Understanding and Letting Go of a Temporary Guide Relationship

A tired traveler stops on the lonely desert road that he is traveling to rest for a moment. The path so far has been through a landscape seemingly barren of life save for the occasional cactus. He takes a sip of water from his canteen to clear the dust from his throat then continues to march forward. After traveling a bit more, he reached a crossroads.

There on the corner sat a woman. She had laid out a small cloth and had placed upon it fruit, bread, cheese and a flask of wine and was munching happily. As he approached her, she looked up at him, smiled and offered to share her food. Gratefully he joined her.

After the meal was over, the traveler stood up to leave. The woman asked him where he was headed and when he told her, she pointed down a different path and said it was a shortcut. She offered to walk with him for a while since she was also going that way and the two of them set off down the road together.


As they walked, she pointed out desert flowers and plants that he had not noticed before. She spoke knowledgeably of the wild life that thrived here and told him how to cut a cactus to hydrate from the juice if he ran out of water. By the time she was finished, the desert became a colorful place filled with wonders, sustenance and thriving with life.

After a while, they came to another crossroads and the woman took her leave to continue on her own path. The man was sad to see her go but would be grateful to her forever for bringing color and life back to his world.

Much like the traveler who saw his journey as barren and lifeless until a person temporarily came into his life and pointed out all of the wonders he was missing, temporary guides can come into our lives to do the same. They may come in the form of a new lover who causes you to stop hoping for the old one to return. They may come in the form a new boss who recognizes your hard work and skills and decides to help you advance in your job or a person who makes you laugh when you thought your days of laughter were over. We feel such a strong connection with them as they work with us that we can become devastated when they take their leave. This can cause us to feel abandoned and launch us into a depression that can very well unweave all the good they have done for us.

While it’s normal to want to hang onto the ones who brought us a new sense of life, it’s important to remember that they came into our lives for a short season to pull us out of our quicksand and boost us forward on the path to our soul’s evolution. If you’ve had someone come into your life and pull you from the pit of despair before moving on, thank them, wish them well and let them go. Then straighten up and move forward with confidence on the brighter path they revealed to you. Another guide will be waiting to assist you further up the road.

Psychic Empath Goddess Rhonda Harris-Choudhry has been utilizing her psychic gifts since she was a teenager. It is her Divine mission to empower people by teaching them about their innate spiritual and energetic gifts and how to use them effectively to improve their health, life and happiness. She also trains empaths, helping them to lead happier and healthier lives. Learn more at www.healinghennagoddess.com.


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