International Peace?

Image: Abigail Keenan
Image: Abigail Keenan

Yesterday was International Peace Day. Sorry, but to me it felt far from that. How can there be a day of peace when the entire world is in absolute turmoil? Throughout time there has always been a group of people being persecuted. And none of these groups have been persecuted for anything they’ve done other than being who they are, from religion, to gender, race, ethnicity, color. Why?

When are people in general going to wake up and realize that when it comes down to the marrow of it everyone is the same? And whenever they are done attempting to exterminate one group of people, they do nothing more than move on to the next. Who will be next? Which group of individuals will be hated to that extreme tomorrow, next week, or next year?

No, I am not some tree hugger who wants to save the world, Hel knows half of the time I’d like to just watch it blow up. I’m just someone who thinks the world truly needs a wake-up call. There is a race right now that is being basically hunted down like a pack of wild animals. Instead of being burned at the stake as some of our ancestors were, they’re being shot at point blank range by the very people who swore to serve and protect.

Who are they protecting by shooting an unarmed citizen? Who are they serving when they shoot to kill, not just to disarm or even maim. People are being shot down just because they “look like a bad dude”, I’m more than sure he didn’t look like a bad dude to his children.

People please, WAKE UP! Its’ the Salem Witch Trials, the Holocaust, Segregation, The Great Wall, what is                     going on in this country right now is just more underhanded, but it is still point blank in your face. Most                         people are just closing their eyes to the situation. Still holding on to hope that it’s just a fluke, it’s not.

Anytime someone with a license to shoot and kill is allowed to shoot down a human being without even attempting to restrain them first, something is wrong. When there is no punishment for executing someone who doesn’t even have a weapon present, something is wrong. When it becomes against the law to where a hooded jacket among your head, something is wrong. Anytime a person has to fear being pulled over because it may be the last thing they ever do, something is VERY wrong.

When is all of this hatred, bigotry, separation, and segregation truly going to come to an end? They call the United States of America the land of the free, but I fear it never truly will be. Until people can stop being judged for their beliefs, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, weight, height, number of tattoos, religion, there will never be such a thing as true freedom. A person should be loved, feared, or hated for what they do, their actions and their ways, not for what they decided to wear that day. The home of the brave? If the people protecting this home are so afraid that the first thing that comes to mind when approaching a “suspect” is to pull out a deadly weapon, where is the bravery in that?

I live in Detroit, number one crime city in the US (I think we may have finally went down to number two),                      and the cops here don’t even pull their weapons first thing.

They may have back up cruisers when they pull you over, but they don’t have a gun pressed to your temple. If they can do this, what is going with these other ‘police officers’, that they can’t? I shouldn’t have to fear for the lives of the men I love once they cross the city line. I shouldn’t have to worry if one of them get pulled over I may never see them again. No one should have to live in that type of fear as though their loved ones are going off into war, when they’re only going to the corner store.

If this is truly allowed to continue, who’s next? All lives do matter, but right now, black lives are the ones at high risk.

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