The Blessing Games, a story of renewal of the spirit

Today, I have decided to kick off my annual event near the end of September where I nurture a wave of positive energy in my life. It is a very challenging time for me as this is the time when it is the birthday of my Dad, who passed away many years ago. So this mission has become a tradition.

This year, though, I am making it a public affair. I have created an event of Facebook so that others can participate. Truthfully, it remains to be seen how this will actually be received, but the hope is that this exercise that I use for self-care will be of value to others.

You can find the event under The Blessing Games on Facebook. It does not cost anything, and you are invited to add as many people as you like. The rules for posting are in the event description.

October is a time of harvests, the final of the death harvests of the agricultural year. The fields are ready for their final reaping, and the Harvest Moon hast faded away. Soon, the Blood Moon will be upon us and it will be time to slaughter the animals that will see us through winter.

The air grows colder, the sun begins its withdrawal by degrees from our days, and we begin to huddle inside our homes with loved ones. Visiting and bustling to ready for the long winter ahead often brings with it feelings of depression and reflection at this time of year. The impending election of our nation’s leaders also loom large in our minds, as a general spirit of uncertainty spreads through our social consciousness.

For this cause also, I am releasing this personal practice to the public. I invite all who wish to find that space open and welcoming to share their experiences with others, and in the comment section of this story.

Be Well.

For some of us, having a bed and a safe place is a luxurious dream. Let us be happy if we have one, especially if it is filled with memories of childhood and families in glad times. Enjoy this video with a smile for your day.


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