The Magickal Child, Creating Effective Thoughtforms

I suppose by now it would be fair to assume Mama Gaia is mightily unhappy. The Northwest is burning, Texas, parts of Tennessee, and Louisiana are having flooding issues, monsoons are hitting parts of Asia hard, earthquakes are hitting the Southwest, and Florida, the Leelands, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and accompanying islands are getting slammed by Irma with Jose following up a bit too closely. This is accompanied by prayers, positive vibes and more than a little fear. But it’s also accompanied by weather magick and a big aspect of that is creating and sustaining effective thoughtforms.

A thoughtform is a carefully crafted package of energy that is triggered by a specific switch (timing, contact, or energy level) and may be an integral aspect of shielding as well. If you are not familiar with effective grounding, centering, shielding, and visualization skills this is not something you may want to attempt, nor should you.

Thoughtforms may be created during intense rites, sex magick, ecstatic worship, or deep meditation in which the energy package is given a specific purpose and also a trigger that will cause it to activate and de-activate and dissipate. This package may take on any form that is easy for you to work with. If you are comfortable working with dragon or unicorn energy, go for it! These magickal children are not limited by either physical plane nor the laws of physics any more than any other form of energy. Physical laws do not apply to them.

Begin your rite as you would any other rite. Be in a state of mind that allows you to separate from limiting scenarios and physical law. Before your rite you should gather items together that represent what you wish to achieve, what form you wish your thoughtform to take, exact details of your creation, and then set your triggers and exact details of your goals. It should have a trigger that releases it back to the Aether as well.

The latter is very important because without it it will keep going and without a goal once the one it was created for is completed, it could cause a bit of mischief. Because these packets of energy have no particular morality or charge, merely a purpose, they will grow unattended and unreleased according to whatever charge feeds it. This is why it is very important to both give it a specific purpose and a trigger that dissipates it.

You will want to raise a great deal of energy and if you are working solo there’s a lot of ways to achieve this. You may work with others through your online groups (only those you trust!), dance, drum, sing, trance, or through masturbation. All of these are perfectly reasonable and effective ways of raising a great deal of energy alone. If you are working with a group you may opt to leave out the latter option, but be sure everyone is on the same page and working as one unit. For that reason alone, this type of magick is well suited for solitary practitioners.

Now that you have safely set up your ritual you need to create details. These details allow you to easily visualize your creation. If you wish to create a sigil that embodies this working, do it.  Visualize the color of the energy you are working with. If I wanted to create a dragon, imbued with ice for instance, I would use the rune Isa, which literally means “ice”. This rune slows things down. I would resource my vast love of dragons and pull something white, silver, and gray. I would imbue it with freezing breath and chilling scales tipped with ice and I give it the elements of Sky and Sea (Air and Water). It would have a very fluid body type, very lithe, and be suitably airborne when necessary. Its purpose would be to deflect and hopefully diffuse and when the energy level of its target drops below a 3 it would be triggered to diffuse and return to the Aether. I would then give an offering, blessings, and close my space.

Other sources of inspiration could be forms of High Magick, Low Magick, sigils, cultural and ancestral lore.

Keep in mind you may set a specific time on these but the most effective magick takes time to craft and may take some time to fully manifest. These specific forms of magickal children can be very draining so you either want to keep the goal to the point or you want to give it less energy intensive tasks and a quick dissolution timeframe.

Self-care is also important as you are essentially attached to your creation while it is active. You will need to imbibe on living prana through raw fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs, walks outside, and clean beverages without the additives. When your thoughtform has dispersed you should feel less tired and more balanced.

As I’m loving the energy and coolness of the beautiful Harvest Moon, I hope whatever you choose to manifest this evening works in your highest good.

Ritual Baths- Above and Beyond Cleansing

In Wicca and other forms of religious witchcraft it is common to take a ritual bath before you enter the ritual space.  This is to cleanse you and prepare you to interact with the God and Goddess.  This practice varies from a light sponge bath wiping down the body to coven members sharing a tub with individuals taking a quick dip in and out, to simple washing of the face, hands, and feet with a basin of ritual water.  No matter the style of ritual cleansing all of the above examples are types of ritual baths.

