What is “The Lion’s Gate” 888 Portal? by Robert Vilches


I would like to welcome you to one of the most interesting and soul changing life experience that one can have. This time of year is amazing. Right now, in our day in age, we find that 2016 has been a year of expansion, ascensions, informational downloads of information, or activation of informational DNA that is we already have within us. This DNA is coded specifically to limit us to basic thoughts, concepts or understanding. What we need to understand is that this information However, a large number of people are going through a process called “Awakening” or an “Ascension”, which effect the personal and spiritual evolutionary experience. This experience varies from one person to another, but you will experience incredible changes in your life, inside and outward.  This time of year called the “Lion’s Gate”, is where there is a five planet alignment that happens every year, at the same time, between August 8-12th.  During this process you may have been effected in a way that you feel as if you are like a computer, whereas information comes to you as a download, then once it is completed, you just “know” about things, situations, idealism and wisdom. Some people would call this “Claircognition”, which is the idea that some people have a “knowing”.  Well, the truth of this awesome occurrence still remains a mystery, but it is still a theory, that we have so much more of our brains that we can unlock, and when we unlock them, we would be able to have so many more abilities than we can fathom, and some still believe that we have become “De-evolved”. When we unlock these most hidden parts of our mind, what then? This Lion’s Gate part of the physical year, is when you are going to experience clear understanding of concepts that may seem foreign to you in the past. You see, this time of year, may very well be, the most amazing and the most informational in the whole year. This is where, from where I have read, that the star Sirius and other planets align in such a way as to open us up with this enormous alignment. This alignment also creates a huge amount of energy

My own personal experiences have been an interesting things to talk about as well, so I would love to share it with you.  In all actuality, I didn’t even know that this “Lion’s Gate” situation was even happening until I saw posts on Facebook and then researching a bit of it, and finding out some really fantastic validation for things that were directly happening to me before I even found out that this event was even happening. The very first thing that I experienced was an overwhelming feeling to remove certain people or repeating life situations from my life. I began to feel like I was losing my mind. I was almost intuitively forced to do things like clearing, cleansing and purging my life from negative actions, thoughts and reactions. I also noticed that my sleeping patterns have changed. Sleeping about half the time is what is happening to me. What is going on with other people, I have no idea, and haven’t the information to give that to you right now, but when I do, I will post another article about that at that time. Okay, so to get back on track. Dreams are also starting to make even more sense than before. I can hold on to the dream more so than ever, even when going through my daily activities as well. The dreams are even more lucid and vivid as well. My gifts, or some call them abilities, from what I can tell, have enhanced by leaps and bounds. I do believe that I have maybe acquired new abilities, or just the fact that my abilities have been increased to such a point that my whole life seems to be changing as well. Visions are showing up more and more random. I am given symbols and flashing of memories from different times in life, different versions of a living experience. What I know about this is unknown, but my theory is that the very DNA that is within me is being activated and the information is just a product of that awakening of hidden DNA.


What has been your experience with this event from August 8th to the 12th? We’d love to hear about it. Write your comments below. Blessings

Want to Succeed in life? Here’s one of the Secrets

YourNuttsNevermind the Naysayers in life that keep on telling you that you are not enough, that you are not able to, or you don’t have to potential to, or that you are not worthy of having happiness, joy, wealth, prosperity (true prosperity) and feeling fulfilled in life. You must dig deep. So deep that you wished that you had a spotlight for anyone to see how far you have gone to get that fire within you to begin the process of looking at the “Why” in your life. Time and time again, we have seen throughout history, a multitude of people don’t not harness that fire in order to even begin the process of changing their lives. The “why” is the difference between you taking that extra time for yourself, your business or your success. What is your “why”? it can be anything that brings you to a place in your mind that makes you think that there is nothing that is going to stop from getting what you are seeing that you desire. Not that you will cause violence, walk all over the people you love , or do illegal things to get it. Make smart choices. Makes a choice that you are going to do what it takes in order to begin the process of changing your mindset in order to get the motivation to “Start” to get to where you need to reach to.

