Write the Oak King, this year, and he will write you back

One thing that is a special memory for many of the children of the Western cultures is that of writing a symbolic character of the Winter Solstice, usually a form of Saint Nicholas. For Pagan children who celebrate the Winter Solstice with the stories of the Oak and Holly Kings, this Tradition may, or may not, be included in their festivities. But for those who do want to give their families the experience of writing a letter to a personification of the winter spirit, the Solstice Dispatch Service is ready to serve.
Julbocken 1912 - John Bauer
Julbocken 1912 – John Bauer
People from around the world wrote letters to the Postal Elves.  You could write both, or even the Yule Elves. The good folks behind the project took the time to actually put in the work to write those people back with physical letters. They even answered the ones that arrived after the Solstice.
This service is open to all ages: babies, kids, young adults, experienced adults, elders, etc. If you need to be reminded about the magic of this season, write to the Oak King and receive a letter back.
The Solstice Dispatch Service networks with many deities, so if you would rather address your mail to other figures who are more meaningful to you (last year, we received letters addressed to Odin!), feel free to do so. Our Postal Elves will ensure that your letters get to the right place.
Letters can be sent to:
c/o The Oak King
5890 Monkland, Suite 16-0612
Montreal, Qc
Canada H4A 1E9
The service if free to all. Age is not a barrier, they answer every age. Just be sure to include your return address and the name of the person wanting the reply.
Image: Tommy Tong
Image: Tommy Tong
What a great thing to do for the Solstice.  Also, what a wonderful way to get the children off the electronics and at the other end of a pen. Now, time to go get some stamps.
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