A word on election day from the Great Lakes Witchs Council of Michigan

Today we, as United States citizens, will take part in one of the greatest civic exercises in the world. Today, we will take part in a revolution. The Founders of this nation created a legacy work wherein we can change our government through civic action without bloodshed or tyranny.

Charges of tampering, voter intimidation, misinformation, and political warfare overshadow this year’s electoral rites. However, the right of the rite is  the same. NO ONE who is eligible to vote should be turned away, intimidated, or deceived into being divested of this most revolutionary act. For make no mistake, the idea of a voting society is, indeed, a revolutionary idea.

One person, one vote. This must be held inviolate. This must be held as a sacred societal trust.

No matter what candidate or issue you choose to vote to elect or ratify, know that by casting your ballot, you engage in a mindful act that reinforces the fabric of our society. Let no person ever take this right for granted or seek to deprive their fellow citizenry of their exercising of their own.

After all is said and done this year, also be mindful of another great truth of our nation. We are one people, made of many peoples. Our ways and mores, our societies and cultures, our differences and similarities make up the wonder that is the United States of America. The good and the bad, this is us. We are a family, and like a family, after this we must heal and come together to mend our differences and work together to meet  in the private and public spaces in trust and kindness and civility.

Those who would extoll division or exclusion of our values and honored beliefs must be embraced with the same forgiveness and inclusion in our national dialogues as the most free spirited, for this is what our democratic republic stands for in essence. We protect and sustain all of our nation’s family members, even the ones we do not invite to our dinner table. Because that is who we are as a people. That person who is your enemy today, in every moment, has a choice to change or not change their views …. as do we all. But what we do not do is let the freedoms we hold dear, that of speech, religion, association, and other guaranteed to be self evident, be washed away in a tide of hatred and intolerance and fear.

When you cast your vote today, you reach out your hand and lend your voice to join the choir of our beliefs in the face of the world and your own soul and affirm that you still believe in hope and the power of one voice making a difference. For those who because of religious reasons do not vote, we ask that you lend your voice to the conversation as well. Because no one should be silenced due to practicing their beliefs, or else we betray what we say we uphold. They, too, have the support of our national family. They too have a place at our collective tables.

Today, we vote. Today we believe in hope. Today we make magic. Today we share our love of our beliefs with our fellow citizens and say, “I believe”.

And we here at the Great Lakes Witchs Council believe in miracles, the miracle of you.

The Witches of the Fresh Water Seas

My name is Kenya Coviak, and I wrote and approve this message.

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