Michigan Pagan Fest brings the power June 22-25 2017

Diane Lonsway raises up the primal forces for Michigan Pagan Fest 2017 with her theme of “Root, Soil, and Stone” this year. The primal and elemental “materia magicka” of presenters and performers from far and wide that promise to engage, influence, and educate attendees. The woman who describes herself in words such as “laid back, humble, smart, can be funny, people-pleaser” brought home the goods with this year’s line-up.

Michigan Pagan Fest Official Banner – Event Page

Headliners include Witchdoctor Utu, Dragon Ritual Drummers, Amber K , and Azrael Arynn K. Local Headliners include teachers Lady Bona Dea  Max Maya, and Baba Ted Juaw. This festival just continues to draw so much talent that it is almost inconceivable that it has not expanded to a week. Her programming is always rock solid.

Do you wish to see for yourself? Then take a gaze upon her schedule and be amazed.


(Full disclosure, I will be teaching this year at this event. Honestly, I get around.)

Plenty of opportunities for self-reflection abound, as this is also a campground based festival. This means that there is always time to play, read, relax, and enjoy the social activities that the Michigan Pagan Communities offer. Secure and safe, the family feeling and good vibes permeate the entire area.

Image: Pixabay

Showers and indoor bathrooms make this a fun time, even for the novice at festival camping. Local hotels are giving a special rate for Pagan “festies”, and a staff of volunteers are there to answer questions. Diane is never far away, either, so you can also thank her for a great event in person.

Do not forget, that shopping and “ooh, shiney” is part of the experience. Vendors with wares that delight, dazzle, and inspire amusement populate the shopper’s area. The famous raffle bar rides again, as does the charity/food drive for Pagans In Need. Organizations that make a difference in the community are also slated to be in attendance. Who knows, you may find a calling to volunteer.

Food is available on site. However, you can definitely bring your own to heighten your experience….such as roasting marshmallows and having ring chants. I like Ghirardelli chocolates on mine. Just saying.

Image: Public Domain

The children will have fun at the workshops created just for them. Last year, they even had a children’s ritual. My own daughter, being the early teen Empress she is, was more fascinated with fawning over the soaps at Twisted Willow Soap Company and chasing after a passing puppy, of course.

(This was all part of a failed plot to enamor me toward dog adoption. Umm, no, allerergen level 100 here)

New this year, Blue Crow Talent joins the bill. This is the only local Pagan friendly circus in Metro Detroit. They have major chops, were founded in Detroit’s circuit, and are set to play in Las Vegas, baby! I LOVE THESE FOLKS.

(I love Las Vegas, too. But I can never tell you about it. Not even my husband can get my epic adventure there as a traveling saleswoman on vacation. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.)


Speaking of fiery experiences, don’t miss the Peruvian Fire Ceremony with James “TwoSnakes” Stovall.

All event goers are expected to observe proper ritual fire protocol. This means being respectful to the Fire Keepers, and to what it represents. Do NOT throw trash into the fire. I cannot stress this enough here. Use your best Pagan Manners.

In this spirit, it would also be a good time to suggest you bring your feast bundles if you have them. These are kits that you make yourself. They include a large cloth napkin, washable utensils, and bowl. This is easier on the environment than just tote, toss, and trash.

Michigan Pagan Fest is located at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. If you get lost, call (734) 697-7002.  The address is 10871 Quirk Road, Belleville, Michigan  48111.

Hope to see you there. Here is a chant for you to enjoy around those marshmallows. Remember: I love chocolate.



Join with Universal Society of Ancient Ministry in volunteering Jul 10

On Sunday July 10, the Universal Society of Ancient Ministry and Pagans In Need will be pitching in as volunteers to help the 461st Street Store pop up store here in Detroit.  An humanity-in-action event, it is run by Burners Without Borders.  They have committed to  the The Street Store project and brought it here.

They are issuing the call for volunteers to come out and help with distributing clothing the Detroit Homeless community.  Clean, well conditioned, and presentable clothing is a dignity issue for everyone.  This is especially true for those who are homeless.

Burners Without Borders works year round here in Metro Detroit with dignity, respect, and material assistance for the people living on the streets.  Backpack campaigns, soup kitchens, fundraisers, and more are ongoing.  If you seek, you can find hundreds of folks who can testify to the difference they make.  They are part of a world-wide movement.

Burners Without Borders
Burners Without Borders



Burners Without Borders Detroit is a direct action organization of concerned people looking to help others with kindness. – Burners Without Borders

The Universal Society of Ancient Ministry and Pagans In Need consistently exercise the principles of service, ministry, charity, and works in action.  The Pagans in Southeastern Michigan are one of the most powerful groups of kinetic social action in this region of the nation, so it the call asks them to come out in force to spread the energy and power of their beliefs to this project.  Many have volunteered with Burners Without Borders on other projects, so there will be some familiar faces.

For more details on this event, look up the Facebook listing 461st Street Store in events.  The place is 445 Ledyard St, in downtown Detroit.  That is not far from Cass Avenue.  The event lasts from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Volunteers are asked to cover the 9:00 am – 3:00 pm duration if possible. 

They request you to bring any clothes you want to give (in good condition and clean), hangers, some water or a beverage to keep yourself hydrated, and some sort of snack – if you get hungry.  It is hot this week so be sure to dress comfortably according to the weather. clothes you want to donate.  Check in for meet up is 9:00 am at 445 Ledyard St. Detroit.