You will never succeed if you do not push yourself to, at times, to the brink of your breaking point to reach where you need to be. Forget all the other people that are telling you that you are NUTS for thinking that you can get to where you want to be. You are not nuts, but you are now given the opportunity to open yourself up to an entirely different world of amazing possibilities, and extreme success. What do you want? What do you want to achieve in life? What is it, that you don’t have, that you have always had a passion to reach to that has woken you up from a sound sleep at night, just to think about it more. What is your passion? What is it that you think about on a daily basis that makes you want to keep on going? Stop doubting yourself, wake up earlier than you normally do. Be there for other people, just like you would have liked when you grew up. You “Why” is what you think about all the time on order to make you feel like you cannot breathe without it. What is the “Love” of you life? Look at your kids, look at your life, look at your job and listen to the deepest part of you that tells you whether it resonates with you in this current moment. Your “why” can be anything your heart desires. Anything your soul is yearning for, is what you “should be” focusing upon. It could be weight loss, toning up, getting a better job, making more money or the 1000s of other things that we could think of out there in the world. True prosperity is within you. Do not hesitate. Do not stop the flow of energy, or wisdom, from coming to you and making you successful.

And remember, you are going to fail in order to reach SUCCESS! You WILL SHATTER failure in order to get to the successes in life that you want to reach to. Failure is the one thing that you will have to begin to think differently about in order to get there. We all with FAIL in order to reach the Successes in life. Don’t stop yourself because you have failed. Use that failure to create the fire that you need to keep on going, keep on learning and continue to making life the way that you want it to be.  It takes time to reach success, but you don’t have to think that it will never come because you have failed 4,968 times. You must believe that life not only what you make of it, but it is also what you think about it, how you act and react in it. The choice is yours.

What is your Why?

Article by Rev. Raven Nightclaw, HP

The Harsh truth about Twin Flames

TwinFlames by Rev. Raven Nightclaw, HP
Hello there, and brightest blessings to you!
I wanted to share my findings on the Subject of Twin Flames, so here we go…………

         Let us start by going back to the beginning of the Twin Flames idea, shall we? Okay, so now you will see that there is a lot of things online that talks about the subject of Twin Flames. Some will say that these two are destined for greatness in life, and that the connection is so purely fluid that life without them, once you meet them, can seem empty. Others can start off by telling you that “Twin Flames” are each, one part of a whole being, and that when they come together, this bond is unbreakable, even in death. Furthermore, Twin Flames, supposedly have this seamless energy that intensifies once the two are connected. Some more will begin to tell you that “Twin Flames” are either not, or are, supposed to, when then find each other and finally are in the same physical space as one another, the essence that this creates is immeasurable without contest. Now it is time for me to give my take on these this one incredible subject. So here we go……… and I hope you are sitting down, for this is what I am getting from not only experience, but from Source as well.

          Twin Flames, the word of it, means that there are two equals to the whole idea of this remarkable situation. There are two ways that twin flames can go. The first one is they meet, they greet, they are enchanted by one another. The very energy, even from a great distance, can be overwhelming at times. When they see one another, they know. They can not only feel this connection, but they amplify the energy that they both have about 1000 fold. Most of the time, Twin flames have absolutely no idea what kind of energy is created when the two of them are together in a room. Well, let me educate you, if you wouldn’t mind it. Take a 30 ton energetic bomb and add it to a limitless ocean of gasoline,in a good and most euphoric way, lmbo. Let the bomb go off in any of the right, or wrong directions, and you will either get bliss or chaos. Let me explain further upon this. let’s say that you find your twin flame, now this does not mean that you are supposed to be together in a relationship, not by any means, but the meeting is ELECTRIC. Yes, it is so intense that you may feel:

1)-Numbness or Extreme Vibrations Throughout your body

2)-That you have known this person for a VERY LONG period of time, and possibly forever.

3)-That you have been together, whether it is intimately, been married, or even just shared a life together for one or many lifetimes over.

4)-You have so much stuff in common, that it seems as though the two of you are one person.

So, with all this being said, there is just one more thing to say about “Twin Flames” ,and I hope you are listening. There are some people out there, that can use the same characteristics of a Twin Flame for their own ulterior motives. These are called the Fake Twin Flames. These are people that have all the same characteristic of a Twin Flame, but included with this, they do the following:
Leave you feeling drained and powerless
Play the “Victim Card” every time you try to catch them in the act of not being a Twin Flame.
Uses diversions and swaying your mind to distract you from the fact that they are taking the very life essences away from you.
Take frequent breaks in the connection that they have with you, and then come back when they need to feed on you again.
Make you feel overly obsessed with them uses their sexuality or trapping skills to lock you into making you feel like things that are going wrong are your fault, and never truly own up to what they are doing in the process.
So now since you have the basics of either side. What have you experienced, or what do you think that you have currently in your life? The decision is yours. Namaste’
TwinFlames by Rev. Raven Nightclaw, HP

~This article was written by Rev. Raven Nightclaw, HP ~