An innovative approach to group advertising, the Pagan Shops Online venture makes its debut

There is a new game in town and it is shaping up to be something that will give value for Pagan vendors looking for cost effective advertising that is under their control. The Pagan Shops Online site is a collective of Pagan businesses and entrepreneurs partnered together to put out advertisements on-line in theme-common blasts. The campaigns are set at effective intervals wherein groups of businesses share a common ad space with an equally disbursed cost.

At this time, they are starting with Facebook social media advertising, with their sites on Google presence next. Communal cost sharing will allow them to reach more eyes than individual spots. It also ensures that sharing among the businesses is equally beneficial to all involved. Their page on Facebook will be a source for information and opportunities for membership in each month’s campaign.

One member described it best by saying:

The best Pagan shopping comes together for you in one place. Occult, Wicca, Witch, Conjure and Druid, products, services, and classes online serving thousands worldwide.

More information can be found at their site,

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