Solstice lights and Philosopher’s stones – winter fun for winter children

The darkness continues to lengthen as the Winter deepens. We turn the Wheel and await the solstice. But while we do, there is a fun activity that we can do with our lovely Littles that allows them to bring a bit of light to the nights.


Solstice Lights

Did you ever really think about how much fun it can be to go rummaging down the aisles of your local dollar store and contemplate all the fun ideas you could explore with mason style jars?

They sit there, waiting for someone to take them home. Glass testimony to the ingenuity and practicality of our ancestors. Utterly versatile, yet common enough to not even be thought about until needed.

This one is pretty simple. You and your helper will choose three or four mason jars with wide mouths. To these, you will add small colorful votive candles. A drop of white clue on the bottom will secure them into place inside the jars.

You can place these along the porch mantle in your home, or on the walkway. For those who cannot use either option due to living circumstance, like apartments, then it is a lovely display to have them clustered together on the kitchen table. The lights are cozy and inviting. Just the thing to keep away the Cailleach, while you tell her story.

Adding a ribbon to the outside of the jar with a bow adds a homey touch. You could also color the outsides with glass paint. Honestly, you can use the fancy schmancy jelly jars, too. And, of course……GLITTER!!!!

Philosopher’s Stones

Gift giving is going on at this time of year and what better gift could there be than that of transformation? This craft is really fun and makes a great gift. Best of all, it is easy and very sparkly.

Now, time to head to the dollar store again. Buy a bag of large clear flat stones. Now buy some nail polish. Really pretty nail polish. Bold, of glittery, or hologram, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure it pops. Get a few.

To do this activity, you will need to sit down and give some thought to the qualities or virtues that you would like to see people develop over the year. Once you have it down, make a list and decide a color for each of them. You can do as few or as many as you wish.

You are going to paint the bottoms of the glass stones with the polishes and seal with the top coat. This will give them an amazing look. Now you can keep them in a mason jar (yep, we are still using those). When guests come by for the solstice, or just dinner during this season, you can invite them to pull a stone from the jar. They can check your chart to see what quality they have drawn for the year. It is a cute and inexpensive keepsake.

Here is a quick video to show you how.

I hope you are enjoying this series. Give us some feedback below. We would love to share your ideas with everyone who reads our columns.



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