Witches Red Salt: Powerful Love Charm

Witches Redsalt:
A traditional Witches Love Charm


With tomorrow being Valentines day alot of people are thinking about love spells and love charms.  Love magic can be effective.  It can be used to attract a long term relationship, a sexual relationship, friendships and more.  Like with any spells love spells need to be made very specific.  You may find that if you target an individual that the relationship is not a healthy one and they end up being obsessive or controlling.  This is why it is best in love spells to gear them towards a specific type of person (meaning qualities, interests etc) rather than an individual.

With this in mind one of the most powerful love charms out there is Witches Red Salt.  Witches Red Salt is an herbal charm that is made out of roses, sea salt and other herbs associated with love such as cinnamon, dragons blood, and Apples (the peel or flower would be best here).  The goal of the Red Salt is to attract love first other additions depend on the individual witch.

Now that we know what Red Salt is used for let’s make an All Purpose Red Salt.  This witches Salt will ensure fidelity, attract love, happiness, and friendship, all things that are essential in a healthy relationship.  Once we have the Red Salt made we will take a look at how you can apply the red salt in a spell.  The first part of the entire process is the crafting and charging of the Red Salt.

The act of making the Red witches salt is a spell in itself.    When you are creating the salt you are directing, manipulating and focusing various energetic forces into the salt.  You are working with the energy of the herbs and your own emotional energetic forces to create an item used to direct those energetic forces for a change in your life or the life of another person.  You are effectively working a spell through the process of making the Witches Red Salt.

Crafting the Red Salt


4 cups Sea Salt *Any salt will work.  Sea salt is best.  Kosher salt works as well.  Pink Himalayan salt will add to the spell from its color.  (Salt is used to cleanse and remove blocks in the way of attracting love)
1 Cup Sugar (to sweeten them to you)
1 Cup Red Rose Petals (for love)
1 Cup Dried Apple Peels (Love)
1/4 cup Catnip (Happiness)
3 Tablespoons Dragonsblood (lust and love)
2 Tablespoons Ground Cinnamon (lust and love)
1 Tablespoon Ground Allspice (Fidelity)
Red Candle (for love)
Green Candle (For the herbal spirits)
White Candle (Spiritual force in general)
Mixing Bowl
Mortar And Pestle
Rose Quartz (self love and friendship)
Jar or Container with a lid to store your salt in


On your altar place the three candles in a triangle with the white at the top point and the red and green at the bottom point.
Place the mixing bowl in the center of the candles
Around the Mixing bowl lay out the Rose, Apple Peels, Catnip, Dragonsblood, Cinnamon, and Allspice.
As You light each candle state:

“I call upon the spirits of the herbal Green
The powers from the worlds unseen
Lend me your blessings on this night
Bring me the powers of love shining bright
Empower this charm today
Bring us love which will stay”

Next you take the  Salt and pour it into the mixing bowl
Pick up the Rose Petals and Hold the Rose petals over the candles.
As you hold the rose petals over the candles feel the powers of the spirit awaken.
Thank them silently and put them into the Mortar and Pestle.
As you grind the Rose petals into the finest powder that you can  see love surrounding you.
Feel the energy of love flowing from your hands into the salt
Once the Roses are ground add them to the red salt
Stir the roses into the salt clockwise once again visualizing love.  See the salt covered in a bright red light that is warm and welcoming (Red being love, desire and passion)
Take the Apple Peels and repeat the process using the Mortar and Pestle.
Once the Apple Peels are ground add them into the salt again stirring clockwise visualize the red light
Take the Catnip and awaken it as you did with the Apple Peels and Rose.
Once again grind the Catnip into as fine of a powder as you can and add it to the salt stirring clockwise
Awaken the Dragons blood, and add it to the salt followed by awakening the Cinnamon, and Allspice together.
Next add the sugar
Now that all the herbs are combined continue to stir the Red Salt together.
As you stir the salt visualize the salt glowing with red light.
While you stir and blend chant the following chant five times:

“Love come to me
One that freely loves me
Bring a lover that’s true
Open me to a love that’s new”

Once you feel that the energy has reached its max potential place your hands over the salt and draw a pentacle and a heart sealing in the energy
Pour the Charged Salt into your jar or Container
Cover With the lid and place the Rose Quartz stone on the Lid to continue to charge the Salt
Extinguish the Candles

The red Salt is now ready to use.  Simply take out a small amount as needed for spell and ritual work.

Working With Red Salt

Now that we have made the red salt it’s time to talk about how we can work with the witches salt. It is important to remember that witches have always been very practical.  They worked with what they had on hand and when they could.   Working with red witches salt is designed to be practical and easy.

Working with red salt is fairly easy. The salt is already charged and ready to go.  You can simply use the red salt as it is.  That’s right.  Since the red salt is already charged all you need to do now is give it a specific direction to work in.  You can sprinkle the red salt into your shoes with the intent to attract love with each step.  Just sprinkle the salt and say your intent for love.    If you are the type to be a little more formal with your application of powders the following two spells are more structured ways to use the sprinkle in your shoes trick.

Walk to manifest Love

Red Salt
Your Shoes
A piece of Paper with your petition written on it


On the paper write out your desire to have love.  Be sure to include any specific desires and qualities about the type of person you are looking for.  Things like hobbies, music, general interests, etc as well as personality traits (supportive, strong, good with animals etc) down
Once the paper has been written on sprinkle a little bit of the Red salt over the Paper and state:
“”May every step I take this day bring true love my way”. ”
Fold the paper towards you with the red salt and place in your shoes.
Then as you walk every day the energy in your steps will activate the salt.
Your walking ever day will attract the energy that you are sending out through your steps.

Dancing for Love

Red Salt
Your Shoes
A piece of Paper with your petition written on it


On the paper write out your desire to have love.  Be sure to include any specific desires and qualities about the type of person you are looking for.  Things like hobbies, music, general interests, etc as well as personality traits (supportive, strong, good with animals etc) down
Once the paper has been written on sprinkle a little bit of the Red salt over the Paper and state:
“Every move I make tonight brings a lover that is right”.
The more you dance the more energy you will gather and direct.
The salt will act as a focal point directing the energy from dancing and the salt into the earth through your feet.

There are other ways that you can sprinkle witches salt and form a love spell.  Many men and women use lotions and colognes or perfumes to male ourselves feel good about ourselves and to feel attractive.  You can use red salt to strengthen the feelings of attractiveness when you work with those products.  The goal in this application is to maximize how you feel attractive so it gains the attention of those who you are attracted to.

Makeup and Lotion Attraction Spell
Red Salt
Lotions and or any Beauty supplies (this includes hair styling supplies as well as makeup and colognes)

Gather all of your Beauty Supplies together
Envision yourself in a pink (for self love) and red (for general love and attractiveness)
As you pick up each item see a red and pink light entering the items until they glow.
Once they are glowing pick up the red salt and sprinkle it over the item stating
“Love come to me freely
One who accepts me
A love that’s meant be”

Now these items will be charged for the next month for both self love and romantic love.
Simply use them as you would normally.

Repeat the spell once a month to keep the items empowered
Perform the spell as needed when items are replaced

These spells should help you get started.  Working with witches salt can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be.  The charm is powerful and ready to use.  Be wise.  If you are unsure about performing a spell or working do a reading and look to find out if its a good time to do the spell.  If its acceptable to perform the spell get to work.  If not do a reading and you’ll find out what you can do instead.

If you do not want to make your own, of if you can’t find the supplies there are many places you can find Red Witches Salt
Mystic Echoes Red Witches Salt
Arte’s and Crafts Hoodoo Powders and Salts

For supplies Try:
Mystic Echoes Herbs and Curios
Arte’s and Crafts Apothecary
3 Crowsmagick Herbs, resins, and Roots

Best of luck finding love.

Conjure for the Holidays

Ah the holidays.  Its a time for joy and love.  Its a time that is meant to be full of happiness and good will towards others.  This time of year is as full of goodwill and love towards your fellow man as it is jealousy and fear.  From neighbors who are jealous of you to those troubling family issues that seem to come up around the holidays energy of jealousy and anger spread as rapidly as love and joy. A lot of the jealousy issues raised during this time are unconscious so it is important to keep up your protections.

