Sustainable Meetings

Good for business — and our planet. Make the next event you plan a meeting that’s thoughtful to the environment, your budget and your attendees’ experience. We do this by making sustainability the standard.

Less is more with paperless planning.

Go digital and stay on task. Sales proposals, menu selection, room-list creation and reservation crosscheck are all available through our digital sales tools to help you conserve the resources used for your meeting. Reduce paper creation, shipment and unnecessary waste — and save time.

Eco-friendly meetings, every time. make sustainability the standard in every aspect of your meeting with practices including:

  • Post-consumer recycled paper for printed materials and flip charts, as well as double-sided printing
  • Environmentally friendly nonpaper supplies
  • Smart resources, including LED signage and whiteboards
  • Potted plants, organically grown flowers or sustainably sourced botanicals
  • Access to sustainable transportation services
  • Recycling bins in all meeting spaces

Food for thought.

With Sustainable Food and Beverage practices, every little bit counts. You can choose:

  • Sustainable menu items
  • Meeting tables that don’t require coverings — or, if you prefer, tables with reusable coverings
  • China service or, if you prefer disposable food packaging, environmentally friendly serving options
  • Condiments in bulk dispensers
  • Eco-friendly alternatives to conventional bottled water
  • To donate unused, leftover food from your meeting


You can promote team-building and giving back to the local community with activities that contribute to your organization’s corporate responsibility goals. Share your tried and true tips for green events.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas don’t hesitate to contact me at 330-274-7353 or

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