Election Day Humdrum

I was undecided on my vote until the moment my eyes lingered on the 4 parties names. The previous months have all been a  blur of political pitches, whining, mud slinging, promising, and back tracking. I have muddled my way through enough of the political jargon to at least ascertain fact from fiction…I think. But as my finger rolled that dial back and forth pausing on each name, the previous months shenanigans surprisingly werent on my mind. I was trying to decide if I was wrong for showing up to vote.

I have spent my entire day listening to, and reading arguments on social media. Not about who to vote for or what political agendas were being pushed; but over whether we should be voting or not. You see there is a faction of people who believe no matter who the people chose, the vote has already been cast and decided upon by an unknown secretive underground agency. And hey they may in fact be entirely correct, but as U.S. citizens we are all afforded the right to vote or chose not to vote. Political affiliation aside, isnt it our civic duty to do so?  Or should we be standing up to tyranny and forcing the Government to admit to some type of election espionage or governmental fraud by boycotting the elections. I was glad that I didnt have to make a voting decision until later in the evening when I had scheduled to possibly be available to go, if I decided to exercise my right. I mean our ancestors, and tons of innocent people did lose their life for our right to vote… Yet I am being asked the question over and over again…”Did I personally know someone who died for our right to vote?” Well no, I didn’t BUT….  

So here I am at Precinct 4, and I find myself standing at the head of the table with 2 elderly gentleman, one checking in A-L last names and the other M-Z.  A tingle of guilt washes over me as I pass him my ID and voter card, I wonder if I am any less “woke”  and being a sheeple as many have accused those who are voting.  I am ushered into a back room with no waiting and two women sitting at a short table. One directs me to the second lady as she states her “machine is broken and we must all check in on the one”. I hand my slip over and she punches in something and issuses me a Golden Ticket, 4 numbers that will give me access to everything it means to be a U.S. Citizen. I hesitantly extend my hand and reach  for the little slip of paper, and the thought crosses my mind that this is a set up. Why would one of the machines be down now of all days. Maybe everyone was right, my vote wont matter. I am directed to booth number 2 and as I stand there and roll that little button over the candidates names I am reminded that I am an individual, free of mind, capable of formulating independent thoughts. And second guessing myself based on someone elses perspective was being a sheeple. I was free to make the decision to vote, just as many were free to decide against voting. The irony of the whole Social Media voting controversy instantly became clear… People were being made to feel guilty of their personal choice and freedom to chose, that in and of itself was creating a “sheeple” like environment.

So as I stood there chuckling on the inside from the sheer foolishness of it all, my Presidential choice became very clear. My finger stopped going in circles and I excercised my right to be a sheeple while not being a sheeple and I voted.

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