Gaining Motivation From Your Failures

Even if we’ve done everything right in our lives, at some point, we are going to feel like a failure. Whether it’s because we didn’t accomplish a task we set out to accomplish or we simply failed in terms of our inability to create the dream we had in our head, we aren’t likely to win all of our battles in our life. But does this mean we should simply stop trying? Absolutely not. In fact, failure can be the greatest motivator of them all – if we begin to look at it in that way.

Failing is Still Trying

Your motivation to create something in your life is mostly driven by the idea that you are going to have something at the end of your journey. Whether this is a tangible thing or something intangible, you set out to do something in order to see a result. And even if you don’t see that intended result, you can rest assured that you have the ability to see that you tried. The journey you take from one point to another, after all, is filled with the experiences and the sights you saw along the way.

Though you might not get to where you want to do, you can still congratulate yourself for trying. In many cases, people don’t even attempt that because they fear failure. So, they don’t actually accomplish anything they want to accomplish – so trapped in this fear of failure. If you can change your motivation away from fear and into the idea that you are learning, you will begin to see more success than you do failure.

Helping Yourself to Your Feet

You’ve fallen down along your journey – it happens to the best of us. It’s happened to all of the greats in this world at some point or another: Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Malcolm X, etc. What has set these people apart from others is not the tasks they achieved, but rather the fact that they not only failed, but that they also continued anyways. You could simply stop what you are doing and try to give into the failure, or you could launch yourself into a new direction – as apparently that other one didn’t work.

Pulling yourself back up is a matter of momentum. Allow yourself some time to wallow in your feelings of despair, but instead of making yourself comfortable on the ground, start thinking about new possibilities in your current situation. If you were on a journey and there is a blocked road, turn around and find another road. This seems like the standard decision you would make on a literal journey, so why not begin to do the same on your personal journey?

Here are some tips:

– Make a list of your failures

– Make a list of what you’ve done right

– Make a list of what you’ve learned along the way

– Burn the list of your failures

Your failures are not mistakes – they are stepping stones that are leading to your success. Finding motivation in these wrong turns will help you continue to feel motivated, no matter what happens. In fact, you might even begin looking for failure to ‘help’ you out.
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