Magically baths can be used for so much more.  You can use them to cleanse and remove things from your life.  You can use them to prepare for sacred spaces and rituals.  Baths are very powerful in that tool and have been used that way for a very long time.  However there is much more than can be done with a magical bath.  Magical baths can be used to open roads, bring money, bring love, heal, and protect.  Soaking in a bath of herbs is one powerful way to get magical energy to surround your entire body mind and spirit.

The first thing you need to know is that you do not need bath tubs to work with magical baths.  Not at all.  You just need to have a basin to stand in and a bowl of water with the herbs. You can use a sponge bath or simply pour the water and herb mixture over your body from head to toe.  The important thing is that you physically touch the herbal mixture in some way.  If you have a shower stall you can work ritual baths.  You can do a sponge bath from head to toe or you could tie the herbs in a bit of cheesecloth and hang that over the shower head so that the charged water comes through and touches your skin.  You have options.

Now that we have that cleared up its time to talk about the different ways you can use baths.  Full immersion baths or the shower method are excellent for cleansing and removal.  So let’s start with a good cleansing bath.  A ritual bath needs just the herbs and the water to contain them.  You can use soap and water in a cleansing bath if you would like, but just having the herbs is fine.

Cleansing Ritual Bath


5 Bay Leafs
1 Tbs Rosemary
1 Tbs Hyssop
1 Tbs Rue
5 White Sage Leaves
2 Bowls
1 cup
(Optional: Soap and or normal bathing supplies)


Take the herbs and mix them in a bowl.  As you mix them pray over the herbs.  Ask that their spirits and the spirits of your ancestors cleanse and clean you of any negativity.   See them radiating power.  Know that their energy together will bless you and remove everything that does not serve your highest need.  Add enough water to fill the bowl with the herbs about half way

Pour the bath water or fill the tub.  If you are standing in your shower either tie the bundle up in cheese cloth or have the basins of water ready.  Add the herbs to the water.  Stir the water clockwise visualizing them full of a white cleansing light.

Now begin to pour the water over your body starting from your head to your toe using the cup.  Always go from top to bottom when doing a cleansing or removal.  Never cross back up or you could cross yourself up (hex yourself and loose the cleansing work you are currently doing).  As you pour the water over your body a chant like “water wash away, water cleanse today” is important.  It continues to charge the water and the herbs while reminding your spirit and mind about the work going on.

As you soak in the bath  (or pour the herbal bath over your body) you should be sensing and feeling anything that doesn’t serve your highest good being forced into the water.   When you feel as if all of the stuff has been removed from your body stand up.  Pour the other bowl of water over your body to rinse off any residual energy from the water.  This will leave you feeling light and clean.

The water in your mind should have a gray or black appearance to it when you pull the drain.    That darkness is the negativity you are cleansing from your body.  Watch it go down the drain and feel yourself lighter and freer.  Towel dry off again from head to toe to seal in the cleansing you have just performed.  Once dry go about your day as planned.

That cleansing bath was one example.  Before you can do any work to bring good into your life you need to remove obstacles from your life.  That is what cleansing work is for.  Cleansing work opens the way for you to succeed in other areas of life.  A common area people are looking for help in is love.  A love bath is something that could benefit someone looking for love.


Love me sweet Bath

Rose Petals
1 Tbs Honey
1 Tbs Lavender3 Tbs Sugar
2 Bowls
1 Cup

In the first bowl mix the rose petals, honey, lavender, and sugar.  As you mix the herbs pray over them and see them filled with a red light of love.  Feel and know that you are a person worthy of love and are open to love.  Remember to pray to the herbs for assistance in love.  Be sure to be specific about the type of person you want and the type of relationship that you want.

Once you are sure that the mixture is charged add the water to the bowl and begin to fill the tub. Fill the bowl with water about 3/4 of the way.  Once the tub has started to fill to a nice level (for me about 1/4 of the way is enough to start soaking but use your judgement) step into the tub and rub yourself down from head to toe with the hot water.  As you run the hot water over yourself see yourself in love and being loved by another person.  Visualize that person holding you and caressing you lovingly.

