She heard a cry in the night
It shook her from her sleep
She sat up in the full moon bright
Her sorrow stuck her deep
She listened to the Owls screech
The howling Wolf in the wood
She knew she wouldn’t fall asleep
She shouldn’t if she could
Goddess Nature was calling
Soon Her tears poured as hard as rain
She could feel her heart falling
Lightening ignited the pain
She stood and cried in the storm
Let the water heal where she felt torn
Nature mirroring how she felt
her sadness soon began to melt
She got it out
that broken heart
Through the storm
a brand new start
She crawled back into bed
With only darkness to see
A smile spread across her lips
She whispered “Blessed Be”

by Jill Marie

3 thoughts on “Foreshadow

  1. I hope you enjoyed my first Pagan Poetry Post! Please feel free to comment! I’m always looking for feedback!

  2. I personally love it. I am trying to heal a broken heart now and it touched me ………….thank you

    • Their is always strength within and when I don’t feel strong I find my strength through nature. We are all warriors. Thank you for the comment

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