Learning to live the Tarot Series- Part 1

Dru Ann Welch

This is part 1 of a 4 part series on learning to read the tarot intuitively.

I learned the tarot in 2002.  At first I attempted to take each card from the deck and read the page about it in the manual that comes with many decks.  How confusing!  Upright it means this, upside down it means this, next to this card the meaning changes to this and on and on.  No wonder some people really don’t take the time to learn this method of divination.  It was just too much.

Then I sat one day and simply pulled a card from the deck.  I looked at the color, the pictures and the suit.  No book for meaning just what was that card saying to me personally.  It was like a light bulb,  like someone had opened the curtains and the brightest sun ever was shining in on me and those cards and I was hooked!  I could suddenly see a meaning and gain insight from the picture on the card.  It was like it was talking to me.  I never opened another manual again!

By The artist is unknown. (Scanned from Michael Dummett's The Game of Tarot.)
By The artist is unknown. (Scanned from Michael Dummett’s The Game of Tarot.)

The tarot speaks to us through it’s pictures.  I always choose decks with images for each card, never ones that show just 3 cups for the 3 of cups.  It has to show me something.  You see our brains are wired to understand images.  The images in the tarot are archetypes for life itself.  When you let the pictures speak to you, you open an entire new world of information.

Let’s take it a step further, most books, manuals and tutorials show you a certain way to place the cards.  I personally like using 9 cards, 3 for past, 3 for present and 3 for where you are going or future.  I put them in 3 rows indicating past, present and future.

If there are any court cards like Queens or Kings that are pulled, I pull them to the side.  Then I look at the remaining cards to show me a pattern.  You will see cards that definitely fit what must have happened in the past, maybe there are 3, maybe 4.  Move them together so they tell you the story of the past on one row.

Now look at your remaining cards, which cards seem to show where you have moved from your past into something that relates to now, it may be 2 or 3 cards.  Move them to the second row again in a manner that tells you a story of the now.

Finally take the remaining cards and put them together to show where things are headed and what the outcome is.

To put it all together, look at any court cards you put to the side, these represent either the person you are doing the reading for or people involved in the situation you are reading about.  Place them in a column to the left of your 3 rows and see how they relate to what you saw in your placement of the cards.

Slovenščina: Smrekarjev tarok.


It’s an entirely intuitive way to read the tarot cards.  This method asks you to feel what you are seeing in the pictures and put them together in a small story to help the person you are reading for gain insight into the situation of their lives.  You are touching into the archetypes within yourself to give guidance.  If you use different decks, you may find the images don’t always give the exact same meaning for a card from deck to deck.  This is because of the artist’s interpretation of the meaning of the cards.  It encourages you to push the barriers of the intuitive envelope and really be aware of how you feel about the cards you are seeing.

By Bigbear213 Cosplayers (left) receiving steampunk tarot readings from the steampunk tarot readers (right) at the 2015 Salt City Steamfest in Salt Lake City, Utah.
By Bigbear213 Cosplayers (left) receiving steampunk tarot readings from the steampunk tarot readers (right) at the 2015 Salt City Steamfest in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This method can be used for reading any number of cards.  If you are doing a card a day reading, you look at your image and say what it says to you then see how it pans out through your day.

The tarot is a magnificent tool for guidance.  It can be used for daily guidance or to help you sort out various situations in your life.  The beauty of it is to open your own intuition to the use of imagery and how it affects you and what you see in life.  So grab a deck and take a look and have some fun with it but don’t read the book!

Dru Ann Welch is an experienced Intuitive Counselor, Healer and Tarot Reader.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Certified H.E.A.L. Technique Practitioner and a Crystal Singing Bowl Practitioner. Additionally, she holds a degree in Education and teaches with passion.  Dru Ann is the author of 4 books , creator of 2 oracle decks and the performing artist on 3 cds.  Dru Ann’s musings in the form of quotes, blogs and articles have been featured on The Wellness Universe , Circle Magazine ( Imbolc Issue 119/pg 42) and The Spirit Ezine (May 2015).  Proudly, Dru Ann has been a featured speaker and presenter at the Community Unitarian Universalist Church, the UCSS Spiritual Centre, Autumn Meet, and the Florida Pagan Gathering.

Dru Ann was featured as one of 150+ thought leaders in Tedx Speaker Corey Poirier‘s recent book, Enlightened Becoming the Best Version of You in 5 Easy Steps (enter code bestyouever to get your free copy during the launch) at www.druannwelch.com.

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