Now start to pour the love bath mixture over your body beginning with your head ending with your feet.  Use the cup to gently buy accurately pour the water over your body.  As you wash yourself with the bath chant something along the lines of “Love be new, love that’s true”.  See yourself in a lasting relationship.  Feel yourself full of love and all the happiness associated with it.

Once you have completely soaked in or covered your body with the love bath mixture take the other bowl of water and slowly rinse off.  If you are in a tub now is the time to pull the drain.  See the water returning to the earth sending your desire for love into the center of the earth.  See your love energy and the water bath combining as they flow down the drain into the earth.

Any water and herbs that remain in the bath mixture pour outside your front porch and if possible at a cross roads.  This will send your desire for a relationship out to the entire universe.

As you can see cleansing is one example of baths and love work is another.  There are many more ways to work with ritual baths out there.  Simply use your imagination and get to work.  If you don’t feel like making your own baths there are some excellent sources of precharged ritual baths out there.  We recommend Mystic Echoes

Mystic Echoes: Mystic Echoes Ritual Baths



A look at Princess Nokia’s “Bruja” by Sparro Kennedey

“The Craft” is a really good movie. Like all good things, it is best left alone. Unfortunately, “life is like a box of chocolates”. “Bruja“, by Princess Nokia boasts sequences that give a un-subtle references to 90’s pop-culture, while dropping a sick flow that is ruined by random cameos from other singers/rappers. The whole thing reminds me of the time Iggy Azalea made that song “Fancy“.

Princess Nokia is back with a song named “Bruja”. She brought her coven, and they take you on a LSD trip that starts in a lake, travels through the ghetto, wooded pathways and slow walks onto an interstate.The song is as confusing as the video. With exception of the poor harmony at beginning, the random hook that calls women bitches, the rap skills undeniable.

Princess Nokia is mixed so viewers from combined racial identity will immediately grasp the syncretization that occurs when multiple heritages combine to create a new idea. Part Orisha, part Santeria, part Shamanistic, the strongest sequence in the music video was visualization of a water invocation.

American Tribal Dance is an art form that combines elements ballet, hip-hop and jazz to create a unique fusion of movement. The style is most commonly seen performed by belly dancers in concert with middle eastern movements that recategorize the spiritual elements of the dance something commercial. The water invocation exemplifies the personality of a cultural tradition that is in danger of being swallowed.

The concept for “Bruja” was amazing, the song has great moments. It’s the kind of track that can be dropped into a playlist and be an easy listen if the use of foul language is not a concern. Princess Nokia means well with her “anthem”, but I would have liked to see a more streamlined effort. The narrative is lost because of lack of focus.

BREAKING NEWS: Law enforcement has brandished weapons and arrests are ongoing at Standing Rock

Breaking news from Standing Rock. Water protectors are under a sort of seeds at this point, as troops and authorities empowered by the government have brandished semi-automatic weapons and moved against them. Arrests include reporters and medical personnel. We are bringing you a live feed video that was uploaded from UnicornRiot independent new service under Creative Commons Share Alike.

Tensions have seemed to reach that pivotal point where action must take place. Peaceful protectors have encountered running with security forces before period but nothing has compared to this action. Please click the link above for up-to-the-minute footage as it is able to be released.




She heard a cry in the night
It shook her from her sleep
She sat up in the full moon bright
Her sorrow stuck her deep
She listened to the Owls screech
The howling Wolf in the wood
She knew she wouldn’t fall asleep
She shouldn’t if she could
Goddess Nature was calling
Soon Her tears poured as hard as rain
She could feel her heart falling
Lightening ignited the pain
She stood and cried in the storm
Let the water heal where she felt torn
Nature mirroring how she felt
her sadness soon began to melt
She got it out
that broken heart
Through the storm
a brand new start
She crawled back into bed
With only darkness to see
A smile spread across her lips
She whispered “Blessed Be”

by Jill Marie

PBN Blues Series: “Stop Doggin Me” – Johnnie Taylor

Welcome back to the series.  Today the subject is what part your engagement skills play in your service to your customer.  We look at how to determine what may be best for a client who is seeking to gain, or regain, the respect and regard of their peers and circle of friends.  They  come to you for assistance in approaching this issue.  As a purveyor of  magickal solutions, this  happens quite often.

