The Magickal Child, Creating Effective Thoughtforms

I suppose by now it would be fair to assume Mama Gaia is mightily unhappy. The Northwest is burning, Texas, parts of Tennessee, and Louisiana are having flooding issues, monsoons are hitting parts of Asia hard, earthquakes are hitting the Southwest, and Florida, the Leelands, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and accompanying islands are getting slammed by Irma with Jose following up a bit too closely. This is accompanied by prayers, positive vibes and more than a little fear. But it’s also accompanied by weather magick and a big aspect of that is creating and sustaining effective thoughtforms.

A thoughtform is a carefully crafted package of energy that is triggered by a specific switch (timing, contact, or energy level) and may be an integral aspect of shielding as well. If you are not familiar with effective grounding, centering, shielding, and visualization skills this is not something you may want to attempt, nor should you.

Thoughtforms may be created during intense rites, sex magick, ecstatic worship, or deep meditation in which the energy package is given a specific purpose and also a trigger that will cause it to activate and de-activate and dissipate. This package may take on any form that is easy for you to work with. If you are comfortable working with dragon or unicorn energy, go for it! These magickal children are not limited by either physical plane nor the laws of physics any more than any other form of energy. Physical laws do not apply to them.

Begin your rite as you would any other rite. Be in a state of mind that allows you to separate from limiting scenarios and physical law. Before your rite you should gather items together that represent what you wish to achieve, what form you wish your thoughtform to take, exact details of your creation, and then set your triggers and exact details of your goals. It should have a trigger that releases it back to the Aether as well.

The latter is very important because without it it will keep going and without a goal once the one it was created for is completed, it could cause a bit of mischief. Because these packets of energy have no particular morality or charge, merely a purpose, they will grow unattended and unreleased according to whatever charge feeds it. This is why it is very important to both give it a specific purpose and a trigger that dissipates it.

You will want to raise a great deal of energy and if you are working solo there’s a lot of ways to achieve this. You may work with others through your online groups (only those you trust!), dance, drum, sing, trance, or through masturbation. All of these are perfectly reasonable and effective ways of raising a great deal of energy alone. If you are working with a group you may opt to leave out the latter option, but be sure everyone is on the same page and working as one unit. For that reason alone, this type of magick is well suited for solitary practitioners.

Now that you have safely set up your ritual you need to create details. These details allow you to easily visualize your creation. If you wish to create a sigil that embodies this working, do it.  Visualize the color of the energy you are working with. If I wanted to create a dragon, imbued with ice for instance, I would use the rune Isa, which literally means “ice”. This rune slows things down. I would resource my vast love of dragons and pull something white, silver, and gray. I would imbue it with freezing breath and chilling scales tipped with ice and I give it the elements of Sky and Sea (Air and Water). It would have a very fluid body type, very lithe, and be suitably airborne when necessary. Its purpose would be to deflect and hopefully diffuse and when the energy level of its target drops below a 3 it would be triggered to diffuse and return to the Aether. I would then give an offering, blessings, and close my space.

Other sources of inspiration could be forms of High Magick, Low Magick, sigils, cultural and ancestral lore.

Keep in mind you may set a specific time on these but the most effective magick takes time to craft and may take some time to fully manifest. These specific forms of magickal children can be very draining so you either want to keep the goal to the point or you want to give it less energy intensive tasks and a quick dissolution timeframe.

Self-care is also important as you are essentially attached to your creation while it is active. You will need to imbibe on living prana through raw fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs, walks outside, and clean beverages without the additives. When your thoughtform has dispersed you should feel less tired and more balanced.

As I’m loving the energy and coolness of the beautiful Harvest Moon, I hope whatever you choose to manifest this evening works in your highest good.

WE Can Make America Great, Again


I refuse to allow myself to think that we have voted for the worst parts of humanity. I refuse to believe that Xenophobia, Homophobia, Islamophobia, Racism, and Anti-Femimism,are the things that won yesterday.  I refuse to believe that I must now fear that my neighbors, friends, and allies and family members will be rounded up, snatched from their homes and livelihoods and sent to Conversion Therapy, “back” to Africa, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, India, etc. or killed. I refuse to believe that I or anyone in my community should be or must be afraid to wear headwraps,Pentacles, Afro-Centric attire, jilbabs, abayas, afros, braids, locs or anything else cultural or religious.  I refuse to believe that people who I know and care for; wonderful, loving, kind, accepting and beautiful people who I interact with everyday, that I have prayed with, manifested with, casted with…, hell shared beers with would “not care” for my and all those I share intersectionality with to elect someone who  could cost us health,  safety, and autonomy. I refuse to ever again comfort my children and dry their tears because they fear their friends will have to leave school because their families are from afar.

