Come Delight in Sweet Treats and Coloring the Tarot

As you enter the sacred space, you are greeted with a warm and friendly welcome from the temple’s keeper. Soft music drifts through the air along with the delightful aroma of coffee and a sweet treat for the night. You approach the table with pages to choose from, you grab what calls to you and with colors by your side. You go on a colorful journey deep within the mind.

Pages upon pages to choose from
Pages upon pages to choose from Photo by Jackie Burkeen

Adult coloring books have been a new and unexpected rage within  the last few years. They offer a chance to anyone to have access to the inner child you crave to connect with all over again and can be used as another tool for shadow work.  Studies have shown therapeutic effects for anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress and many other conditions that involve overuse of the mind.

Photo by Jackie Burkeen

This past Tuesday, Pagan Pathways Temple started their first day of a three Tuesday evening event. The coloring of the major and minor arcana while enjoying the delights of sweet treats and refreshing beverages. Upon entering the temple, we were greeted with a very friendly welcome and were quickly directed to the coloring sheets provided and asked to have a seat to enjoy our coloring endeavors. While the event was small since it was the first night it provided an intimate atmosphere which included wonderful conversations to the sound of calming yet enchanting music filling in the air. There was a lot of love, including the sharing of colored pencils.

Photo by Jackie Burkeen

The results of the coloring journey were wonderful, everyone’s efforts inspired a variety of colorful masterpieces, although the journey has only just begun for they currently have more than enough pages to go around. All waiting to take you on your own incredible journey through the tarot in the form of colorful imagination. The treat that was served for the night was homemade baklava which was to die for with its light and flaky texture with the sweet taste of honey. The treat the was said to be served next week was homemade fudge. The first night of the event has come and gone, but you can still have your chance to come out and play. The event is to also take place again on June 14th and June 21st so don’t miss your chance to come join in on the fun. All with just a simple ten dollar donation towards the temple, you too can come and have a good time with sweets and coloring.

Pagan Pathway Temple is located at 28736 John R Road, Madison Heights in Michigan.

The temple offers more than just coloring, they offer a variety of rituals, classes, get-togethers, or simply having their doors open to just to give a lost soul a safe haven and a place to explore the Pagan path. You can check out their website for their hours and their ever-expanding calendar of events they have to offer to the public. Don’t forget to check out volunteer opportunities to see how you can get involved with the temple.


Jackie Burkeen (aka Rosalina Nightshade) has been a practicing witch since 2008 where her journey began with being enchanted by nature’s beauty of Mackinaw Island. She follows her own path which incorporates an eclectic modern taste to traditional witchcraft. Mother of a strong-willed child, two cats and a Guinea pig, she resides in the Michigan downriver area where she lives her dream as a practicing Massage Therapist. You can follow her spiritual journey and other surprises on her blog “Tales of a Backwoods Witch; Adventures of Rosalina Nightshade” and Rosalina Nightshade on Facebook.

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