In addition to what ever protections you typically have around your home this time of year you can add extra protections through your holiday decorations.  That’s right your wreaths, the bells, and the crystal balls on your holiday tree can be protections.  These protections are excellent in that they can be hidden in plain sight which makes them even more effective.  So lets take a look at a few of these decorations.

Lets start with the wreath.  Wreaths are in a circle which is unbroken.    Most wreaths are made out of evergreens.  Most evergreen trees have symbolism of prosperity and wealth or succsess.  So the wreath itself represents unbroken prosperity and succsess.  Many wreaths have tinsel or glittering ribbon as decorations.  Those glimmering ribbons distract any ill intent or spirit that is sent your way.  Add a pair of nails in a cross buried in the center of the wreath and you have excellent protection.

Christmas and Yule trees are very popular.  Tinsel is a common decoration like with wreaths the tinsel distracts the ill intent of any spirits that could be sent your way.  Many craft stores sell clear glass balls that can be decorated with symbols of protection (depending on your path which symbols are important to you) and filled with herbs protection, luck, prosperity, etc.  Adding bells to your tree will invite positive spirits and blessings and warn you if there are negative spirits or energy it will banish them from the area.

Finally cinnamon brooms can be hung to invite prosperity and succsess.  If you add red ribbons it will bring protection your way as well.  Hang it over your door or the door to your business or office to bring succsess and prosperity through the new year. Adding bells or chimes will add additional protection and blessings.

I hope that you will take this article and use it to spark some Yule or Christmas holiday traditions.  Let the decoration for the holiday and the setting of the decorations with the protections and blessings become a ritual in and out of itself.  By letting your family join in the setting of the decorations everyone adds their energy, their desires, and their will to the home.  The decorations and the magic within them will truly reflect the whole home.  Brining the whole family together is really what the holidays are all about.

May you have a blessed Holiday!

Happy Yule

Merry Christmas

~Loona Wynd~

Deals In The D!

 "We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes" - Detroit City Moto
“We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes” – Detroit City Motto

Against all odds, The Renaissance City is truly living up to it’s name(most parts, but that’s a different post)These days!

From the University District at McNichols and Livernois to Riverside Park, Old Redford District to  the edge of Grosse Pointe, there is renewal and the Breath Of   Life flowing across my great city. As more and more people turn from Suburbanites to City Slickers, a Witch has to wonder: Where can I find great deals and support my new neighbors and City, while still getting quality service?

Well my friends, just in time for the Holidays, I have complied a list of Detroit’s Premier places to shop for all your Holistic, Metaphysical,Unique and Witchy needs! 

Now, what makes this list any different from the same old recommendations floating around, internet retailers, or your usual tried and trues? Well, EVERYONE on this list is a Detroiter and their businesses are based in DETROIT.Detroit Proper.

Detroit Proper, The land within the Highlights!
Detroit Proper, The land within the Highlights!



  1. The MotownWitch – “Creative Magic” 

Now, what would Detroit be without its resident Witch? Everything offered is hand-crafted by The Motown Witch (aka High Priestess Yvette-Louise) using the highest quality ingredients.The Motown Witch is dedicated to supplying customers with the finest quality spiritual products and services. She is excellent at and offers oils, herbs, hand-crafted soaps, body butters, incense, jewelry, spiritual baths, waters, ritual powders and salts, ritual and spell work.

If you’re looking for an Authentic ATR worker that has dedicated herself to serving her community, Contact The Motown Witch at:  www.motownwitch.com  / https://www.etsy.com/shop/MotownWitch  Phone: 313-757-0689



2. Sacred Stone Collections“Where Wellness and Transformation Can Ascend “

We Magickal People tend to have a rock addiction, as in stones and Crystals! This wonderful Proprietress, Fullmoon Ptah(Alisha Fullmoon Brown) is an expert in several healing modalities, one of which is Crystal healing. Sacred Stone Collections is your one stop shop. they have a vast variety of crystals in different forms. Her store consists of products that assist spiritually, mentally, physically as well as various supplies.

  • They have rough and polished crystals/gemstones in various selections such as: Yoni eggs, pendulums, stones, geometry sets, wands, merkabahs and more.
  • Spiritual products such as: White California Sage, Satya, Hem and other incense, resins, rocks, Palo Santo Wood Sticks and Florida Water.
  • Rejuvenate your body with raw Shea butter and black soap, Nubian Heritage’s Organic Soaps, Body Washes and Lotions, then anoint yourself other fine oils.
  • We also carry cast iron cauldrons, abalone shells, soapstone and wooden boxes, various velvet and silk bag for wands, crystals, Sacred Crystal eggs and pouches.
  • Other services Fullmoon provides are:
    • Crystal grid and body layouts
    • Back herbal nerve application
    • Magnetic Hematite spine realignment
    • personal and group crystal workshops
    • personal and family holistic coaching
    • Sacred Crystal Eggs Consultant and Affiliate Program(Make Money while you shop!!!)
    • gemstone consultant
    • Loctician
  • Fullmoon Ptah is also a distributor for Young Living High Therapeutic Essential Oils and Pure Herbs Herbal Extracts!

You can contact Fullmoon Ptah directly at 313-303-7765 and  www.ssccrystals.rocks



3Blooming Lotus Wellness – “Because YOU ARE worth it!”

Eventually we all get to a point where we realize a need to reunite with the Divine Feminine for our healing and restoration. Blooming Lotus Wellness is a place where Women and Men can find peace, tranquility, healing and Love. Love of self and a whole being; Mind, body, soul and womb. Danyelle Claxton is skilled and trained to assist both  men and women along their wellness journey using the holistic tools of food, herbs, prayer, meditation, and exercise, to bring your mind, body and spirit back into alignment and into a state of balance and dis-eased free. The Blooming Lotus Offers:

  • Womb and Health Consultations
  • Yoni Womb Steam Consultations
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Belly Dance Session
  • Pre Natal Doula and Birth Services
  • Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Food Prep Services
  • Weight Loss Services
  • Pure Herbs Liquid Tenturs
  • Queen Afua Wellness Products

You can TEXT “BLWELLNESS” TO 28228, Call (313) 516-1789 or go to http://www.mybloominglotuswellness.com/



4. Porter Bottle Company

So after you’ve gotten your Herbs, oils and rocks, you will most likely need something to package them in! Something no herbalist, Cunning person or Witch ever has enough of is bottles and jars. While you could go to a big box store, why not stay local and unique and checkout this detroit gem! While the website might not be fancy, I promise the quality and service can’t be beat. You can check them out at:

1941 West Fort Street

Detroit, Michigan 48216

Hours:8:00 am – 4:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday.

Phone: (866) 341-5172

Email: porter@porterbottle.com


5. Mecca Aroma“Radiate Beauty From the Inside Out” 

Mecca Aroma® is part of a family business that has existed for the past 30 years. Mecca Aroma is importer and distributor of the finest grade “A” top quality oils. They have a huge selection of over 1,000 fragrances in stock and continuously growing each and everyday. 100% free from alcohol, we also carry burning oils, essential oils, punk sticks and natural beauty products. If you’re looking for a bulk supplier of incense and perfume supplies, or looking to get into retail yourself, all vendors are welcome. No customer is too small. They ship nationally and worldwide. Orders are usually  processed within 24 hours.  You can check them out at:

15370 Grand River Ave
Detroit,MI  48227
Email: MeccaAroma@yahoo.com
Tel: (313) 835-2295


6. Crown’s Royalties – “Authentic To The Bone”

If you are looking for handmade, African jewelry with authentic free-trade beads and stones, check out this woman’s Facebook page! She has irresistible African Trade Bead jewelry with timeless beauty with affordable prices.CROWN’S ROYALTIES is not just a jewelry company. They also have handmade and organic body and skin products as well! You can also contact her via: http://www.crownsroyalties.weebly.com/

Phone: (313) 451 0297
email: crown7176@gmail.com


7. Twisted Willow Soap Company – “Get Twisted”

YES, they ARE made in DETROIT. trust me, I’ve seen where the Magick happens!