No. I refuse to think or do any of this. Because I know better, I am better, and I know WE are better.

What I believe is that Fear has created a Servitor, and fear won, on both sides.  From the Tweets, Facebook posts, News pundits, family fights, unfriendings, hate crimes, hashtags and conflicts that both fan and foe of President-Elect Trump are guilty of, if nothing else is clear, what is, is that we have been operating in fear and have manifested exactly what we have focused on.


Fear drives hate; hate is just fear unchecked. One side is fearful of nuclear war, marginalization, further loss of jobs and industries, and moral decay. The other is fearful of social justice setbacks, loss of economic safety nets, mobilization of the worst members of society,  theocracy, and, well, conservatism. Mix all of this with the fact that a lot of people have a “my way is the right way” attitude( yes, even we Pagans) and you have a recipe for mayhem.

At any rate, what’s done is done. President-Elect Trump,  while not having the majority of the popular vote, fairly won the needed number of Electoral votes. His party has the majority seating in both House and Senate. If his acceptance speech is any indication, the times of division, rancor and stalemate in Washington, D.C. are over and he seems set up to succeed. May Justice, Fairness, and Truth guide him as he leads this country.

Where our focus should lie now, is with being and molding the best humans that we can be. We can kill the Servitor that we have created by intentionally chosing to operate in an opposing energy.  That energy, Friends, is Love.

I choose to believe that we can make this country great again by choosing to be great people. I choose to believe that we all want what is just and best for humanity.  I choose to believe that everything will be well and will get better.  I choose to believe that we all know and recognize the Divine/ Ultimate Potential in each other and ourselves, and will treat each other accordingly. I believe that we ALL abhor the evils of Racism, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, Sexism, Homophobia, and the like. I also chose to believe that we as people will band together and fight these monsters wherever they may appear. I chose to believe that all that was wished to succeed is a change in politics as usual and to give an outsider a chance. I chose to believe that the hope for Change won over a promise of the same. I choose to believe that we all will protect them those whom injustice targets with all we have.

I choose to stop contributing to this Servitor by feeding it with hate, vengeance and division. I acknowledge that I have contributed to and been influenced by It. But I know I am better, and you are better. I know my coworkers are better,my neighbors are better. I know that by you and I treating ALL humans with Love,Kindness, Friendship, and Respect we can defeat the Hate that Hatred has produced.  I believe that we can disagree and still be civil.  I know we will not let our great society devolve into Nazi Germany or 1950’s America as so many fear. We are too great for that. And only by us remembering this, and committing to make our society better one interaction at a time, with all that we come across can we achieve the goals laid out in President-Elect Trump’s acceptance speech:

Now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of division; have to get together. To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.
It’s time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me…
I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. I’ve said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard-working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their families. It’s a movement comprised of Americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve the people, and serve the people it will.

I know we as people, as Humans can do this. only by suspending the fear mongering that has consumed the last 2 years and acting out of love towards all from love of ourselves can we defeat this evil that has infiltrated society.  We know better, we are better,  we can do better, and as Magickal Practitioners and Earth lovers we must do better. Espouse the Good, reprimand the evil, Love all and always love.


Understanding and Letting Go of a Temporary Guide Relationship

A tired traveler stops on the lonely desert road that he is traveling to rest for a moment. The path so far has been through a landscape seemingly barren of life save for the occasional cactus. He takes a sip of water from his canteen to clear the dust from his throat then continues to march forward. After traveling a bit more, he reached a crossroads.

There on the corner sat a woman. She had laid out a small cloth and had placed upon it fruit, bread, cheese and a flask of wine and was munching happily. As he approached her, she looked up at him, smiled and offered to share her food. Gratefully he joined her.

After the meal was over, the traveler stood up to leave. The woman asked him where he was headed and when he told her, she pointed down a different path and said it was a shortcut. She offered to walk with him for a while since she was also going that way and the two of them set off down the road together.


