My voting experience

 As I woke this morning preparing my daughter for school and prepping for the arrival of my husband on the bus, I wondered what the day will hold for me. While dropping my seven-year old daughter off at school, she tells me

” mommy we are voting at school today!” It makes me proud that’s she is so excited to have this experience.

I know it is a mock election for fun, but I wonder if she will face ridicule if she decides to not vote the popular vote like everyone else in her class.I tell her to have fun and not discuss who she voted for or why. She smiled at me and like every other day hugs me and says

” I love you mama, you are the best mama ever!”

After this I went home and got ready for my day while waiting or the hubby to get here so we can go vote together. Driving to the polls we discuss the negative behavior and rhetoric we may face walking thru the doors, we are usually not greeted kindly based off our looks alone. On the way there, there were a certain candidate supporters parked on a side road standing in a small section of city property waving flags, holding their candidates sign, drinking beers, and growing in numbers minute by minute, and no doubt putting down anyone who opposed their point of view, as they usually have!

Upon arrival at the polls things were surprisingly smooth, we received our ballots, and proceeded to fill them in. I was dumbfounded at the lack of Democratic Candidates on the ballot, as far as local government is concerned. When the time came to cast our vote, the machine decided to jam!!!! So the volunteers told us to hand over our ballots and they would enter them in when the machine was repaired. I was hesitant to do so, but was reassured that everyone’s ballots would be entered.

Today was shockingly uneventful, it was a welcome change of pace! My daughter came home from school and announced that Trump won the school election.

Image: Raven Moore
Image: Raven Moore


I would say the most memorable part if my day would be my husband voting for the first time ever, and I had the privilege to be there with him.

No, we didn’t discuss who we voted for with each other, but it was a pretty amazing experience to share with him. Voting and having a voice is an honor and privilege for me, I have that privilege due to the women before me who started the women’s suffrage movement, and I will not let their sacrifices be in vain.

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