Indigenous supporters from Winnipeg, and Black Lives Matter in U.S. go to Standing Rock

The protection of water in the states has garnered the support of Canadian indigenous activists from Winnipeg, and U.S. group Black Lives Matter. They have begun to journey in small numbers to stand with the assemblage at Standing Rock in North Dakota, U.S.A. Support continues to grow for the efforts of the demand for the honoring of treaty rights and environmental protection from the proposed oil pipeline that would be built just up the way from the water system of the reservation.

A case is pending that will be decided on September 14, 2016 that will decide the fate of this project.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is suing federal regulators for approving permits for the pipeline that will move oil from North Dakota to Illinois. (The Associated Press/James MacPherson)

This is to be decided by a Federal Judge, and the petitioners have been granted the temporary victory of a halt in the construction. News is still developing on this situation at the time of this writing. The Standing Rock Sioux’s support camps continue to grow on the site while awaiting this decision, bringing material support and help.

This Sunday, Aug 28, the Black Lives Matter group issued a call for those coming to the site to visit them on activist row.

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation continues to demand dignity for their people and preservation of their land in fighting against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Indigenous communities in the Americas have long been the recipients of the most egregious kinds of state violence, and this is no exception. Black Lives Matter stands in struggle with the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and Indigenous people everywhere. There will be no more business as usual. Resistance is a shared struggle and we are here for the long haul. – Black Lives Matter

While communications from the camp itself have been extremely blocked, independent media sources are still covering the event. The site has also been host to several spiritual events and even a wedding. Traditional foods, medicines, and teachings are thriving at the site.  Up to date footage and reports of this key millennial event are available at Honor the Earth.

Every good movement eventually finds the artists to inspire and spiritually feed the people. This one is no exception. The music of Buffy Sainte Marie inspired the following video project by Casey E. Leydon, published on YouTube Aug 14, 2016. From her album, “Power in the Blood”, 2015 Canadian Album of the Year, the piece is “Sing Our Own Song”.

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