As they walked, she pointed out desert flowers and plants that he had not noticed before. She spoke knowledgeably of the wild life that thrived here and told him how to cut a cactus to hydrate from the juice if he ran out of water. By the time she was finished, the desert became a colorful place filled with wonders, sustenance and thriving with life.

After a while, they came to another crossroads and the woman took her leave to continue on her own path. The man was sad to see her go but would be grateful to her forever for bringing color and life back to his world.

Much like the traveler who saw his journey as barren and lifeless until a person temporarily came into his life and pointed out all of the wonders he was missing, temporary guides can come into our lives to do the same. They may come in the form of a new lover who causes you to stop hoping for the old one to return. They may come in the form a new boss who recognizes your hard work and skills and decides to help you advance in your job or a person who makes you laugh when you thought your days of laughter were over. We feel such a strong connection with them as they work with us that we can become devastated when they take their leave. This can cause us to feel abandoned and launch us into a depression that can very well unweave all the good they have done for us.

While it’s normal to want to hang onto the ones who brought us a new sense of life, it’s important to remember that they came into our lives for a short season to pull us out of our quicksand and boost us forward on the path to our soul’s evolution. If you’ve had someone come into your life and pull you from the pit of despair before moving on, thank them, wish them well and let them go. Then straighten up and move forward with confidence on the brighter path they revealed to you. Another guide will be waiting to assist you further up the road.

Psychic Empath Goddess Rhonda Harris-Choudhry has been utilizing her psychic gifts since she was a teenager. It is her Divine mission to empower people by teaching them about their innate spiritual and energetic gifts and how to use them effectively to improve their health, life and happiness. She also trains empaths, helping them to lead happier and healthier lives. Learn more at


The Healer’s Shadow: inner healing through Shadow Work

Jackie Burkeen

When one thinks of the word “healing”, one would assume bright white lights, crystals, Reiki, Angel Touch, anything that involves the category of love and light. While they’re all wonderful tools to help with healing ourselves and others, they’re not the one and only way. Shadow Work is what a magickal practitioner does in order to advance further in their practice. Spells can go wrong when one is not in the right state of mind and intention, especially in the most unconscious level of their psyche. Your shadow harbors those little nit picks you hate about yourself, your inner demons you sought to suppress while presenting to the world what you want to show. The thing about your shadow is it has a habit to creep up and surface when you least expect it.

Gerrit Dou
Old Woman with a Candle – Gerrit Dou

Those who don’t face and embrace their shadow are often consumed by the demons within which can lead a life of playing the victim. Inner healing is a very broad subject, but the most basic way to start is through the use of shadow work. It can be as simple or as complicated as you wish it to be.

A good way to work with your shadow is the use of fear facing methods. Are you afraid to push further in your career? Sit down and make a list of ways to spring up confidence within yourself so you can push your boundaries to advance. A fear of letting go?

Find mundane ways such as cleaning and decluttering your house and infuse the energy of what you want gone with what you throw out. Afraid to fall in love? Open your heart to not only to the ability to love yourself, but others as well.

The truth is, healing starts from within. Looking inward is often a very exciting yet frightful journey we can take. Change is the one thing we all fear the most, but no change can lead to a life of stagnation and unfulfilled dreams. Change takes time and the will to do so, you will get discouraged especially if you’re someone who desires instant gratification. Change can come as quick as a few months or take as long as many years. Your desire is the key for how much you want to advance further in your endeavors to heal yourself.

One thing to know for certain, you can count on your shadow to always be by your side. Even when it cloaks itself in darkness, it will always be there. Embrace your shadow, for it has been by your side in your brightest days and your darkest hours. It harbors your truth, both sides you love and hate. Embrace your shadow, and let your inner healer’s journey begin.


Jackie Burkeen (aka Rosalina Nightshade) has been a practicing witch since 2008 where her journey began with being enchanted by nature’s beauty of Mackinaw Island. She follows her own path which incorporates an eclectic modern taste to traditional witchcraft. Mother of a strong willed child, two cats and a Guinea pig, she resides in the Michigan downriver area where she lives her dream as a practicing Massage Therapist. You can follow her spiritual journey and other surprises on her blog “Tales of a Backwoods Witch; Adventures of Rosalina Nightshade” and Rosalina Nightshade on Facebook.