Tennessee fires spark coordinated groups relief in Kingsport

Prolonged drought conditions in Tennessee contributed to the sweeping threat posed by Chimney Top Fire as it reached Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. The ongoing displacement, and evacuation of homes and businesses have impacted citizens of every faith, following and status. Efforts to contain the fire  will be aided by rains, however this is expected to end Wednesday night. PBN News urges all Pagan organizations and leadership, that are able, to come forward and not hesitate to collaborate with this action as one part of the humanitarian relief.

High Priestess Kimberly Lukes,  of Willow Grove Coven in Kingsport, Tennessee Willing served as a coordinator of a unified night of prayer, energy work, and spell work last evening with other groups in the area. They focused primarily on prayerful directed work for rain, and to protect the animals at the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.

Community Service is an important value of this Coven – Willow Grove Coven, Witchvox

She is currently still working with local groups to continue directed magic and prayers, and is open to being contacted by those wishing to work together and network.  She can be reached at the Willow Grove Coven by calling (530) 949-4573. Efforts are continuing and they have open arms to all who can share this working.

Thousands evacuated as wildfires burn in Gatlinburg


Emergency shelters in the area are now taxed to capacity, leaving about 2,000 people to take shelter at the Gatlinburg Community Center and at the Rocky Top Sports Park. This is a fraction of rhe estimated 14,000 evacuted citizens. Pagan chaplains and clergy are needed. the presence of all faiths is a strong source of solace to those who may be in spiritual crisis.

One site that is already in place and working is Waverly Road Presbyterian Church’s, led by Reverend Josh Russel. The church has opened it’s Prospect House, at 1401 Prospect Drive, Kingsport, TN. They are

currently asking businesses or individuals to consider donating to this effort. We do know that people can use snacks (remember the needs of children and the elderly), sports drinks, water, baby formula, diapers, and coats and clothing in all sizes.

Drop off at the Prospect House at Waverly Road Presbyterian Church at 1401 Prospect Drive, Kingsport, TN 37664 (behind Mac’s Medicine Mart downtown) today from 12-4 PM, tomorrow from 12-5 PM, and Thursday from 12-5 PM.

He asks those who wish to lend aid and help to this effort to email him at reverendjoshrussell@gmail.com.

The fires of Tennessee are continuing to rage. We ask for all Pagan leaders who are involved in relief efforts to comment below so that volunteers can find you. Networking is key to the level of engagement critical to preventing additional trauma.


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