Offensive by land and air in North Dakota against Standing Rock gathering

On September 28, 2016, aggressive actions and assaults against the water protectors mobilized at the encampments dedicated to stopping the North Dakota Pipeline. Peaceful prayer services and gatherings suffered the actions of air and ground mobilizations. Armored vehicles and an as yet unidentified substance dropped from an airplane flying close to the ground were on site, as arrests ensued.

Traditional religious services are a major part of this movement. The continued pressure of organized forces of local and other agencies consistently are used to push back the blockages presented by the water protectors. Roads blocks, checkpoints, and choke points at access portals have as yet failed to prevent the gathering momentum of a movement begun by the youth of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Video footage gives the story gives a view of what went on there. Uploads of this video were consistently unable to retain their feed and integrity when fed to social media outlets, according to reports.

Warning: This footage from Thomas H. Joseph II, is not being edited, and is being presented in its entirety.


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