This wonderful company is guided by 3 Powerhouse Women and are a favorite across all demographics. Not necessarily a Magickal company per se, however the deeply moisturizing soaps, lotions and balms work wonders on My family’s dry skin.

My Izzy gives her approval! Pictured with with LeAnn, one of the lovely Proprietors.
My Izzy gives her approval! Pictured with with LeAnn, one of the lovely Proprietors.

They have an array of wonderful scents (or, none!) and products that are great for those with special needs (Eczema, cancer, arthritis, etc) . Twisted Willow is an organic bath and body company that believes in creating a quality, luxury product that is good for the body, mind, soul, and planet. ALL of their products are hand-made in small batches, and fair trade. With the exception of a few scent oils, our products are also 100% organic. They even take some special orders!

You can find this wonderful company at:

Gibraltar Trade Center


or Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Twistedwillowsoap/


Okay people, this list is by no means exhaustive, so if you know of another little known Detroit Proper Gem of a Detroiter’s , caring is sharing so drop it in the comments!

Go Forth, Share, and SHOP SMALL!




PBN Blues Series: “Stones in My Passway” by Robert Johnson

Ah yes, that good old-fashioned favorite has finally made its way to this series.  In most practitioner’s scope of service, there will inevitably arise the question of foot track magick. The laying of tricks and the fixing of soils is as old as the first time someone drew the image of their enemies on the bottom of their shoes. Salting the earth so nothing grows is the mundane cousin to dusting the ground where folks will walk.

Image: How-Soon Ngu

The foot, and the need to crush those under it, is primal. The use of their footprints to get to the enemy is well-known. There are varied applications of this, and it is up to the parties involved in the situation. Sprinkling powders, driving in objects, or burying fetishes in the ground are in many magickal practices, so be ready for anything no matter where you set up shop.

Quick and sloppy service

SuGhee T. walks into your shop and comes straight to the counter. She smiles at you and asks you how you are faring. She places her purse on the counter and removes a pack of photographs and slides it to you. She asks you to look at it and tell her what it all may mean.

You check the set of pictures and it tells a very revealing story. You ask their origin. SuGhee T. tells you these are prints from her surveillance camera on the side of her house. The photos show a man laying what appears to be a powdered substance on the porch steps of her home, and sprinkling it all the way to her car door. He then dusts the handle and walks backwards away from the yard turning at the last-minute.

Image: Bruce Emmerling
Image: Bruce Emmerling

SuGhee T. tells you that this man in the photographs is her cousin. They have been in dispute over an inheritance from their grandmother. She won the case in probate court, but ever since then, her affairs have been in chaos. Her dog died, she has been in two car accidents, and her house caught on fire. This has all occurred in the course of no more than 30 days since court.

You tell SuGhee T. that this is a simple fix. You direct her to a set of novena candles and give her instructions on using them. You also sell her a small High John root to carry. You offer to dress the candles and sprinkle a bit of glitter and oil just on the top of the wax. She leaves and you go about your day.


Getting down to business for effective service

SuGhee T. walks into your shop and comes straight to the counter. She smiles at you and asks you how you are faring. She places her purse on the counter and removes a pack of photographs and slides it to you. She asks you to look at it and tell her what it all may mean.

You check the set of pictures and it tells a very revealing story. You ask their origin. SuGhee T. tells you these are prints from her surveillance camera on the side of her house. The photos show a man laying what appears to be a powdered substance on the porch steps of her home, and sprinkling it all the way to her car door. He then dusts the handle and walks backwards away from the yard turning at the last-minute.

SuGhee T. tells you that this man in the photographs is her cousin. They have been in dispute over an inheritance from their grandmother. She won the case in probate court, but ever since then, her affairs have been in chaos. Her dog died, she has been in two car accidents, and her house caught on fire. This has all occurred in the course of no more than 30 days since the court case.

After more conversation, you find out that things in her yard and home have gone missing. There was a day not too long ago when her window was open, even though she never leaves it open. Nothing of value was stolen, so she had forgotten about it. Upon reflection, she notes that several personal items have gone missing.

Adding to this disclosure, she tells you that her yard has been slowly dying near her tree. There is a bare spot where rain damaged the ground by flooding it. It is just outside her bedroom window. She remembers strange mounds in the earth and unusual stones. You grab your divination set and get to work.

Image: Joy Stamp
Image: Joy Stamp

You shake your head and take a moment for a deep intake of breath. In this moment, you have deduced that this is going to be an ongoing situation. You also know that it will take some serious work, so you let SuGhee T. know that this is not an overnight fix. Things are going to need she get her hands dirty. You also tell her she is going to have to re-purpose some of her kitchen tools.

The fact that the cousin has become so brazen speaks to his level of malevolence. The unexplained happenings are all tied into the timeline. The images are the final nail in the coffin of proof that buries any doubt about the source of this run of disasters.

Together, you devise a long series of workings to battle back this attack. The cousin has used a combination of magicks, contagion, probably sympathetic (according to your oracle), and conjure. So this will have to be fought on multiple fronts. You warn her not to tip her hand that she knows what he is doing. The soil around her house will have to be handled as well.

An order of spell components is placed for the missing items. Ancestor Work is your main plan of attack, as well as graveyard work. You are going to bring Grandma into this fight. She is also going to have to do some night time work of her own.

A friend of hers of the dangerous sort lies buried not far from her home. She decides to pay him a visit and ask for some assistance. She makes a quick search on her smartphone for the closest store that sells a good grade of rum and adds a few more items to her list.

Image: Todd Quackenbush
Image: Todd Quackenbush

Reversal work can get nasty. You give her a set of instructions for clearing herself, her home, and her property. She buys a railroad spike from you for her car and a few lodestones for her bag. Her kitchen will be her headquarters for the next few months, so she also buys a good mortar and pestle while she is there.


SuGhee T. follows the plan and comes back to your shop within a month’s time. Her spirits are higher, and she has a new dog. The cousin is mysteriously no longer coming around, and actually has fallen quite ill. Such a shame when that happens, you say. You both share a look and your customer buys a few more things. She leaves your shop, satisfied and ready to refer more clients.

Racism within Conjure and Hoodoo

Over the last few years it has become more and more common to see groups holding discussions about Hoodoo and Conjure.  A practice that was once never considered by witches to be associated with witchcraft of any kind has can now be seen on witchcraft forums, in witchcraft shops, and even in books on witchcraft and magic.  The thirst for knowledge of more practical and indepth traditions has brought this tradition out of the shadows and into the public eye.  Even shows like Supernatural show elements of the Hoodoo work in their show.

This new popularity has come with its fair share of problems.  One of the main ones being racism and accusations of cultural appropriation by non blacks who study,practice, or are interested in Hoodoo and Conjure work.  It is not uncommon to hear and see people on forums discuss how only Blacks or those who have African American heritage should be allowed to practice.  Other people believe that it is the last part of the African American identity to be appropriated into white culture.  In order to understand why this is a problem you need to understand the history of Hoodoo and Conjure.

Hoodoo and Conjure were founded by slaves during slavery.  It was created to keep them alive and hold on to their identity and ancestral heritage.  It was their only tie to their African heritage.  Hoodoo is a combination of the African traditional beliefs concerning Animisim and Herbalism, Native American Herbalism, and Christianity.  The slaves hid their use of ancestral wisdom through the use of bible verses, prayers, and Saint work.

This is the main reason why there are so many domination works as well as keep away the law spells.  It isn’t because Hoodoo workers are dominant people.  No.  It is because when a slave felt abused their only way to get back was through the practice of conjure work.  The law keep away work is traceable to protecting slaves that ran away from their owners.  Hoodoo and Conjure are all about survival plain and simple.  It is easy to see why people argue that Hoodoo and Conjure belong only to African American’s.  Yet this ignores a key component: what happened after slavery was abolished?

