Thunderclap – A Great Tool for Your Business Toolbox

Here is a new tool I am putting into my marketing tool box with a thanks going out to Laura Perry for showing it to me.  It is called Thunderclap.   For those that have not heard of it I am going to share my understanding of how it works.

Let’s say you have something to promote.  For ease of math I’m going to say you have 100 friends on Facebook and 100 followers on Twitter.  For this example we are going to assume that all of your friends and followers will see your post.  So when you make a post about your spectacular new project 200 people may see it.

Imagine that you have set up a Thunderclap campaign for your new project.  You got 100 people to support it. Each one of those people have their own friends lists.  If you reach your established goal of supporters before the end of your Thunderclap campaign your new project will be shared to the friends of all of your supporters.

So for the ease of math we are going to assume that each of those 100 supporters has 100 friends.  Now instead of only reaching 200 people you are reaching 10,000 people.  Thunderclap only posts once but the reach is tremendous.

Now you are wondering what this costs.  They have a free version as well some premium versions.  For my purposes I think the free version would do.  The cost is in spending some time promoting the Thunderclap campaign enough to get the number of supporters you need for them to run the post.

Let’s look at an example that is running live right now.


Laura Perry, a talented author and writer in the community is running a Thunderclap campaign for her new Minoan coloring book.


So using Laura’s follower numbers she has approximately 4000 between all of her social media channels.

To date her social media reach with Thunderclap is over 123,000.  She still needs a few more supporters before the deadline or there will be no Thunderclap post.  If you have a few moments why not visit her campaign and take a look at it.  CLICK HERE

Go to Thunderclap and check it out.  Look through some of the campaigns there and see if you can think of ideas on how to use it for your business.