A look at Princess Nokia’s “Bruja” by Sparro Kennedey

“The Craft” is a really good movie. Like all good things, it is best left alone. Unfortunately, “life is like a box of chocolates”. “Bruja“, by Princess Nokia boasts sequences that give a un-subtle references to 90’s pop-culture, while dropping a sick flow that is ruined by random cameos from other singers/rappers. The whole thing reminds me of the time Iggy Azalea made that song “Fancy“.

Princess Nokia is back with a song named “Bruja”. She brought her coven, and they take you on a LSD trip that starts in a lake, travels through the ghetto, wooded pathways and slow walks onto an interstate.The song is as confusing as the video. With exception of the poor harmony at beginning, the random hook that calls women bitches, the rap skills undeniable.

Princess Nokia is mixed so viewers from combined racial identity will immediately grasp the syncretization that occurs when multiple heritages combine to create a new idea. Part Orisha, part Santeria, part Shamanistic, the strongest sequence in the music video was visualization of a water invocation.

American Tribal Dance is an art form that combines elements ballet, hip-hop and jazz to create a unique fusion of movement. The style is most commonly seen performed by belly dancers in concert with middle eastern movements that recategorize the spiritual elements of the dance something commercial. The water invocation exemplifies the personality of a cultural tradition that is in danger of being swallowed.

The concept for “Bruja” was amazing, the song has great moments. It’s the kind of track that can be dropped into a playlist and be an easy listen if the use of foul language is not a concern. Princess Nokia means well with her “anthem”, but I would have liked to see a more streamlined effort. The narrative is lost because of lack of focus.