Circle Etiquette

Circle Etiquette

At some point in our paths we have the opportunity to be a part of either public or privately held circles. Being a part of a circle is a powerful experience, builds community, cohesion, and helps to deepen our spiritual path. I have always held the best way to teach our path is to be an active part of the path, not only by books alone but by experience.

Most of us started our spiritual path in some form of Christianity with a regular church attendance. With this in mind, there were certain observations one had to make so the service was not disturbed and everyone could benefit from the experience. While Pagan circles are not usually as formal as Southern church services, there is still a certain amount of etiquette one should observe when attending either public and privately held circles. Generally, it’s just common sense and common courtesy.

13. With social media making it very easy to locate and attend circles knowing when to RSVP and when not to can be tricky. Generally if it is a public circle and it states specifically to RSVP, do. The coordinator will probably want to know how many to expect for refreshments or other post ritual arrangements, the amount of supplies necessary, space, and parking. If you are planning to bring a guest please have them RSVP also, or RSVP for them.

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Book Review: The Good Witch’s Guide : A Modern Day Wiccapedia of Magickal Ingredients and spells

Written by: Shawn Robbins and Charity Bedell, pub 2017 Sterling Publishing Co. 305pp

The Good Witch’s Guide is not your average, everyday introductory or advanced peep into the Craft. To be honest, owning quite a few of these guides, myself, I was used to the standard Wiccan/Witchcraft encyclopedia reference materials. Most of them, I find, are stuffy, and to be clear, I’m not a huge fan. When I cracked open this book, I was expecting this to be just another reference guide, however; I found myself pleasantly surprised. This book is a real page turner.

The Good Witch’s guide is full of wonderful spells, incantations.

There is a guide to crafting your own personal Magick and yes, stones, essential oils, colors and herbs.

It has everything from Witchy Wisdom, rituals and formulas, spirituality, folklore, health and health remedies.

Of course, there are sections dedicated to candle Magick, brewing your own potions, tinctures and salves.

This book is jam packed with all kinds of recipes for Sabbats and special occasions.

Want to know how other Witches are casting their own versions of these spells? There’s even a section dedicated to that!

There are tons of traditional spells that are tried and true and all of the “how-to’s” that go along with them.

In this authors humble opinion, this may very well become the definitive guide for all who take the time to read it. The Good Witch’s Guide is a pleasure to read for the Beginner in the Craft all the way to your most Adept Student. It can be used strictly as a reference manual or can be read cover to cover without the monotony of other reference guides.

On a more personal note, this is one book is one that I will cherish and read again and again!

Laurie Bates
Falcon Lunafyre


I’m blessed to see the crescent moon

before she falls asleep

I’m blessed to watch the sun rise up 

from the darkness deep

I’m blessed to care for little ones 

that always give a smile

I’m blessed to have some quiet time 

even the shortest while

I’m blessed to be inspired 

to write my thoughts down everyday

I’m blessed to have a loyal man

that loves my witchy way

I’m blessed to have a family

 that often cares too much 

I’m blessed to have friends 

when i can’t keep in touch 

I’m blessed and every day 

I’m grateful for every breath

For we all know 

we’ll never know 

when the time comes of our death 

-Autumn Rayne 

A Wiccan Self Challenge; Do Ye Really Harm None?

During a brief glance out of my kitchen window this morning I immediately noticed that the sky was grey and a light rain was falling.  There was a sharp contrast visible in the dull light between the thriving, green grass and other plants that had moved closer toward their Winter dormancy.  My mind anchored on the thought that I had become increasingly misanthropic over the recent months.  Through continuing reflection I came to realize the likely cause of the shift in my previous outlook on humanity.  A thought crystallized in my mind and I recognized that every day, I am an unwitting recipient of countless messages designed to shape my thoughts from buying habits to voting preferences.  We live in an age where it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible to tune out undesired messaging.

I continued pondering along the same thought-path and it occurred to me that although many of the messages were birthed as an outcome of complex marketing strategy, the messages were actually simplistic at their core; a binary of ones and zeros that represented buy or don’t buy, good or bad.  Yes, messaging attempted to shape my attitudes and actions.  However, at their core many messages pushed me into making hasty judgements in the absence of complete information.  With this realization I felt that my thought train had entered the station and not yet come to a complete stop.

Personal judgements represent an alignment and focus of our individual power.  We are in fact represented by our judgements as they daisy-chain to create a concrete history of our character, of who we are as individual entities.  I wondered, if I was placed to account for my history of judgements, like a politician before their public voting record, what would my history of judgements say about me?  Would my self reflection clearly demonstrate that I maintain emotional intelligence, while gathering available facts, before making balanced judgements?  And if so, are the judgements that I ultimately make in concert with the Wiccan Rede?

My ego would like me to proudly proclaim that I am fair in my judgements and always in line with the Rede.  Of course I’m factual and balanced in my judgements; I’m me!  Hasty, cutting and emotionally immature decision making is a nasty indulgence carried out by the weak.  I’m a good guy!  The inner me, the authentic and self-honest me realizes that I’m fallible, very fallible.  I must admit to feeling some shame in knowing that I certainly do  jump to conclusions or cast unfair judgements about others on occasion despite my best efforts.

There is comfort in my self admission and not from my ego.  The understanding of self is a critical component in becoming a better being for oneself and the world.  And so in celebration of the upcoming New Year,  I pledge to remember that life is complex for all of us.  I will endeavor to refrain from making hasty, nasty judgements about others because of something that I was told about them by trusted friends or by the media.  I will do my best to remember that we are all prone to making mistakes as we travel our interwoven paths.  That daily life can emulate meditation in that thoughts can pass through me without my acting on impulses to grasp for them, pull them into being and inevitably cast judgements.  Judgements that are by their nature accompanied by harmful, negative energy.  This is my Samhain self challenge.

I wonder how many others who subscribe to any similar belief about doing no harm are willing to travel the same path of self exploration and take their personal version of the Wiccan Self Challenge?

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