The Healer’s Shadow: inner healing through Shadow Work

Jackie Burkeen

When one thinks of the word “healing”, one would assume bright white lights, crystals, Reiki, Angel Touch, anything that involves the category of love and light. While they’re all wonderful tools to help with healing ourselves and others, they’re not the one and only way. Shadow Work is what a magickal practitioner does in order to advance further in their practice. Spells can go wrong when one is not in the right state of mind and intention, especially in the most unconscious level of their psyche. Your shadow harbors those little nit picks you hate about yourself, your inner demons you sought to suppress while presenting to the world what you want to show. The thing about your shadow is it has a habit to creep up and surface when you least expect it.

Gerrit Dou
Old Woman with a Candle – Gerrit Dou

Those who don’t face and embrace their shadow are often consumed by the demons within which can lead a life of playing the victim. Inner healing is a very broad subject, but the most basic way to start is through the use of shadow work. It can be as simple or as complicated as you wish it to be.

A good way to work with your shadow is the use of fear facing methods. Are you afraid to push further in your career? Sit down and make a list of ways to spring up confidence within yourself so you can push your boundaries to advance. A fear of letting go?

Find mundane ways such as cleaning and decluttering your house and infuse the energy of what you want gone with what you throw out. Afraid to fall in love? Open your heart to not only to the ability to love yourself, but others as well.

The truth is, healing starts from within. Looking inward is often a very exciting yet frightful journey we can take. Change is the one thing we all fear the most, but no change can lead to a life of stagnation and unfulfilled dreams. Change takes time and the will to do so, you will get discouraged especially if you’re someone who desires instant gratification. Change can come as quick as a few months or take as long as many years. Your desire is the key for how much you want to advance further in your endeavors to heal yourself.

One thing to know for certain, you can count on your shadow to always be by your side. Even when it cloaks itself in darkness, it will always be there. Embrace your shadow, for it has been by your side in your brightest days and your darkest hours. It harbors your truth, both sides you love and hate. Embrace your shadow, and let your inner healer’s journey begin.


Jackie Burkeen (aka Rosalina Nightshade) has been a practicing witch since 2008 where her journey began with being enchanted by nature’s beauty of Mackinaw Island. She follows her own path which incorporates an eclectic modern taste to traditional witchcraft. Mother of a strong willed child, two cats and a Guinea pig, she resides in the Michigan downriver area where she lives her dream as a practicing Massage Therapist. You can follow her spiritual journey and other surprises on her blog “Tales of a Backwoods Witch; Adventures of Rosalina Nightshade” and Rosalina Nightshade on Facebook.