As the slaves became free and moved they were able to interact with other people and other areas.  This is why in some areas you find elements of Hex signs (Pennsylvanian Dutch folk magic), Quabblah, Strega, and more.  These were all poor minority communities.  They worked together to be able to survive.  They depended on each other and the practical use of magic when needed.  For years Hoodoo was only practiced in these small communities and passed down through family lines.  Hoodoo has always adapted to the world and cultures to survive.

As Hoodoo has become more popular in the magical and spiritual communities more and more non African Americans are looking to learn about the practice.  It is not common to find that there are those who feel Hoodoo and Conjure work should only be practiced by African Americans.  Those same people often accuse those interested in Hoodoo and Conjure of cultural misappropriation.  If you take the fact that historically white people have romanticized and cherry picked aspects of cultures and magical practices that appeal to their desires it makes sense that there are those within the practice of Conjure that feel it should be kept within the culture and within family lines as it has been traditionally

It is not racist for those within the practice and culture to say that no they do no want to teach or share this information.   People within a tradition or style of working have the right to tell people that they do not want to teach them.   Hoodoo for a long time was the only thing that belonged to the Black Americans.  It is their right to protect and preserve the tradition as they see fit.  If an individual doesn’t want to teach or share information that is completely up to them.

Many of the issues around racism and cultural appropriation within the practice of Hoodoo or Conjure revolves around protection work and the use of hexes or curses.    Many of those who are starting to have an interest in folk magic traditions come from a Wiccan or Wiccan influenced background in magic.  This transition is often difficult because of the vastly different approach to ethics between Wicca and Hoodoo and Conjure work hold very different sets of ethics.  Wicca and many forms of modern witchcraft the ethical practices revolve around the concept or practice of harming none.    Hoodoo and conjure however do not hold that same stance.

So how does one who is interested in Hoodoo and conjure work go about learning the practice without being accused of Cultural Appropriation?

There are few things that a person can do. The first thing is to be respectful and understand the Hoodoo and Conjure is not witchcraft.   You also have to understand that the Bible and the God of Christianity are central to the practice of Hoodoo and Conjure. Often times you see that the main issue is that witches will work spells they find on Hoodoo websites but remove the references to God or Jesus and substitute one of the many Pagan Gods to suit their specific needs.    This is not respectful.  That is cultural misappropriation.

If you remove the Bible and God from Conjure the work is no longer Hoodoo and Conjure.  The work becomes something else.  While you may be able to call it based on or inspired by Hoodoo and conjure it is not Hoodoo or Conjure.  You don’t have to be Christian to be a Conjure worker.  You just have to be willing to work with the powers of Conjure which include the Bible, Jesus, God, and the Holy spirit.  If you can not respect that part of the tradition and practice then you should find a different practice.

It is not racist for Conjure workers to say that anything without the Bible or God is not Conjure.  It is racist to remove those aspects.  It is not problem to work conjure if you are white or a witch.  It is a problem if you decide to start removing key components of the practice to make it more sanitized for your practice.  Conjure workers don’t care who you worship.  They do care that the practice is preserved.  To do that people need to learn Conjure and Hoodoo as it is practiced and not make modifications.

If a person can be respectful of the history of conjure, honor the ancestors of conjure, and work the spells using the Bible and God then they are more likely to get information and possibly find a teacher.  The best way to find a teacher and learn this culture and practice is to join those discussion groups on Facebook and other websites and prove that you are true to your desire to learn Hoodoo and Conjure.  Respect that Conjure work is as much a way of life as it is a system for working magic.  If you can manage to respect those facts about Conjure work then you are not racist nor appropriating the culture.

There are those who feel that anyone not Black can never understand or appreciate the pain and sorrow of the ancestors of Hoodoo and conjure.  That they have no idea about the hardships of slavery or the life that Black American’s may face.  While there are things that white men and women might not fully understand, they can show empathy and sympathy.  One way that healing over the past of slavery can continue is for white men and women to practice Conjure and set up altars to honor the ancestors of conjure.  Show respect to those who have come before you and show that you are remorseful for the actions of the past.  By taking those actions you not only align yourself with that culture but you also are showing the spiritual force behind conjure that you respect everything they went through and honor their sacrifices.

Only through acknowledgement of the horrors of the past can racism be eliminated.  Only by respecting the differences in the paths out there can we really understand our own path.  By respecting Hoodoo and Conjure as their own unique paths and not a part of Western Occultism or witchcraft we can establish dialogs between practices, share information and preserve the knowledge of many paths.


PBN Blues Series: “Bitter End” Rag’n’Bone Man

Friendships and relationships make the backbone of common casework for many practitioners. Beside money issues, they reign as the giants of the topics for concern for the professional practitioner. Clients are humans, after all, and they cannot avoid the interactions that come with the human experience. Because of this, relationship issues are bound to come up sooner or later.

As a practitioner, you could very well specialize in this field and make a pretty good income. It can make or break a career if you become known to either be successful, or abysmal, in this field. This is why it should be handled well, if at all. Matters of the heart are always delicate, and a attention to detail is important when deciding how to engage a case.

Cut and dried it would seem

Photo: Tom Butler
Photo: Tom Butler

Penzobia B. is a peer level practitioner. She is up there with the best of them, but for some reason she cannot seem to shake a spell of bad luck that seems to keep cycling. She performs road opener works consistently, yet nothing sticks. Divination is unclear in its results for her, and dream work is not lucid in this matter. She wonders if she has somehow just run into a bad patch, or if something else is going on in her world.


After speaking with Penzobia B., you find that she recently ended a friendship of many years. This person is also a magickal and spiritual practitioner. You ask if she ended the friendship in anger, and she states that while there was a anger on one side, she already detached from the relationship due to negativity on the part of the former friend, so she felt nothing insofar as emotional distress. In fact, she felt a bit unburdened by having to keep up her half of the relationship after years of swinging back and forth between betrayal and neediness.

You surmise that her bad luck stems from her own suppressed feelings of guilt. You tell her to forgive herself, and bathe in hyssop. You also tell her to write a letter to the Universe asking for release from her bonds with that person, then burn it. You sell her the bath, and go about your day.

From bitter endings 

Photo: Zack Minor
Photo: Zack Minor


Penzobia B. is a peer level practitioner. She is up there with the best of them, but for some reason she cannot seem to shake a spell of bad luck that seems to keep cycling. She performs road opener works consistently, yet nothing sticks. Divination is unclear in its results for her, and dream work is not lucid in this matter. She wonders if she has somehow just run into a bad patch, or if something else is going on in her world.

After speaking with Penzobia B., you find that she recently ended a friendship of many years. This person is also a magickal and spiritual practitioner. You ask if she ended the friendship in anger, and she states that while there was an anger on one side, she already detached from the relationship due to negativity on the part of the former friend, so she felt nothing insofar as emotional distress. In fact, she felt a bit unburdened by having to keep up her half of the relationship after years of swinging back and forth between betrayal and neediness.

Normally, you might suggest a simple purification, however you also know that when practitioners are involved, things get deep sometimes. Upon doing a reading, you at first have the same issues. Disjointed information and nonsensical lines. But you are not new at this. You know “work” when you see it.

Photo: Simon Wijers
Photo: Simon Wijers

You cleanse the area, and client and self, with a blend containing eyebright and some other herbs, and try again. That is when it becomes clear. There is definitely work, and it is, indeed, the former friend. She, and an accomplice, are using a grey candle trap to avoid detection, and adding lavender to the works in order to lull the target into a calm state. This is an insidious form of magick, as it has a veil on it that make Penzobia B. feel nothing is really wrong, as she is always being soothed no matter how badly events occur.

Also, the spells have been formed in such a way as to reattach after being dismissed. They are feeding upon the continuous loop of doubt and fire magick. This is a tricky one, you will give her that much credit. Walnut shells are not the simple fix here.

You and Penzobia B. review the results of the divination and devise a case plan to dismantle, counter, and destroy the attacks. Because she was attacked, she decides that the “gloves are off” and buys spell components designed to twist a sufficient amount of curse work back to the assailant. She make her purchases, and you strengthen our professional networking relationship with her. You also do an additional cleansing and some grey work to deter mischief.