Let us stop for a moment and consider what it is the person is actually seeking.  Are they looking for a quick spell kit?  Are they trying to do some long-term work?  Is this person a person who likes candle magick?  What is their preference and end game?  Listening is important.

By Ludovic Bertron from New York City, Usa (Walls have Ears)
By Ludovic Bertron from New York City, Usa (Walls have Ears)

Here are a couple of scenes that will highlight how one shop owner may handle this situation.  In both, the client will present similar information until the professional engages.  The conversation, and transaction, will change accordingly.

Not listening to the client, or how to ensure they never return

 Erin G. walks into your shop with a mission on her mind.  She has had enough of her life in its current state, and now is committing to change it.  One of the main areas that she feels is challenging her is the perpetual feeling that she is being trodden underfoot by everyone around her.

Her workplace is the worst daily example.   She wants to be recognized for her ideas and projects.  She experiences the pain of being ignored, passed over, and  ownership of her ideas is appropriated.  She now leaves work undone and maintains silence during meetings.  Fear of oppression overtakes her spirit.  A friend’s referral brings her to your door for some Conquering Glory soap and an amethyst necklace.

You  decide that Erin G. is in just the right place.  You confidently state to her that you have the perfect candle set for her needs.  This oil and candle, dressed and blessed by you, will work nicely.

Erin G. tells you that she does not like burning candles.  She also shares that her living situation is such that she is not allowed to have open flames in her home.  This is a condition of her lease.

You inform her that you know best in these matters and that candle work is the best course, as it is more dynamic in nature.  A little deception to her landlord should not matter, as her happiness is more important than a bit of dishonesty.  If she commits to her goal then why would she question the information you just gave her, after all?

Высокомерие (haughtiness, arrogance, superciliousness) Sergey Solomko (1855 — 1928)
Высокомерие (haughtiness, arrogance, superciliousness) Sergey Solomko (1855 — 1928)

You walk to the shelves and grab the red glass encased candle in your sights.  You place it on the counter in front of her and begin to write down the oils and directions on burning it.  You notice the subtle breeze flutter the paper’s edge.  That was the gust from the door being closed forcefully as Erin G. exits through it.

 A little more listening, a little less “opinining”

 Erin G. walks into your shop with a mission on her mind.  She has had enough of her life in its current state, and now is committing to change it.  One of the main areas that she feels is challenging her is the perpetual feeling that she is being trodden underfoot by everyone around her.

Her workplace is the worst daily example.   She wants to be recognized for her ideas and projects.  She experiences the pain of being ignored, passed over, and  ownership of her ideas is appropriated.  She now leaves work undone and maintains silence during meetings.  Fear of oppression overtakes her spirit.

You decide that Erin G. has come to just the right place.  You inform her that you have the perfect candle set for her needs.  This oil and candle, dressed and blessed by you, will work nicely.

Erin G. tells you that she does not like burning candles.  She also shares that her living situation is such that she is not allowed to have open flames in her home.  This is a condition of her lease.

You immediately change your direction of methodology.  Listening to the client is key to understanding what is possible.  With more discussion, you find the property has a pond right behind her house.  Erin G. chose her home because of this pond.   You also notice that she has an angel pendant.  Observation is part of being a good business person.  You decide that water working is in order.

By Matt Gibson from Bristol, United Kingdom (Water shrine)
By Matt Gibson from Bristol, United Kingdom (Water shrine)

You suggest she work with the Arch Angel Gabriel.   A small garden of white flowers would be in order.  You steer her to a selection of the appropriate incense and oils in order to both consecrate the space, and purify her.  Because she is interested in working more with angels, you also sell her a book on angel magick.  As a lagniappe, you throw in a small citrine as a gift. 

Erin G. completes her purchases and leaves the store with a serene and hopeful outlook.  Your engagement allowed you to customize the approach to her situation accordingly.  You have also forged a rapport with your customer because you respected her needs and wants.