In Line When the Polls Opened

This morning I was up early. Our schedule on Tuesdays is complicated, and more complicated today by a doctor’s appointment for one of my children, an hour and a half from home.  So….I went and got in line before the polls opened, and my husband took one child to school and the other to therapy, planning to switch with me when I got done, so I could handle the doctor appointment.

I guessed I was about 50 people back in line (I turned out to be voter 43), and I was a little stunned to see police standing by….but it turned out that they were voting too.

Our election team was trying to be efficient, but the system they’re using isn’t that efficient….and when the man in front of me ended up with 2 ballots stuck together, the whole line shut down while they re-checked the numbers on the ballots of everyone then voting. Once they’d figured out the problem, we went on with little issue.

Our city is pretty diverse, but that diversity is not reflected in the poll workers (most are over 60, and overwhelmingly white), nor was it reflected in the hundreds of people in line when I was there – 3 precincts vote at our community center, so it wasn’t just our line I was looking at.  I suspect that is, in large part, because many of the diverse families that live near us are here on work visas or green cards, not as citizens…and that makes me wonder how their interests are really represented.

Mostly, it was a quiet, orderly voting day here in the suburbs. Busier than most (I’ve walked in after work and been voter #182, with no line), but calm even when systems shut down or errors needed to be fixed.

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