Secrets of High Priestess Kathie

There are people who are magick users, who find their spell work only through the pages of a book, and they can be competent in one offs. There are those who study the traditions and spirits of magick who create a space in the fabric of reality that allows them to change and bend reality to their wills after a fashion. They are successful to varying degrees, and are worthy of respect. But today, we are going to talk with a woman whose very flesh, fire, and spiritual bloodline is magick. Today, we are going to interview the Priestess of Secrets of Conjure Coven.

High Priestess Kathie, used with Permission
High Priestess Kathie, used with Permission

For those of our readers who may not know you, who is High Priestess Kathie?

I would like people to know that I come from a long line of spiritualist and spiritual people in my family.
I have done readings, been a lending ear to family and friends since I can remember. Professionally, I started doing readings almost 15 years ago(time flies) and I started doing spells and hoodoo around that same time professionally as well. Before that it was just for myself or a friend.

Where does your spark, your passion for magick have as its source?

I would say that it comes from a sense of me knowing that magic has been practiced in my family. It’s in my bloodline, even though some of them may not call it magic, or called it that back then. I remember my grandmother would call it power but to me its the same thing.

Was there a pivotal experience in your life that led you to this path?

Well I was raised up in this path so I saw a lot growing up as a child. But I will say that I started working with the dark arts, or black magic, more when I was attacked by an aunt that was in the church and I had to protect myself from her.

How long have you studied?

I would say really all my life. My grandmother taught me how to protect myself and how to help heal people and my voice is a tool in aiding that.

I can remember being a teenager even and getting occult books, thirsty for knowledge because I knew there was so much more than what I was being taught, being raised up in the bible belt a lot of hidden from me as well.


Who would you say have been your most helpful influences?

My grandmother was the most helpful in my life hands down! Rest her memory. My mother and father were supportive of me, but my mother didn’t want me to do this. She wanted a different life for me.
What folks have been there along the way as you grew as a practitioner?

I would say now as an adult my partner he is very supportive of me, friends and a couple of family members
also my brother and sister witches in my coven. The Secrets of Conjure Coven, my spiritual family, is amazing!

Secrets of Conjure Coven
Secrets of Conjure Coven

How would you define your style of magick when compared to what many are publicly teaching today?

I would say my style of magic or practicing is “non conventional” for sure. Definitely unorthodox in many ways lol.  I am known to be very controversial in my practice.

Do you feel there is a disconnect with traditional teachings and skill development when compared to the older generations? Or do you feel that since times have changed, the magicks have changed as well?

I really do feel that there is, and that is because more people are starting to practice magic, hoodoo, voodoo, Santeria, witchcraft than ever before and because of that you have people that did not have the “traditional” teachings from family and certain traditions that was passed down. So you will find a lot of spiritualist and spiritual people combining practices or making it their own way.

You are known to be a leader, not a follower, why do you think that is?

I believe it’s a combination of things. For one, I believe my title has a lot to do with it. Being a High Priestess and also because of my age.

I am a “seasoned witch” and getting ready to get into my Crone years soon and with that comes a lot of experience in life and dealing with clients, other witches who are priests and priestesses, and people in general. I feel the younger people look up  to me because of the wisdom bestowed upon me from living life.

Do you feel that it is tied in with your identity as a spiritual person?

Yes, because all I have ever been around in my life are women and men who were leaders. Most of the women in my family always had their own business, I had a great-aunt that ran a homeless shelter, she had a radio show, and had a street named after her. Then of course my grandmother was a minister, healer, and reader in her community.

They wouldn’t call it readings back then but they would come to her to get a “word from God” which people came from everywhere around the world for her help. So with me being her grand-daughter and her taking me under her wing this is the only way I know how to be. My mother was also a dancer, musician and entrepreneur.

What are your thoughts about the Black Witch Convention happening in October?

I think it’s awesome to have and that Black witches can come together and do something positive. I am in full support of it. I believe it will be a success.

Do you think that gatherings such as that one might be something you might be hosting as your practice grows?

I think that is possible but it’s not anything I have on my agenda anytime soon. But I do fully support those that do it.

When it comes to community, do you feel that we are losing the ability to be supportive of each other without competition?

Yes, some things do need to change and go back to the old ways I suppose. I can say that it is extremely competitive and I have not had a lot of positive experiences with other spiritualist in the business. Insecurities and people just aren’t friendly like they once were and really want to help others and sadly I see this in the African-American spiritualist community. It’s more cut throat. A lot of men don’t have respect for the women and visa versa. It’s become more about business and getting money it seems like, instead of being civilized.

How do you teach and learn from your peers when it comes to dealing with common issues?

Well, for an example I handle social media like I do in real life. I ask questions and also allow people to voice their opinions or contribute. As long as there is no line drawn with being disrespectful. I am open to all sorts of feedback and teach that to others so that they can either improve or add to their own lives.

You are a studious and creative person, how does this come through in your works?

I truly believe that this motivates me to give it all I got and to pay attention to details. I have always been creative and strive to do the very best I can. I was taught to be that way and I believe it shows in my workings. Especially in my readings.

Has there ever been a time when you just relied on the book?

I would say there was a period where I just relied on book instructions for spellwork and beliefs, but it was only for a short time cause I love to think outside the box. That is why I practice more than just hoodoo.

What do you feel is the most important thing about walking the path you walk?

I would say it’s very important to be true to yourself. I listen to people and decide if I want to really apply what they say to my life and if it really would benefit me. For example, I had a few Haitian voodoo people that didn’t like the fact that I worked with Damballah and my offerings I gave. I knew the truth is that it was because I was not initiated. I don’t feel that its in me or in my path at the moment to be consecrated or initiated into a religion.

Is it for everyone?

No, this walk or path is not for everyone. Some people are just to afraid or they have been so brainwashed by western religions(especially Christianity) that they shouldn’t be practicing because they have to much fear, doubt and worried about it backfiring on them.

If you had to speak to a younger you about what to expect in this life, what would you say?

Don’t dwell off life’s rough stuff just know you will always have challenges but learn from your mistakes, don’t be so hard on yourself, and take care of you more. Your hard work will pay off over and over again.

What would you most like to see happen in your own life in the next 10 years in regards to your studies and business?

Oh, I am an information sponge! I love to read, study and share information even if its YouTube videos. I really want to take the time to get more into the Egyptian studies later on. I am just so busy that when I do that I want to devote time to seriously learning and taking some of the practices and adding it to my work.

I only see my business booming. I currently am getting ready to put out my own brand of oils. I have my graphic designer doing my labels as we speak. I will have available for the public, my own organically blended oils that can be used for spellwork, rootwork, spiritual baths and protection.

What kind of clientele would you say most represents your practice?

EVERY WALK OF LIFE. Every race, ethnicity, gender that you can think of. I do not discriminate against clients either. I welcome everyone.

And of these, are there any moments that you would like to share that stand out particularly strongly in your memory?

I remember when I first started doing readings professionally and there was a gentleman that came to me and he told me his name was “Vu Vo”, and of course I was like “Vu Vo who”? He kept telling me his name was Vi Vo not Vi Vo Who lolol. So anyway that let me know that this was my destiny cause I had people seeking me out from Vietnam and around the world on a regular basis.

Do you remember the first time you charged for services?

Yes! What was that like? I was excited the first time I got paid from someone that was not family or a friend was when I first started doing contract work with this online company called Kasamba. I think it’s still around. I just couldn’t believe that I actually got paid great money for doing a reading and giving advice
to someone I didn’t know. I just knew this was for me.

Looking back,would you have charged more?

First starting out, I wouldn’t have charged more, but I would say that I would have eventually started to do this for myself instead of contracting with different psychic companies like circle of stars, keen, bitwine etc. earlier and that would have allowed me to cut out the middle man and save money for me and my clients pockets.

Here we go, how do you feel about the misapplication of the Wiccan Rede to your craft ethics and beliefs?

I respect those who are Wiccan but that rede doesn’t apply to me of course. That is not my belief so when people tell me that it applies to me, I do not listen to that because people are going to want to believe what they want and this is my life to live.

There is a phrase going around, “get your Wicca out of my conjure”. How do you feel about that?

