The Birch

The Birch is a short horror film based on a story and creature design by Cliff Wallace. It was adapted for film by writers Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton. The film was created for Crypt Tv. Produced by Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton and Cliff Wallace. Director of photography Johnny Franklin. 


The film opens in the forest where a young man is reading a book and making the talisman that is described in the book. You soon find out that the young man is the victim of bullying. His grandmother who has cared for and protected him all of his life is dying. She gives him the book and tells him that “her”  will protect him after she is gone.


The man takes the book to the forest to look for “her mark” as instructed by his grandmother. Little did he know that the bully had followed him into the forest. The talisman is his only weapon so he holds it out like a shield. The bully snaps the talisman in half. Suddenly the guardian is there her body made of a birch tree and her arms and head of the twisted and gnarled roots. The creature design is breathtaking and brutal all at the same time. The concept of this guardian is brilliant and left me wanting to know more about her and how she came to be the guardian of this young man.


The film had excellent special effects the final scene of the dismembered body was realistic and well done. For a film that was under five minutes I found myself drawn into the story and special effects. I am a horror movie enthusiast and I personally would love to see more of this creature and story line. I would love to know more of the history with the grandmother and the book that brought forth the guardian when he needed her.


I urge you to do as I plan to and search for more creature and concepts by Cliff Wallace. I know we will be seeing much more of this man in the future and would not be surprised if someday we didn’t see his name on the big screen. Well done to him and the rest of the crew that worked on this excellent short film. Thank you to Crypt Tv for bringing it to the internet for us to enjoy and learn about these talented individuals.  Follow the link below to sign up for more from Crypt Tv so you don’t miss out on new projects from this team. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Google plus, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat.





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