I’m blessed to see the crescent moon

before she falls asleep

I’m blessed to watch the sun rise up 

from the darkness deep

I’m blessed to care for little ones 

that always give a smile

I’m blessed to have some quiet time 

even the shortest while

I’m blessed to be inspired 

to write my thoughts down everyday

I’m blessed to have a loyal man

that loves my witchy way

I’m blessed to have a family

 that often cares too much 

I’m blessed to have friends 

when i can’t keep in touch 

I’m blessed and every day 

I’m grateful for every breath

For we all know 

we’ll never know 

when the time comes of our death 

-Autumn Rayne 

cemetery kisses

Cemetery Kisses

On sacred ground

Surrounded by spirits

happy to see 

My spirit 

show him that part of me 

That sick twisted reality

That’s such a deep part of my soul 

And I felt his heart  

and he put his hand on mine

Eyes closed

Feeling the divine

Sealed with a cemetery kiss

Long dark shadows of crosses on the ground 

A part of me was found

Buried under me

Six feet above the cemetery 

-autumn rayne 

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As One; Old Wiccan Wisdom Poetry

Shawl adorned,
Familiar black dog beside;
The Wiccan priest, his mind forewarned.
To an ancient Crede he must abide.
Many decades,
Graybeard muttering truth aloud;
Others devoted to selfish, personal charades.
Our life scarred soul now unceasingly proud.
Heartfelt humbleness,
Judge not of others;
Step away from beings exhibiting doubleness.
Bonded through energy we are all brothers.
Days end,
Approaching those not listening;
Earthbound we must begin to mend.
Become one while humanity is still glistening.
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