I can understand how the traditionalist feel about that. There are those that want to keep the old practices “strick” but if you really look at it, every house that practiced hoodoo back then did things differently. These days people practice more than one system of magic. I, myself, do hoodoo and witchcraft.  I actually also incorporate some of the voodoo elements into my workings. I find that works for me.  Does it resonate? No, I can honestly say that it doesn’t resonate with me.

What is the main thing that you think keeps people from growing as practitioners today?

Keeping an open mind, which is what I have been trying to do with my own self lately and really try to accept people as they practice. Everyone knows I am against Christianity in Hoodoo and when it comes to African religions but that is just my own opinion and it’s not to be forced on people. What works for one person may not work for the next and like I said, I don’t discriminate. Some of my clients are Christian, also Islamic.

If you could open a school tomorrow, what would be lesson number one?

Leave your fear behind you. If you are afraid of this path you do not need to get in it. You are not ready or it may not be for you.

How do people get in touch with you?

People can find me on Facebook. I would prefer it being through my fan page. Also they can message me at highpriestesskathie@yahoo.com or highpriestesskathie@gmail.com for now. I also will have a brand new website up and running by December of 2016.

Do you ever find that you also get clients through YouTube?

Yes! YouTube had opened another door for me. I do appreciate that. It still feels funny to me when people tell me that they are a fan of my videos or love to watch them. I appreciate that sooo much.

My YouTube channel is less that 3 months old right now and already have almost 600 subscribers. That may not mean a lot to some people but it means the world to me. I am so thankful for my people, supporters and my coven.

And what is the name of your channel, for those who do not know.

It is HighPriestess Kathie on YouTube.

If you were to choose a stone to represent you, what would it be and why?

Black Tourmaline and that is because I have a lot of them I have some on my altar. I use it for grounding me and protection from all enemies against me that are seen and unseen.

Is there anything that you would say that we may not have had an opportunity to talk about here?


Something you would like folks to know about you?

I have heard that many people maybe intimidated by me or afraid to approach me because I do work with the dark arts. The thing is that I am approachable and will do the work that you hire me to do for you. I just ask for respect when you come to me and you will get it back in return.

I know I have somewhat of a controversial reputation online and that comes from having problems with people that are in the same business as me. I do not have issues with clients, it’s always someone from the spirituality business and we already talked about how we need to improve that as a community and believe it can be done.I made a video about it and bringing awareness to it will help for future readers, spellcasters, and rootworkers. Social media has a way of making people say things online that they would not dare say in person and that applies to everyone.

Dawtas of the Moon and The Black Witch Convention

Something exciting is happening this October, something that has never happened before now.  A Black Witch Convention dawns on October 29, 2016 at the Wisdom Book Store Reception Hall, located at 5116 Liberty Heights Avenue, Gwynn Oaks  in Maryland.   And they are calling forth to  Shamans, Healers, Priestess, Witches, of color to be a part of this space where the Diaspora shall hold court among its own.

A place free from the gaze of those who might exploit, derail, or otherwise interfere with a “family meeting”, this convention is set to be a place of exhalation, exhilaration, and illumination.  They granted an interview with PBN News Radio in June, and now they have been exceptionally generous in also being our guests in print in this space.

KC:  Let us start with the best thing first.  Who are the Dawtas of the Moon?

MoonLight Star:

We are a collective of Witches of Color coming together ringing the bell to alert our sisters “the time is now, it is time.

KC:  Can you tell us a little about each of you?

Mama Omi is the owner of Divine Waters and founder of Dawtas of the Moon. She is an aborisha (worshiper of the Orisa) in the spiritual tradition of Ifa from the Yoruba people of West Africa. She is the daughter of Yemonja and Obatala and is on the path to becoming a priestess of Yemonja. Mama Omi is a womb healer, diviner, doula, meditation teacher,Reiki Master, massage therapist and herbalist.

An L Kenion aka MoonLight Star of MoonLit Journeys.  A woman. mother. daughter. sister. healer. shaman. diviner. seer. oracle. wellness seeker. crystal finder. intuitive. lover. sage. star traveler. time bender. galaxy resident. Mystic. MoonLight a spiritually led woman whom straddles the realms of light and dark. She gazes through the blinding light and see clearly through the shadows of darkness. Through her own spiritual healing she has  been able to pull from all sources to assist others on their designated path. She is  born from a long line of spiritual workers: seers, sages, medicine women, oracles, diviners, hoodoo practitioners.

Magic Moja is an initiative created by three women through the guidance of our ancestors. Moja (pronounced “Moy-ya)” is Swahili for ONE. We are here to assist in the reawakening of the Divine Feminine in melanated women. By doing so this also helps to heal and uplift our melanated men to the Divine Masculine. They want our people to be balanced on an emotional, mental, social, physical and spiritual level through the restoration and practice of ancient African principles. We don’t want to just merely survive. In this world it is our birthright to thrive. They are one with the ancestors and our men and women must be one with each other.

Ayanna Barmore of Sahu 2 Suns is a Flower Child & Passionate Wild Child. As a Free Spirit,  she greets the World with an Open Heart & do as she  pleases. She is an Ancestral Led Healer & Doula specializing in Ritual Practices.

Shirleta McKann of Yoni DReMs and Desires is a holistic sensual healer whose mission is to bring women back in balance with their feminine energy.

What would you say is the thread that connects most of you to the tapestry of this vision?

MS: The unyielding yearn to be in a collective of women of color who are witches. The sheer strength to be able to connect and unite.

 Are all of you in the same Traditions?

MS: No, we are from many; Ifa, Pagan, Spiritual, Hoodoo

 Are most of you hereditary?

MS: Magic Moja is a family unit of two sisters and a mother daughter. They are magical coven of creating balance from the feminine perspective.

What would you say is the general set of commonalities in practice that you have as an organization?

MO: We are nature based. We all feel the calling to practice. We are following ancestral traditions.

What enriching differences do your members bring to the mix here?

MO: We have a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Some of us have been practicing from a young age with the encouragement of our elders while others are just coming into their own.

 A phenomenal event you have made, how did it come about into fruition?

MO: I had a dream. My dream had me surrounded by a group of elder women. Some were familiar to me while others were not. I was approached by one who let me know “It is time!” After sharing the information and divining on it, we moved forward.

I hear many echoes saying that this is convention that has found its time.  Do you hear this as well?

MO: Yes we have. So many of our sisters are excited and supportive. They have been calling for this for a long time.

Tell us about the response you have received.  Has it all been positive?

MO: We have received a tremendous amount of positive response. Sisters from all over the country are excited and making plans to come. We even have whole covens making travel arrangements.

MS: Excitement. That has been the overall responses. There has been some misrepresentation, however that is to be expected when you have.

What ways has word spread about this event?

MS: We sent a call of action, placed a flier and set up a page and through word of mouth the vision has grown.

The convention is set for one day, but it seems to be growing.  Can you expound on this?

MS: Stay tuned we have exciting news coming in the months to come. All exciting news will be addressed on Dawtas of the Moon Radio on blogtalk premiering 7/22.

Demand is high.  Did you anticipate this?

MS: Yes and No. We knew this was something we as a community needed. The responses are exciting and great because seeing the responses and excitement is a step in the right direction.

What presenters are names we may recognize?

MO: Two of our major presenters are Iyalosa Osunyemi Akalatunde, of Got 2 B Oshun. She is an Osun priestess and author.

We also have Queen Mother Imakhu who is an artist and a Khametic Priestess.

We also have Magic Moja which is a family consisting of mother, daughter and aunt who are from the Baltimore Area.

We also have Iyanifa Alase Olori Oyadele of Ile Oya Botanica  a high priestess of Oya, Ifa and the EgunEgun society.

We also have a number of applicants who are interested in providing workshops. We are announcing those in August.

Can you tell us a little about them and why they were tapped for this event?

MO: Iya Osunyemi was a great inspiration for the event. She has youtube videos and classes dedicated to the awareness of black witchcraft and the metaphysics of the black woman. The same for Queen Mother Imakhu. She has been speaking, writing, and teaching on the African Origins of the word as well as the practice.

