Michigan Wide Pagan Pride!


Looking for somewhere to celebrate your Pagan pride this weekend? If you’re in Michigan you’re in luck. There are three different events going on this Saturday, September 17, 2016; in Hazel Park, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids.

How do you decide which event works best for you? Is location truly everything? Or are you looking for something that is more family friendly than most? Or something that has even more events going on than just in celebration of our Pagan spirit? Let me try to help you out a little bit with that. This article is just to focus on the main events sponsored by each of these Festivals. Not every single one of them, my hands can’t type THAT much without cramping up and I need to get prepared for the festival myself. But, I will add the links so that you can investigate further for yourself. For those of you that had planned on going to the Lansing Pagan Pride & LGBT Day, most of the vendors that would have been there will be at these various Fests’ since we were literally washed out.

In Hazel Park Ancient Faiths Alliance will be hosting the All Hands Together Harvest Festival (I’ll be at that one.). This one seems has the most variety, and will probably have the most children and teens present since there will be other separate events taking place. There will be a Scavenger Hunt where  a lucky family will receive a grand prize of a family night out. And trust me when I say that is worth more than you truly realize, family outings are so expensive these days they rarely even take place anymore. For all of those out there still trying to catch ’em all, The Pheonix Cafe will be having a Pokemon GO party with multiple pokestops at the park. Plus, more kids’ games, classes, contests, and a dance party! So there will be plenty for the kids, pre-teens and teens to do as the adults enjoy the rituals, attend classes, and of course SHOP! (Be sure to stop by GothicMoms DarkCharms to see the Tiffany with the black box, not the stinking blue ones.)



Ann Arbor will be hosting their very first Pagan Pride this year. They will be featuring a Peruvian fire ceremony that will be officiated by James Stovall. They will be having workshops for Druidry, Hood Magick, and even Belly dancing. This one unfortunately doesn’t seem to have any events specifically targeted for the children. So, this will be perfect for those without any to attend and enjoy at a more set back pace (and without all of the kids, probably much quieter). And of shopping! There will be vendors there so you can shop til you drop.



Grand Rapids theme for this year is A Spiritual Experience. They seem to also be very family oriented, with rituals to include the entire family. For those who have an affinity for the elements they will be having element based workshops throughout the day. The opening ritual will be done by Sanctuary of the Winds. And don’t forget to shop!


I can’t express this enough, vendors need your business more than Walmart ever will. Also, please bring in a canned good as a donation. Thank you everyone!


Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again! Hope to see at least some of you this Saturday.

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