How to Spiritually Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and be Magically More Productive During the Fall and Winter Seasons

pixabay-stuxAfter the heat and activity of the summer, many of us look forward to the cool autumn days and snow bunnies become giddy as winter approaches bringing them the snow they so crave. But others may be dreading the loss of light and warmth and may experience the potentially devastating symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD. This disorder affects some during the spring and summer months but is mainly prevalent in the winter. The symptoms may include but are not limited to:



Lack of motivation

Feeling physically heavier

Not wanting to get out of bed

Self-induced isolation

This disorder can also put a big damper on your spiritual and magickal practices since the proper mood and energy we need to manifest our intentions may be sorely compromised by this affliction. There are ways to overcome this disorder such as certain lamps that emulate the Sun as well as medical treatments that a doctor can prescribe. There are also spiritual ways to overcome it, particularly by reconnecting with the energy of the Sun. Here is a video that gives three techniques that show how to reconnect to the awesome energies of the Sun so that you can get your energy back and happily engage in the magic of the season:  The techniques that are given are categorized for those who are visual and/or highly imaginative, empaths and the highly sensitive and those who have a strong awareness of their energetic connection to their own internal energy and that of the Divine. These categories allow the instructions to cater to the individual needs and gifts of the viewer.

Now that you’ve got your sunshine back on, let’s continue by removing that which is no longer needed and which may be hampering our productivity.

Shed Your Skin and Those that Drain You

As fall approaches, trees begin to prepare for the winter months by first transferring the nutrients from the leaves to the branches and then sealing off the parts of the branch that have leaves attached which then causes the leaves to fall off and die. They do this so that they can maintain their moisture and nutrients to successfully get through the winter. We can learn much from this process. During the winter months, our energy may be lower so it’s important to make sure that we direct it towards that which we need to sustain our wellbeing and not those who would drain us of our precious resources.

Exfoliating the skin and removing the dead cells that block moisture retention and dull our skin is an excellent way to start. Not only does exfoliating the skin warm and invigorate it, promoting healthy lymph flow and collagen production, it is also symbolic of removing those things from our lives that block our good health on all levels. As it uncovers new and healthier skin, symbolically it uncovers new and healthier energy in our lives, in our spirituality and our intention work. It is a declaration to gladly purge that which drains us and welcome that which renews and invigorates us and our lives. It helps us to retain moisture, the element of water which is the creation elixir of life, energy that can be used to further empower us on all levels of our being. Use a natural exfoliant such as oatmeal, sugar or salt depending on your preference and infuse it with your intentions to remove that which is adverse to you and to suffuse you with young, fresh, vital energy to empower you. As you rinse it off, ask the element of water to help you to go with the flow for a better life and to bless and empower you with stronger vital life force energy so that your ability to manifest the life of your dreams does not slow down in the winter but instead helps you to walk your path with strength, vigor and spiritual peace and power.

It is also time to exfoliate those people that may be draining you while contributing nothing to your life. The same way the tree diverts nutrients to the branches and seals them to cast off the leaf to maintain its survival during the winter, so we too must also remove those who drain our energies and contribute no value to our lives. This can be a very painful but liberating process. It may also be a very necessary one if you are handing over your already minimalized energies to others without return. It can be likened to taking constant withdrawals from your bank account without making deposits. This is a sure path to energetic bankruptcy and now is the time to preserve our energy and not waste it on those who have proven themselves to be energy parasites.

Now that we’ve removed that which holds us back from our spiritual awesomeness, let’s get into how to take full advantage of the energies surrounding us during these magickal seasons.

Plant a Winter Intention Garden to Harvest Great Things in the Spring

There are plenty of crops that are planted in the fall and winter to bring a spring harvest. You can grow a plant in your home that represents what you wish to harvest for spring or to bring a specific energy into your home during the winter. Here are some examples:

Peas – Represent money and love and are best planted in November and February.

Garlic – Represents protection, healing and passion.

Leeks – Represent love, protection and exorcizes evil.

Onions – Represents protection, healing, prosperity, passion and prophetic dreams. The best time to plant them is in January or February.

You can also grow flower producing plants in the warmth of your home to bring in the energies to boost you towards your goals.

The fall and winter months are filled with magickal energy that is ripe for the picking. Exfoliate, rejuvenate and bask in all powerful and productive energies that these seasons bring and use them to manifest the life of your dreams.

Psychic Empath Goddess Rhonda Harris-Choudhry has been utilizing her psychic gifts since she was a teenager. It is her Divine mission to empower people by teaching them about their innate spiritual and energetic gifts and how to use them effectively to improve their health, life and happiness. She also trains empaths, helping them to lead happier and healthier lives. Learn more at