The Harsh truth about Twin Flames

TwinFlames by Rev. Raven Nightclaw, HP
Hello there, and brightest blessings to you!
I wanted to share my findings on the Subject of Twin Flames, so here we go…………

         Let us start by going back to the beginning of the Twin Flames idea, shall we? Okay, so now you will see that there is a lot of things online that talks about the subject of Twin Flames. Some will say that these two are destined for greatness in life, and that the connection is so purely fluid that life without them, once you meet them, can seem empty. Others can start off by telling you that “Twin Flames” are each, one part of a whole being, and that when they come together, this bond is unbreakable, even in death. Furthermore, Twin Flames, supposedly have this seamless energy that intensifies once the two are connected. Some more will begin to tell you that “Twin Flames” are either not, or are, supposed to, when then find each other and finally are in the same physical space as one another, the essence that this creates is immeasurable without contest. Now it is time for me to give my take on these this one incredible subject. So here we go……… and I hope you are sitting down, for this is what I am getting from not only experience, but from Source as well.

          Twin Flames, the word of it, means that there are two equals to the whole idea of this remarkable situation. There are two ways that twin flames can go. The first one is they meet, they greet, they are enchanted by one another. The very energy, even from a great distance, can be overwhelming at times. When they see one another, they know. They can not only feel this connection, but they amplify the energy that they both have about 1000 fold. Most of the time, Twin flames have absolutely no idea what kind of energy is created when the two of them are together in a room. Well, let me educate you, if you wouldn’t mind it. Take a 30 ton energetic bomb and add it to a limitless ocean of gasoline,in a good and most euphoric way, lmbo. Let the bomb go off in any of the right, or wrong directions, and you will either get bliss or chaos. Let me explain further upon this. let’s say that you find your twin flame, now this does not mean that you are supposed to be together in a relationship, not by any means, but the meeting is ELECTRIC. Yes, it is so intense that you may feel:

1)-Numbness or Extreme Vibrations Throughout your body

2)-That you have known this person for a VERY LONG period of time, and possibly forever.

3)-That you have been together, whether it is intimately, been married, or even just shared a life together for one or many lifetimes over.

4)-You have so much stuff in common, that it seems as though the two of you are one person.

So, with all this being said, there is just one more thing to say about “Twin Flames” ,and I hope you are listening. There are some people out there, that can use the same characteristics of a Twin Flame for their own ulterior motives. These are called the Fake Twin Flames. These are people that have all the same characteristic of a Twin Flame, but included with this, they do the following:
Leave you feeling drained and powerless
Play the “Victim Card” every time you try to catch them in the act of not being a Twin Flame.
Uses diversions and swaying your mind to distract you from the fact that they are taking the very life essences away from you.
Take frequent breaks in the connection that they have with you, and then come back when they need to feed on you again.
Make you feel overly obsessed with them uses their sexuality or trapping skills to lock you into making you feel like things that are going wrong are your fault, and never truly own up to what they are doing in the process.
So now since you have the basics of either side. What have you experienced, or what do you think that you have currently in your life? The decision is yours. Namaste’
TwinFlames by Rev. Raven Nightclaw, HP

~This article was written by Rev. Raven Nightclaw, HP ~
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