Detroit Pagan Pride Day holds drum vigil for Dead at “Love Conquers Hate” Aug 19

Detroit is a unique place, and Detroit Pagan Pride Day is using the creative spirituality here to hold a drum vigil called “Love Conquers Hate”.  This Saturday, on August 19th at Green Acres Park in Hazel Park, MI they call on the community to join with them to bring in love and energy to strike a mighty beat. The rhythm of love and honor.

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They hold this event

…in remembrance of all those who have lost their lives due to crimes of hate. The focus will be to uplift and empower. We will be raising energy to bring greater love, respect and inclusion to our communities, the nation and the world. The DPPD festival runs from 11 am-8 pm. Drum circle vigil starts at 6. All are welcome! Please spread the word, bring your families, chairs, rattles, drums and energy for change and join us.

These are perilous times. In times such as these, a murderer can plow into a body of humans and snuff out the life force of an innocent woman in Charlottesville.   The call for action by the warriors of the light is strong. Prayer and energy are real and they make change. Accompanied with actions, they save worlds.

Pagans are always the hidden in plain sight. They are the gatekeepers and the watchpersons. They are the healers and the protectors. On Saturday, they will send their intentions, in time with the drums, to again signal that they are stepping into place. Won’t you join them?


Detroit Pagan Pride invites mystery and murder into Madison Heights

On March 18, the folks at Detroit Pagan Pride will team up with the Following Your Heart Players to provide a unique fundraising experience. The Pagan Pathways Temple will transform into the setting for an interactive murder mystery event. All ages are welcome to this night of fun, food, and enjoyment. The fun starts at 7pm, so be sure to get your seat early.

Detroit Pagan Pride Flyer

Tickets are $15 for a Single or $25 for a Couple.  An additional  charge of $5 will be added to tickets purchased at the door. Tickets are available for sale at Pagan Pathways Temple located at 28736 John R Rd, Madison Heights, Michigan. You can also find them through their website at

The venue includes a spaghetti dinner, salad, and dessert. The main feature, of course, is the interactive experience brought you you courtesy of the Following Your Heart Players. A fundraiser, the proceeds are set to help support the Detroit Pagan Pride Day.

For updates information, follow their Facebook listing for the  Murder Mystery Dinner.