Ancient Oaks

Ancient Oak Scouts Donate Crayons

This year, our family joined Ancient Oak Scouts, a new-ish Pagan youth program that started here in the Detroit area.  We’re our own little group – doing any youth group or scouting program with two children with multiple special needs is a challenge, so we’re keeping it small and simple so we can work at our own pace.

One of our first projects was a community service project – we collected crayons at the end of the school year from the kids’ teachers to donate to an organization called The Crayon Initiative – they take broken or otherwise used crayons, re-melt them into new crayons, and donate the new crayons to children’s hospitals around the United States.

We have an awful lot of experience with hospitals, and an awful lot of experience with crayons, so it seemed like a good match for us. Besides, the sorting of colors was a great therapy task.

This year, we are starting early, with a bucket already in place in the kids’ school lobby. We’re hoping to have many more crayons this year, and a lot more fun as Ancient Oak Scouts.

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