The sisters of Magic Moja are special because they are part of the planning, from the Baltimore area and we thought it would be wonderful for people to see a family consisting of elders and the next generation openly practicing together.

Finally, Iyanifa Alase is also a Baltimore native who has been doing healing work in the Baltimore area for 20 years. I often say she is Baltimore’s best kept secret.

Who else will be presenting?

MS: That’s a surprise. We have to keep people in suspense. LOL. Seriously though we are still in the submissions process for other presenters who would love to share their expertise. We will be announcing those presenters around August 15th.

I heard that the Diasporic meaning of the word Witch will be addressed.  Is there any information you can give us on how this will be done?

MO: Yes, that will be address by the Queen Mother. In the meantime, you can read her article in Ashe!

Does your attendee base seem more to be group based or solitary?

MO: There is a good mix. We have whole covens coming as well as those who practice privately.

What do you hope to accomplish with this gathering?  I mean, what do you hope people will come away with from this experience?

MO: We hope they will come away with the understanding that despite what the conventional religions may tell us, we are not doing anything wrong. We are practicing our ancestral traditions.

For those in groups, do you feel this will be a way to network?

MS: Definitely. To see that you aren’t alone and that their are other women who look like you. This is the best way to network.

For those who are solitary, do you think this will be a way to help them find others who have that spark in them?

MS: That is the intention to bring together solitary witches who would love a coven of sisters to really do magic and ritual work together. Having a community is the heart of our people and this is one of the places we are lacking.

Will this be a Tradition?

MS: That is the plan. We would like to keep this going throughout different avenues besides a once a year event. We have radio, newsletters, groups and private membership in the works to keep us united and informed.

Is this event an exclusive one only for women?

MS: Yes this event is for Women Only.

Is this event one that allows those of magickal lineages from European lines to be spiritually fed as well?

This event is for Women of Color. Throughout history we have not had an event specifically for us. Now is the time to have a sacred space made available to us. – MS

 Where do you see this going in ten years?

MO: We see this growing into a solid spiritual organization with yearly conventions. Our goal is to create something we can pass down to our daughters.

How did you choose the location?

MS: We were looking for black owned businesses in which we could support.

MO: There are also those who are in MD who feel that we need more events for those who are not part of the mainstream religious practice.

Is there a hotel nearby that is preferred?

MS: Yes we have rooms reserved at the Quality Inn & Suites, 1806 Belmont Ave, Windsor Mills, MD. The room block is under Dawtas of the Moon from 10/28-10/30 for $89 a night. So room sharing is available. Once a person has purchased their event ticket(s), they will be added to a private group on Facebook so they can get acquainted with other attendees. Room or Ride sharing can be discussed here as well.

Where can people register and buy tickets to reserve their space?

MS: www.dawtasofthemoon.eventbrite.com

I heard in an interview that you would like to keep it in the D.C. area.  Do you think that maybe the event will grow to the extent that it will be a pilgrimage point for Sister Witches?

MS: The inaugural event is to be in Maryland, however we are not limiting future events to one place. We will decide after this years event of where to hold the following conventions.

We have spoken a lot about the convention, but let us get back to the people.  What dreams do you have for the women who attend this event?  What would you like for them to look back and remember this moment to be?

MS: Embracing their witchy selves 100% through and through. Taking these connections back home and building a coven or group to continue the love. This is just the spark the beginning of coming together as one.

Are there any points you would like to cover that we may not have touched upon yet?

MO: It is our hope that this year’s event is a launching ground for much more. We are bringing these sisters together so that they can be on the ground floor of creating a sacred space and help to plan for future events.

If people want to sponsor you, can they do so without being on site?  Many vendors love to help events that are of an uplifting nature.

MS: Yes they can feel free to email us at dawtasofthemoon@gmail.com or our website which is a work in progress www.dawtasofthemoon.com until then feel free to join our Facebook Community.

If you had a theme song for this event, what would it be?

MO: “We Are Family” Sister Sledge!

If there are people who have more questions regarding specifics of attendance, who should they contact?

MO: Please email us at dawtasofthemoon@gmail.com or contact Mama Omi at 240-750-6890.


Capturing time with Moma Sarah, the continuation

Today we continue our interview with Moma Sarah.  In this segment, we cover advice and the importance of education for aspiring practitioners, ethics, and professionalism.  She also lays down some heavy reality  regarding the roots of the traditions she practices.  Let us continue.

Moma Sarah - used with permission
Moma Sarah – used with permission

What would you suggest novices start with if they feel called to take up these studies?

I have a recommended reading list on my site in the “About” section and there are links to my blog, Facebook page and YouTube channel on my site as well. I post a ton of educational content on my Facebook page. Reading and beginning to make offerings is where to begin.

What teachers would you recommend? And do you teach?

I don’t know of any other teachers, personally. I’ve taken a hiatus from teaching simply due to my workload but plan to return to it this fall by teaching at our local cultural and healing center, Rootead.

What would you like to see more of in regards to the level of scholarship among the current generations of aspiring workers today?

I can not emphasize enough how important it is to educate the self on the history of a practice or religion. One can not understand WHY they are doing what they are doing without the history and traditions behind it. The traditions and esoteric science are why it works and that base knowledge and respect must be obtained. Learn the theories and science and you will be able to formulate a successful practice.

The Slave Gang (relates to David Livingstone) by The London Missionary Society - Public Domain
The Slave Gang (relates to David Livingstone) by The London Missionary Society – Public Domain


Any views you would like to share in the way that Hoodoo is being marketed right now?

It’s obviously becomes very popular over the last 10 years. As an American, I think it’s wonderful so long as people are willing to look at why it’s here and where it originated, which was with the Middle Passage, slavery and the Great Migration.

What do you say to the folks who feel that the practices should be less racially inclusive?

I can only speak for my practice which is hoodoo and New Orleans Vodou. I am a devotee of Marie Laveau who was an”octaroon”, meaning she was seven parts “white” and one part “black”. Our entire religion is based on creole people like me. This includes Spanish, American Indian, African, Jewish, Irish, Romany among many other races and cultures. I can only speak for my practice and religion and my practice and religion is a vivid tapestry of the people who came to this country, voluntarily or involuntarily.

Each one, and every mix in between, is valid and has a right to educate themselves on whatever religion they choose. Whether or not someone thinks I am qualified to speak on these issues because of my race is irrelevant. My race has nothing to do with my qualifications in African diaspora, Comparative Religion, Theology and Africana studies which are far more important than my genetics.

How do you address discrimination? Is there still a large amount of it?

I get a good amount of “hate mail”. Mostly due to the fact that I present as a “white” woman. This really goes back to the last question. My race has nothing to do with the fact that I have devoted my life to qualifications in these areas of education and study. The fact is that anyone is free to pay for an education in whatever subject they choose, mine is religion.

I address it by not addressing it. I have no need nor desire to correspond or involve myself with presumption, narcissism or racism. I’ve learned a great deal of diplomacy in this line of work. The best path is not to respond to the discriminator directly but to address everyone else, through venues like this, in order to dispel further discrimination and racism.

Do you feel there is an unfair amount of backlash against people who work with both hands? In other words, people who are not limited in their practice to only what can be best described as “white light mysteries”?

Fortunately, I don’t run into this. Personally, I don’t believe in the whole “black” versus “white”. When one performs a working, they set a new goal in motion, they embark on carving a new path to reach the objective. Every decision and action we make sets off a series of events. Even a positive decision on our end, let’s say to  dump a caustic friend, will cause both positive and negative effects on others and ourselves.

We will feel upset at first about the decision and confrontation-a negative. The friend will also be angry, feel betrayed and alone-another negative. Even though the end result will be positive, EVERY change, no matter how subtle, sets a ripple into effect through our lives. This means that all magic is both negative and positive.

As a  professional spiritual worker, I work between these negative and positives. I evaluate each scenario that could potentially happen and then work to navigate through these to discover the most calm and successful path to reach my client’s goal. All magic is grey. There is good and bad and light and dark in everything and
everyone on this earth.

