Michigan Pagan Businesses Come Together

Earlier this year, discussion started among several Detroit area business owners on how they might work together more effectively. There are a number of vending events through the year in the area, and a number of shops, but most of us interact with each other only rarely, usually when we’re sitting next to each other at an event.

Someone suggested that we needed a Chamber of Commerce to help boost businesses. Chambers of Commerce are known for providing networking, offering discounts, helping businesses be better at doing business, and working to eliminate regulatory hurdles that may affect their constituents.

What was interesting about that idea was that more than a decade ago, I tried to start a similar organization using the then-popular yahoo groups – but the idea of working together and spending money to market our businesses was so new that it never made much progress.

Now it seemed, though, that the time might be right to try again – more of us are more open about our spirituality, and more interested in figuring out how to work together.

While most Chambers of Commerce focus on a specific area or a specific group, they are open to any business that wants to reach that clientele. And with such a diverse population of businesses and events here in Michigan, it seemed the ideal place to start.

The Chamber’s new website is at https://michiganpaganchamber.wordpress.com/ and the Chamber is open for business – there are still a few items to put into place (social media accounts and non-profit paperwork, for starters), but together we can build a stronger community and stronger businesses.

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