  More recently, elder Katrina Messenger shared her thoughts on being a mystic in difficult times, and David Halpin reflected on the language the gods.

With that said, The Wild Hunt actually plays three very distinct and vital roles. On the one hand, we exist in the silence created by the over-culture. “We are here!” we say both within and without. Those are our two more obvious functions. But, on the other hand, it remains our duty as journalists to go to the silences that exist within ourselves. To help us know ourselves.

That is our mission and our service and our contribution. In providing  a respectful, ethically-based, and professional space for noisemaking, we hope to offer a positive legacy for the growing population of Pagans, Heathens, and polytheists for years to come. We also hope that this legacy, one that grows day in and day out, tells the story of our communities and our people.

Each day, we go back into the silence.

“We are here!”

[The Wild Hunt is a nonprofit, independent media project. It does not accept advertising or paid content. Every article published is original and written by its own dedicated team of writers and guest writers. The Wild Hunt is currently running its Fall Fund drive. If you believe in the TWH mission, enjoy reading the daily content and want to keep the project going, consider donating today. Every dollar counts. This is your community; this is your Wild Hunt]