Pennies and Prosperity Plate - Photo Kenya Davis
Pennies and Prosperity Plate – Photo Kenya Davis

Do you feel that we are losing something when we don’t embrace full knowledge of all practices?

Absolutely. I have made it my life’s work to trace the formulas and recipes I grew up with back to their roots, literally and figuratively. I have done many videos and blog entries on the mass marketing of “hoodoo” “conjure” and ” condition” formulas. Many are nothing but dyed water or oil with synthetic fragrances added. Those were once a real recipe that someone harvested the herbs for, dried them, prepared them and mixed the formula. Without going back to discover these recipes, we are fooling ourselves and loosing our own
history. A person without their roots can not grow.

When you craft your products, how does it make you feel to know that you are the sole worker of intent and focus on this?

I feel that I am delivering a small portion of history and ashe’ to
my client. They have a tool that is in its finest form. The proper
tool for the work, delivers easier and better results.

 Do you feel that people are short-changing themselves when they buy mass marketed items?

Completely. I think I’ve already addressed this in a previous question but if there are no actual herbs or essential oils in the products you are buying, then you are paying for nothing. The herbs are what the ashe’ comes from to create the tool. The herbs are what are chosen and combined to deliver the desired result, along with your devotion and focus.

You give many instructional blog posts and videos to assist people in their studies. What drives you to do this?

I want to empower and educate people. I want people to know that just as you address you health with nutrition and exercise, just as you address your mind with meditation or yoga, you can address your spirit
and spiritual avenues with spiritual work. We are complex and multi-layered and many of us have been neglecting a vital part of our body, experience and existence; our spirit.

When marketing your business, do these lessons give you a boost?

Yes, people seem to really enjoy my blog entries and videos. They often get shared which, naturally, leads to more views of my site.

You also offer spiritual consultation and divination. How important is this service?

100% vital. About 99% of my clients pursue a consultation before choosing a service. Over 15 years of doing this professionally, I have developed an approach that is successful for most clients. Just as anything else, you learn what works best over time and investment in your career. Clients often do not know were to begin or do not see the root of the issue and only want to put a band-aid over the symptoms. I don’t do that. We address and resolve the root of the issue or they are free find another worker.

What issues have you run across insofar as clients coming to you after a bad experience with other readers or workers?

I don’t get it a lot but I do have a few clients a year who claim to have paid thousands of dollars to a worker with no evidence of any work being performed at all.

Any advice for people on what to watch out for on that level?

Research is important! While no worker can help every single person. A professional worker should have a website, NOT payment through Paypal or Western Union only, testimonials or reviews you can read, actual photos of their work which are watermarked or copyrighted (not stock photos taken from the internet) and public profiles and social media sites.

The key to your success for the past 7 years would be what, if you had to narrow it down to one thing?

Keeping it real and not doing it for the money. I started Conjured Cardea on a whim so I could share my interest and hobby of making spiritual items. I was certain I’d never sell anything. I just wanted to create and share authentic items.

If you were to choose a person, real or fictional, that would be your inspiration when it comes to your life, who would it be?

Nelson Mandela. To pursue your beliefs, people, liberation, peace and justice over all else. There is nothing else in life.

For people who would like to follow you on social media, where can
they find you? 


We here at PBN News Network, and the Pagan Business Network, really want to thank Moma Sarah for taking the time to really talk to us and speak from the heart.  A truly inspiring business person, she is the epitome of what a Pagan business person can accomplish.  Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Capturing time with Moma Sarah, in the beginning

Come with me as I enter the world of Moma Sarah. Her world of wonders and magicks is a queendom she has created called Conjured Cardea.  She is priestess, teacher, vlogger, rootworker, and more.

David Dennis Altar Candles
David Dennis
Altar Candles

For those of our readers who don’t know you yet, begin at the beginning. What makes Moma Sarah the get up in the morning and be the fabulous worker she is every day? What stokes your fire to be a one woman empire?

It’s a combination of several things.  One, a calling from about the age of 7 or 8. Two, passion and energy; I live for this work and it saturates every area of my life. I live to honor nature and the spirits around me. My family. I want to show my children that you can simultaneously do what you love, help and educate, promote passion and justice all while building a successful career and legacy to pass down.

You are a certified member of the American Rootworker Association. What does this mean?

This means that I am recognized as a professional and reputable rootworker by a group of peers and colleagues. Their careers range from anthropologists, authors, rootworkers, readers, teachers and
religious and theology experts.

Why is it important?

Reputable certifications are important when in this line of work.  It’s difficult to trust anything or anyone on the internet. By providing certifications, public profile, photographs of my work, interviews, my YouTube channel and blog, people have an actual access to me.

A window into my life and practice, I’m not some stranger practicing on the other side of the world. Accessibility is one of the main focuses of my professionalism. When you message me or email me, it is actually me you’ll be corresponding with.

What differentiates this from magickal herbalism in general?

While hoodoo could be classified as a type of herbalism, and most of certainly utilize herbalism as part of a healing/healthy lifestyle, the rich history of hoodoo is what makes it unique. The colorful tapestry of the south and the multi-cultural influences are what created hoodoo.

The correspondences and energies are vastly similar in many ways to many North American eclectic herbal magick practices. But what would you like people to understand about the issues of mixing Wicca, Granny Magick, and Hoodoo in their workings?

Hoodoo is Christian/Catholic based. While this was not an original part of the African people and traditions that brought hoodoo here, it was ingrained out of necessity for these practices to go undiscovered in order to survive. That added to and changed the original African traditions and we have to recognize that as a valid part of the history of this practice.

By David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada - Female Dancers, CC
By David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada – Female Dancers, CC


Religions and spiritual practices must evolve to survive and grow. One has to respect, understand and educate themselves about the cultural influences and African traditions that originally began this practice.

In your studies and practice, what have you found to be a common thread among your requests?

I’m assuming you’re inquiring about requests from clients. Love. Love
is all anyone really wants. To be cared for, respected, to share
life’s experiences and beauty with someone. I have a lot of requests
for prosperity as well, because that’s the real world and everyone is
just trying to survive.

Why do people come to a worker for help?

Often it’s when they feel they have exhausted all other options. I also get a lot of clients who feel too emotionally invested or drained by the situation, or lack the confidence to attack the problem themselves.

What is the difference between root work and conjure?

For me, rootwork can, but does not always, involve working with or petitioning spirits. Conjure does. It’s really a pretty fine line in my practice as I believe all roots possess an energy or spirit. Even though I may not be evoking or invoking a particular spirit or guide to help, the spirit of the roots are always there.

You work with various energies and spirits, what level of time and detail when it comes to keeping the altars and work spaces?

I perform about 6-10 rootwork appointments a week, depending on the duration of the workings. Each workings has separate altar set ups of vigils, herbs, offerings, roots, candles, grids, incense, etc. I imagine I spend about 7 hours a week on my altars. This does not include thorough cleansings and deconstructions each month.

How much of your practice is client education?

I spend a lot of my time working on my site, blog and YouTube channel to make certain people have access to information. If they have a question, they can probably find an answer on one of these venues. I
also take a lot of time with each client to make sure they understand what rootwork is, the time frame, possible outcome and how to get the most out of it. I want to be clear to them that this is spiritual
therapy, a legitimate way to heal, not a magic pill or miracle.

Mojo Ingredients - Jeff Moser
Mojo Ingredients –
Jeff Moser

Do you see your work as a calling?

Absolutely. At 7 or 8 years old I was making gris gris for my neighbor friends who also grew up in an abusive and tumultuous household.

When did you first know this was your path? What made you first lift that herb up and say, “I know what this can do?”

Around 7 or 8 years of age. People are born with propensities for certain skills and careers. Natural talents-this is mine.

What is your preferred medium for most mundane working? If you had to choose among candle work, mojo, etc?

Offerings. I give offerings daily but not to obtain a goal. They are out of love and respect for the spirits who dwell here. I believe this is the largest part in building a rapport, so when I do have a request
on behalf of a client, they are likely to help.

Make sure to return to PBN News Network for the second part of this fascinating look into the world of Moma Sarah.  Please enjoy the video below.  It is first in her series on Beginnings and Professionalism in Rootwork.