I hope I see you, America by Kyle Coviak

Whether you voted for Hillary, Trump, or went third-party, I think we can ALL agree that there is something fundamentally wrong with America today. Heck, even the people that didn’t vote did so because they feel that the system has failed them.

One good thing about Trump getting elected…. all those uncomfortable truths that we collectively swept under the rug about our society are now glaringly out in the spotlight for all to see. We are all angry and scared….but in reality, this is the true America we have been living in for years…. decades even. There is no more passively denying the reality of the situation. America is fucked up.

Today, our nation enters the dark night of the soul. It is up to us to REALLY examine ourselves and how we allowed this seething hatred to continue. It is up to us to state, without blame, what is REALLY making us as a nation soo angry and afraid that we blame everyone that is “other” instead of addressing the real issues.

I hope I see you, America, in the dawns early light… because it’s awfully dark right now in this night.

We can no longer carry on like business as usual because we as a nation are no longer willfully blinded to our uncomfortable truths. Do continue to do so would be a disgrace on everything this nation is supposed to be about.

We are America, champion of freedom, protector of the weak and weary, bastion of liberty. It’s about god-damned time we acted like it instead of blood thirsty savages who’ll kill their neighbor for looking at them wrong

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay


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