Smoke and sanity for cannabis in the public ritual community

Did you hear that? That was the sound of several folks coughing in the ritual rooms across the nation. That sound happens when cannabis is not listed as one of the smokes present in a rite, folks who may be allergic to it. That sound is also accompanied by the sound of retreating footsteps made by persons with jobs that drug test. Contrary to popular belief in some circles, many asthma sufferers do NOT use it to help their disease. In fact, reaching for an inhaler is a common response.

Cannabis is an herb that has many ritual and recreational benefits. It also has medical ones, as well. I am not debating this in any way.

What I am finding questionable is the fact that its usage in the community, like vaping, is obnoxious in  some cases. The habit of blowing smoke into someone’s face as a part of the conversation is just as rude when it is cannabis as when it is tobacco. Actually, it can be worse, because tobacco usually will not get a person fired when drug tested.

This goes back to common manners. If people are in ritual space with you in public, it is common courtesy to ask if there are those who are smoke sensitive, or are unable to be around certain scents. To include this and not let the persons in attendance know before the rite begins is a bit negligent.

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The spread of legalization of using this natural herb brought with it a giddiness of freedom. That freedom began a descent into boorishness in the last years. In enclosed areas, it can be overwhelming. Not everyone wants to go home smelling in a way that can lead to a potentially horrid traffic encounter with law enforcement officers.

So, just think about asking if folks are able to be fumed with the herb next time, please.

Just to show I have no bias against those who enjoy this green gift, here is a flashback song for toking.

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